5 Activities for You and Your Girlfriend

According to all coaches and athletes, good sport activities require a constant good stimulus. This is difficult only at first glance, but in fact, it is easy and pleasant. Joint activities will allow you to spend more time together (as you know, joint activities unite). Well, doing sports with your loved one, you will also get the opportunity to touch your partner more often. So, what to choose? Let’s figure it out! The text is taken from https://j4l.com/women.love.
1.    CrossFit
If you don’t want to spend time on exercise machines and the dream of steel muscles doesn’t leave you, then join people who like CrossFit. It consists of often changing muscle-strengthening exercises of high intensity. CrossFit is good because this activity can be done in any season, at the stadium and even at home (in an unforeseen situation). However, a gym offers the largest space for sports creativity. Special shells for CrossFit will transform the classical basic exercises into almost the Olympic program. It includes a constant change of the training program. In contrast to the gym, it is strictly contraindicated to train for a long time on one complex. You need to change everything: the exercises and the principles of programming. By the way, a holiday together can be an excellent motivation for a girlfriend and your main argument is the unflappable “Well, do you want to be the most beautiful on the beach, dear?” Be prepared for the fact that you will have to give all the best of yourself. You will be forced to jump, run, push up, and squat. And you will do it at fast speeds.
2.    Running
Fitness trainers say that it is better not to run alone when there is an opportunity to attract someone else to this activity. At the beginning of training, even small distances are difficult. But doing it with your loved one, you will get additional motivation. According to the research, couples that run together, run distances about one-third longer than people who run alone. Running will help tone all muscle groups, develop endurance, and improve the cardiovascular system. Even if you run only on weekends, you will notice that you have become noticeably slimmer. How to run together? It is not necessary to adjust to the rhythm of each other. Start running together and then choose a comfortable tempo for everyone. If you both just start your workouts, increase physical activity gradually. Where to run? It is best to choose for running a forest or park near a house. And here is a pleasant bonus: always finish running with stretching. You can help each other and stretch much more effectively.
3.    Stretching
Stretching is a set of exercises and positions for stretching the muscles and the tendons of the whole body. It is initially better to engage in this kind of fitness in a couple than singly: to stretch oneself, you need not only willpower but also physical strength and weight. In stretching, delicacy and the ability to feel the reaction of the partner’s body are very important. This is what can bring pleasure to both of you. Also, you can try yoga. It is a kind of stretching as well. Joint yoga is another interesting option. As you know, this is one of the most effective ways of gaining inner harmony. And if you decide to seek a path to liberation from the material together, then you will live happily. After all, yoga perfectly develops flexibility and endurance, helps distract from everyday vanity, and concentrate on the main thing. Another argument in favor of such a pastime is the opportunity to learn the technique of Thai massage.
4.    Rock climbing
Do you dream of doing sports and actively relaxing? Do you want to spend time with a loved one and get an unforgettable experience? We suggest you do climbing! It doesn’t require special training. Imagine that you cling to elusive protrusions with your fingertips, grope for a new ledge, gradually climbing higher and higher. And behind your back, there is she – a prompting and supporting lady who encourages, rejoices the smallest victory, and is ready to pull the safety line as hard as she can without letting you fall at any moment. And then the roles will be replaced and you will nervously look at her from below, repeating “To the right, I hold, look for the right!” This is a great way to learn how to help and trust each other and develop coordination of movements. Also, rock climbing is an excellent way to maintain a beautiful body. In order to spend hours conquering the heights, you need a good physical preparation: powerful hands and feet are simply necessary to stay on top. In addition, a climber shouldn’t have a drop of excess weight. After all, the more your own weight is, the more difficult it is for you to lift your body up, and this is an excellent incentive not eat junk food.
5.    Tennis
This game is very useful for couples. If you watched tennis on TV or even tried to play it, you probably know that during the game, you need to actively move and run. The excitement will not allow you to stand still, and you will constantly be on the move in an attempt to score a winning ball or to repel an opponent’s attack. Due to such exercises, extra calories are burned. And after several active sessions per week, you both will feel changes in weight and your bodies. So, if you need to lose a couple of extra pounds, tennis is what you need! Both and table tennis will teach you and a partner to play in one area, be a team, and understand each other’s intentions with a barely perceptible gesture. You literally read minds of each other. In addition, with the help of such a sport as tennis, endurance develops well. Good endurance will be useful for a morning run and just for the gym.

It is great to lead a healthy life and be in good shape! But it will be even better if you start doing sports with your loved one! This is a good occasion to spend more time together and bring something new into your life.

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