50+ Wedding Ring Tattoos For A Modern Way To Commit Your Love

All throughout the years, wedding rings have been important symbols in almost all unions. The simple act of giving each other rings during the ceremony is a commitment of a forever love to each other. Much more, the act of wearing these rings in a span of a lifetime means a desire and commitment to fulfill each other’s promise.

However, do you know that more adventurous couples ditch the wedding rings and go for the better alternative? Yes, there is no better way to commit to a forever love to your partner than a permanent and personal wedding ring tattoo. Read on and find out great information about wedding tattoos to help you get decided.


Why go for a wedding ring tattoo?

One of the most obvious answers to this question is, of course, uniqueness. Almost all couples exchange rings, so a wedding ring tattoo will basically set you apart from this tradition.

Another reason to go for a wedding ring tattoo is creativity and flexibility. You and your partner can choose from hundreds of designs that will show your love and loyalty to each other. You can freely choose symbols that best represent your relationship. What is even better is that you can choose symbols that are unique to your experiences and dreams as a couple.


Moreover, wedding ring tattoos are more permanent and bring less hassle. Physical wedding rings may fade over time, may be outgrown or may even get lost along the way. However, the wedding ring tattoos are more likely to stay forever, which is a better symbol of a commitment to forever. Plus, there are no hassles of taking the rings off during tasks as simple as washing the dishes or taking a bath.


Lastly, wedding ring tattoos basically cost cheaper than actual wedding rings. Sophisticated wedding rings can cost more than a thousand dollars. Wedding ring tattoos, on the other hand, start at $50 for simple designs.


Sweet wedding ring tattoo designs

There are a lot of designs that can work as a great wedding ring tattoo. When you are browsing for designs, you might get overwhelmed with the number of options. To guide you in choosing the design, always take into consideration what matches each other’s personality and what symbol best represents your relationship.


Here are some of the sweetest wedding ring tattoo designs you can consider:

  • Conventional wedding ring tattoo designs

You will never go wrong with usual wedding ring tattoo symbols. This includes heart, Mr. and Mrs., His and Hers, Love, each other’s initials and infinity symbol. All these classic symbols speak greatly of your love for each other.


  • Diamond wedding ring tattoo

There’s a reason why diamonds are popular engagement and wedding rings. Diamonds are very precious stones and also last forever. Hence, they can work as great wedding ring tattoo designs, too.


  • Lock and key wedding ring tattoo

One of you can get a small lock tattoo and the other gets the key tattoo. This means that you are each other’s lock and key. You are a perfect pair and you will not be functional without the other.


  • Wedding date wedding ring tattoo

This is a modern tattoo design where you can ink the date of your wedding in Roman numerals. This will always remind you of your vow to each other and the start of a life together.


  • Wedding venue wedding ring tattoo

Just like the wedding date tattoo, you can also ink the coordinates of your wedding venue as your wedding ring tattoo. This will spark a lot of interest from a lot of people since this is not an obvious wedding ring tattoo. Plus, its meaning is not as obvious as the classic designs.


  • Compass tattoo

Tattooing the compass as your wedding ring tattoo means that you are each other’s direction. It can also be a reminder that you will guide each other towards the right direction throughout your married life.


  • Sun and moon tattoo

One can always get a sun tattoo and the other can get a moon tattoo. The two symbols represent femininity and masculinity. These also represent your complementation as a couple.


  • Anchor wedding tattoo

An anchor is a symbol of stability in life. Getting a wedding ring tattoo of this symbol means that you keep each other grounded and stable in this life.


  • Crown wedding ring tattoo

A crown wedding ring tattoo speaks that you are each other’s king and queen.


  • Simple geographic symbols

You can also consider different geographic elements for your wedding ring tattoo. You can go for a bold line for the male and a thin line for the female. There are also  dots, circles and other matching shapes for your wedding ring tattoo. For instance, the groom can get a solid circle tattoo on the finger while the bride can get an outline of a circle tattoo.


  • Skull wedding ring tattoo

At first glance, the skull wedding ring tattoo does not seem romantic at all. However, you will see that skull tattoos mean the acceptance of death. For couples, this can mean that they will love each other to their death and even beyond it.


  • Connecting wedding ring tattoo

More creative couples will go for unique designs such as connecting wedding ring tattoos. For instance, you can ink the bottom of an arrow on one’s finger and the connecting part on the other’s finger. This way, when they connect their fingers side by side, they’ll have one strong image. Besides the symbol, connecting wedding ring tattoos mean that you will only be complete when you are together.


  • Knot wedding ring tattoo

This goes for the ‘tying the knot’ phrase that means marriage or wedding. Instead of a knot, you can also consider a cute bow as your wedding ring tattoo.


  • Cross wedding ring tattoo

This concept is ideal for couples who believe that Christ is the center of their relationship.


  • Tree branch wedding ring tattoo

Couples can also go for a band using a growing tree branch with flowers and leaves. This symbolizes the blooming love of each other that both will nurture during their marriage.


  • Clover wedding ring tattoo

The clover speaks not only of good luck. It also represents faith, love and hope. Admittedly, these things are what everyone wants in a marriage.


  • Ampersand tattoo

Usually, the ampersand is tattooed together with the couple’s initials or names. It can also connect “YOU & ME.” However, this symbol can stand alone as a wedding ring symbol as it speaks of union.


  • Animal tattoo

If you are both animal lovers, you can consider a male and female animal for your wedding ring tattoo. You can have a lion, elephant, cat, dog or any other animal that is close to your heart.


  • Star wedding ring tattoo

The star symbolizes that you are each other’s guide and light. This can also mean that you are each other’s dream coming true.


Your wedding ring tattoo can be in black ink or in your choice of color. You can also consider white ink wedding ring tattoo for a more subtle tattoo. It is also a good idea for the groom to get a black ink tattoo and the bride to get a white ink tattoo.


Creating your own wedding ring tattoo

If you want something that is unique and is more personal, you and your partner can always design your own wedding ring tattoo. This may be a lot of work, but the process of designing your ring tattoo will be fun and memorable for the both of you.


To start with, you can talk about your relationship. You can check out your favorite hobbies, activities, things, places and dreams. You may even go as far as plotting out your dream for your relationship and your future family.


Forget about the classic symbols of love and create your own symbols and meanings. For instance, you can have shells and waves as your wedding ring symbol if you both love the beach. You can dwell on your passion such as music, astronomy, books, movies and so much more.


Before you agree on one thing, decide if the symbol serves your purpose of showing your commitment and love for each other. Once you have a thing or two in mind, talk to a reputable tattoo artist. You can discuss your ideas with the artist so he or she can help you with the final design. Take note that a good tattoo artist will be honest about your design. He or she will also not be afraid to give suggestions to make your wedding ring tattoo the best symbol of your forever.


Tips when getting a wedding ring tattoo

When you have decided to get a wedding ring tattoo instead of a real ring, you have to take note of these following tips so you get the best out of the experience:

  • Choose the best design that both parties love

Keep in mind that your wedding ring tattoos will be forever. There is no worse thing than getting tired and falling out of love for your wedding ring tattoo. Before getting into a decision, consult each other and pick the best design that will represent your love and your commitment. Take into consideration as well both of your personalities and your experiences.


  • Decide on the right placement of your wedding ring tattoo

Ideally, the wedding ring tattoo must be placed on the ring finger. However, you can decide on this differently. You can choose any finger, or you can also consider the side of your fingers. However, take note that the ring finger is still the best placement since it displays your loyalty and commitment to your partner.


  • Find a good tattoo artist

Just like other inking sessions, you must submit yourselves to a tattoo artist that is reputable and experienced. You can research and visit shops near you to assess their works and the safety and cleanliness of their shops.


  • Prepare for the pain

Well, tattooing on the fingers is a relatively painful experience since there is not much fat and there are a lot of nerve endings. But since wedding ring tattoos are small, the pain will be over quickly as the session will not last long. Still, take the pain positively! The pain can be another reminder that you are willing to do anything for your relationship.


  • Get inked a week or two prior to the wedding day

If you want a good-looking wedding ring tattoo, make sure to get it a week or two prior to the wedding day. This is to give time for the tattoo to heal properly. However, there are more adventurous couples who would go for a tattoo-on-the-spot session during the wedding day. Others get tattooed after the wedding day to seal their commitment to forever.


  • Take good care of your wedding ring tattoo

Follow the instructions of your tattoo artist when it comes to taking care of your wedding ring tattoo. This is especially true during the healing process. Your care for the tattoo will ensure that your wedding ring tattoo will last long and keep looking fresh.


Cons of wedding ring tattoos

It would not be fair if you do not see the cons of wedding ring tattoos at this point. DependIng on your skin and the experience of your tattoo artist, there are chances that your wedding ring tattoo can blur or blowout during the inking session and the healing period. This is why it is always important to find an experienced tattoo artist and be ready to discuss things with him or her.


Also, though tattoos last forever, your wedding ring tattoo will be not as fresh-looking as the day you get it. Depending on how you take care of your tattoo, you need to do a couple or more touch-ups during your lifetime to make it look beautiful and fresh. Hence, be ready for the hassle and the cost that this might incur.


Lastly, think about you current job and your future opportunities. There may be instances that you will be in work environments that do not allow visible tattoos. But, you can always pick a tattoo design that can be easily concealed with a regular band.

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