6 Activities Every Person Should Know Or Learn In Their Life

No matter who you are, you should always look to do something different, to learn something different. It doesn´t make much a difference whether you are working on a grocery store, or a movie star like Scarlett Johansson (only on your bank account).

We all want and need something different in our lives to keep us motivated, entertained and loving what we do, enjoying the moment. That’s why we have 5 things everyone should know or learn.

How to serve good coffee

There’s a lot of people who enjoys a good cup of coffee, no matter if it’s an espresso, with cream, milk, a mocha or whatever. The point is to learn and to have something cool to do and impress your possible guests, including the person you’d like to impress. Or even to prepare for yourself, you also deserve to get some love, take that any way you like.

How to cook good steaks or pasta

Same principle, to learn how to cook is basic to our survival as adults, I know it sucks, but you are your own responsibility, and to cook is an amazing hobby. Knowing how to cook gives you a confidence boost, makes you actually self-sufficient, and if you’re not doing the greatest of bills at work, it will save you a lot of money.

Besides it helps you to keep yourself a lot healthier than you’d imagine, saving you from the carbohydrates charged delivery or fast food you normally order, or the sodium palace that’s injected into the frozen foods to keep them long enough for you to be able to pull them out of the Narnia like world forgotten place in your freezer.

How to prepare a cocktail

Well, a lot of friends have told me this is a stupid idea but I must say there’s always time for a good drink (if you’re over the age of 21 in the United States), and surprising your friends with a drink that is not 97% alcohol and 3% water, is quite cool, and to surprise that special someone even better. Knowing how to prepare drinks will also make an interesting conversation topic when it comes to hobbies, believe me.

Play a no so conventional instrument

I’m going to be completely honest, any instrument works is just that I’m tired of the person that always brings the guitars to house parties, that’s a no-no, but learning an instrument it’s quite an interesting skill to learn, either for yourself to unwind or to share with other musical friends, and even for a project.

Learning how to play musical instruments has been related to improvement in memory, and reasoning as well as it is a great mechanism to boost your self-satisfaction, as you reach a certain level, learn songs and dominate solos or progressions the feeling of accomplishment appears. It also produces a certain level of discipline on those who practice music and an improvement in time management skills.

Learn another language

Speaking other languages will throw you face-first into other cultures, tv shows, movies, music, to learn it, gives you a glimpse of what happens in those countries which language you are trying to domain. Besides, it helps you know more people, it is an interesting thing to conversate and share with people.

To know a second language has many other benefits, according to this study of the University of Chicago done in 2012,  those who learn other languages will be better at making choices, it also helps your memory as you have to learn a whole new vocabulary, and sentence structures, betters your cognitive abilities, and delays dementia.

Practice one sport that you love

Besides keeping you healthy, it is a well-known scientific fact that exercising helps to keep the mind sane, releasing stress and boosting your adrenaline levels. You might not have the skills of an expert football or soccer player, but you can still go for walks, cycling or find something else you are fond of.

The most important part is that you find a sport where you feel connected and you do not feel obligated to do it. Maybe you like swimming, because you feel free and you like to be on the water? Or you prefer horse riding, because it connects you with nature and do not demand so much physical strength? You probably will never be competing in the Kentucky Derby preparatory races, but you will still enjoy yourself with your equestrian friend.

There are many sports and physical activities, some more radical, some more traditional. What about martial arts? Even though some people still have some prejudice against it, they are sports who are eagerly advised as they teach you how to control your instincts.

As I’ve said we need something different to help us to motivate ourselves, expand our horizons and learn more than ever, here’s some suggestion, have you done any of them or there’s some you have and want to share?

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