7 Signs You Date an Emotionally Immature Person

Today, the problem of many young people is their infantility. In their late 20s, they are adult personalities and successful professionals, but they are unable to build successful relationships. Many of them realize their immaturity and want to become more serious in this regard. Still, a lot of young people fail at building strong relationships, and they don’t see that their inward childishness is the major hindrance.

It can be quite difficult to recognize an emotionally immature person at the beginning of a relationship. Their infantile behavior and reactions are often perceived as sweet whims you turn a blind eye to. You begin to believe an old adage that adults are grownup children. However, to make this relationship work only your effort is not enough. Your partner must be willing to grow up psychologically, otherwise, you should consider finding another, more mature partner.

Relationship experts behind a Ukrainian dating site prepared some signs that can help you identify emotionally immature people.

  • Too much analysis.
    There are two extremes that characterize an ineffective relationship: indifference and hyper-attention. If you partner continuously asks you why you looked at them that way, whether you took offense, what you really meant when you rejected to drink coffee with them, or what this or that thing means – all this indicates that your partner is blind to other people’s emotions and body language. You have to constantly explain your actions and find excuses, while healthy relationships are based on trust and rapport.
  • Lack of responsibility.
    A typical behavior of emotionally immature people in a conflict situation is aggression. They think they are always right and the whole world is against them. How can this attitude affect their relationship? Such people are unreliable, you can’t be confident in them. They will always put the blame on the circumstances and excuse their failure.
  • Never being serious.
    An emotionally immature person makes a joke practically of everything. At first, you like this attitude and appreciate your partner’s sense of humor, but later, it turns out that their laugh is a kind of protective screen. When you initiate a first serious conversation about your relationship, an emotionally immature person will do everything to change the subject, and their main tool will be joking. Lack of seriousness is indicative of psychological childishness. You can try to make your partner take things seriously by not reacting to their inappropriate jokes and by encouraging them to be more responsible.
  • Unpredictability.
    Immature people are unpredictable. And not in a good sense. They are unable to control their negative emotions and prone to exaggeration. Tears, shouting or physical abuse are their tools. It’s very difficult to deal with such people, leave alone build relationships with them.
  • Selfishness.
    One of the vivid characteristics of emotionally immature people is their egoism. They think everyone owes them something and the same time they are very sensitive to injustice directed towards them. Moreover, they are bad at forgiving. And forgiveness is of paramount importance for a successful relationship. Just imagine what it is like to live with a person who recalls all your sins during every fight.
  • Emotional dependency.
    A mature relationship is the one in which partners are two independent personalities looking ahead in the same direction. An immature person only looks at the partner. Emotionally dependent people constantly seek approval of their significant other. It’s like a parent-child relationship rather than a union of two adults.
  • No long-term plans.
    Emotionally immature people can make plans only for the nearest weekend. They prefer to go with the stream. They have certain goals but those are more like childish unrealistic dreams.


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