A Revolutionary Teeth Whitening Solution

Teeth bleaching and other teeth whitening practices are rampant nowadays because of the modern technology we have. It has become a trend and a standard that a person looks better with whiter teeth. However, would you believe that the Egyptians began the practice of teeth whitening? It dates back 4,000 years ago. It is therefore a fact that people, no matter what era they are in, pay close attention to how they look, which includes the color of their teeth.

The History of Teeth Whitening

The Egyptians used ground pumice stone mixed with wine vinegar as toothpaste. They also chew sticks and bark of trees instead of toothbrushes. Ammonia in urine was the secret ingredient for whitening teeth used by the Romans and they used it as a mouthwash. Surprisingly, it opened doors to Roman trading during the time of Emperor Nero. If you want to know more about this in detail, you may visit this website.

In the 17th century, barbers often took the place of a dentist as well. They were responsible for the oral hygiene of people. They would file down the teeth of customers and apply an acid as a whitening agent. Yes, you read it right. The file and apply acid to teeth, but this practice was later on abandoned as it posed threat to oral health.

People across Europe started using chlorine in the 18th century. It was used as a bleaching agent to yellow tinge teeth. It was only in late 1900 that hydrogen peroxide came to use. Moreover, in 1960, many hydrogen peroxide-based products became available in the market as teeth whiteners. Forward to 1989, carbamide peroxide, a promising whitening treatment became a fad.

Throughout history, we were introduced to many different teeth whitening practices. They may be as natural as chewing sticks or highly invasive teeth bleaching treatment. They may be as gross as gargling urine and as hygienic as washing with an antiseptic whitening mouthwash.

They may be as painless as using a paste made of pumice or as painful as using bleach as a whitening agent. No matter how we do it, all that matters is we achieve the healthy white teeth we have been dreaming of.

Modern Technology Steps In

For many years now, we have opened our doors to the era of modern technology. This advent offers us a never-before-experienced connection and convenience. We are lucky enough to enjoy the ease that this aspect has to offer us. Teeth whitening has joined the rankings of this aspect and there are brands such as the one mentioned here:https://www.bestbuy.com/site/snow-teeth-whitening-system/6406691.p?skuId=6406691, that will provide a solution to removal of such things as stained teeth. Wouldn’t you say, that’s a reason to smile?

Tools of Teeth Whitening

New age technology has brought dentists into the comfort of our homes now. One such example is the Snow Teeth Whitening System. It is complete in itself and is user-friendly. This system works for both males and females. It is handy tool that most oral hygienists recommend within the healthcare industries. This example contains a kit for users. Consisting of an LED-mouthpiece, three whitening serum wands, extra-strength whitening serum wand, and teeth whitening progress tracker.

Tools such as these ensure the removal of stains from teeth and whitens them without pain. It works on stains caused by coffee, soda, wines, and smoking. It also provides us with promising results without the damages. This does not destroy the enamel of our teeth, so we need not worry about developing plaque and cavities. These plaques and cavities might lead to infection and other serious concerns.

You need to follow a few simple steps in using the product and the manufacturers guarantee its safety. Equipment such as this is meant to be worn with the LED mouthpiece and whitening serum for a mere ten minutes, and can be used while multi-tasking on other errands. The best part is you can use it anywhere you go, in the car, on holiday, while watching television for instance.

Benefits After Using Teeth Whitening Systems

After using this product, we are guaranteed to have whiter and healthier teeth. Who wouldn’t want that? We will be able to wear the cutest smile we have without having to think about what others would say. We can also relate and express ourselves to others better. Using the product can bring wonders and it can improve one’s overall personality.

Whitening teeth is an enhancing and enriching experience. It boosts our confidence and makes us function well. It will work for us as we go about our dates, presentations, or travels. It is also a sign that we are taking care of and giving importance to ourselves. You see, our time is an era of giving importance to the self and self-love.

Moreover, whitening teeth also improve our appearance and even the way we look at ourselves. At the moment, we might have the best set of teeth but that does not spare us from experiencing teeth damage. Over time, our teeth are stained by the food we eat. We must admit, staining our teeth in one way or another affects the way we look. With teeth whitening, there is no need for a filter in photos, or hide our teeth by keeping our lips together when you smile.

Furthermore, whitening teeth also minimize the emphasis on the wrinkles, moles, or any hyperpigmentation on our faces. It gives other people the illusion that these wrinkles and pigmentations do not exist. How does this happen with this technology? In reality, it is our pearly white teeth that deviate other people’s attention from the impurities of our skin such as unnecessary moles, wrinkles, and other skin pigmentation.  It works wonders and effectively improves the way we look.

Finally, whitening teeth makes us beautiful but does not cost us that much. This is worth every penny spent and the best way to decide is to read more details about LED whitening so you will also know if this will truly benefits you. This is better than undergoing painful, time-consuming, and money-wasting procedures that are at the end of the day, not worth the price. However, these benefits can only be possibly enjoyed if we find reliable yet affordable product.

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