Annamarie Tendler Life Revealed: Husband, Net Worth, Career, Age, & More

Name Annamarie Tendler
Birthday June 9, 1985
Birthplace Connecticut, U.S.
Age 34-years-old
Career Makeup Artist, Blogger
Net Worth $650,000
Civil Status Married
Spouse John Mulaney
Height 5’6
Weight 50 kg.

Annamarie Tendler is an accomplished makeup artist who is also famous thanks to her blog website she called as, “The Daily Face.” She is best known for being the wife of a famous actor and comedian celebrity named John Mulaney.

She has worked for a number of top beauty and fashion brands, as well as a few networks, such as “Glamour” and “MTV Styles.” Furthermore, she’s also a TV host who hosted the top-rating, “The Other Side.”

Annamarie, though, has a lot more stories to tell aside from those, as her life has gone through numerous experiences, both in her career, family, marriage, and other matters. If you’re into that sort of thing, then you’ve found the best place to be in. Read on.

Bio and Childhood

Annamarie Tandler was born on June 9, 1985. Her birthplace is in Connecticut, U.S. Very few solid information is known about her life, but she sure got and received the right support from her parents.

She is an American citizen as she was born inside the country and to parents who are also of American citizenship. However, her parents’ names aren’t known because she had lived a private life back then.


Annamarie is an accomplished blogger because of her blog which she called, “The Daily Face.” It’s where she shares her makeup designs as well as shows some of her makeup routines and how to do them correctly.

She also had spent some time working with “Glamour” as well as “MTV Style.” These added more money to her net worth. She had also been the host of the chart-topping, “The Other Side.”

Very few data is known about herself, especially when it comes to her career. It’s because she isn’t always in the spotlight as her clients are, knowing that she is a makeup artist.

It can be said, though, that she did a lot of work to herself for her to attain the level of success she has now.

Furthermore, most of the people knowing her can attest to her passion and hard work attitude to her work. This might be one of the many reasons why she’s one of the most sought-after makeup artists.

She even diversified her skills as she dived into blogging. Knowing that it is already the trend now, it’s safe to say that she did a good job with it.

She just needs to continue publishing quality and interesting content so that she can attain her audience in the long run. No doubt she will, knowing that she’s made a name for herself.

How much is Annamarie’s net worth?

Annamarie might not be an actress, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t amass huge wealth from her career. In fact, she’s an accomplished makeup artist, as well as a successful and renowned blogger.

According to sources, the average salary of a makeup artist is around $20,000 to 80,000. With this, it can be said that she received a higher salary because she is more popular than the average makeup artist.

Meanwhile, her net worth is said to be around $650,000. It might not be that much, but that is already a high net worth knowing that her actual figure might be higher than that.

The chances that she isn’t just sharing all of her information especially those regarding her possible other properties and assets, make it likely that her net worth is higher than what is confirmed by the media.

Her husband, John Mulaney, on the other hand, has a huge net worth amounting to $3 million. Then again, it’s also likely that his net worth is higher than what’s confirmed.

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Who is Annamarie Tendler’s husband?

Annamarie Tendler is already married as his husband is named John Mulaney. He is a famous actor who starred and appeared in many films and TV series.

The two are also said to have started dating sometime around 2010. They dated for some time until they decided to be engaged. This was in May 2013.

She even shared a picture of the engagement ring that she received from him. Also, there was a caption saying that they are already engaged.

Furthermore, the couple had taken part in the famous “Sleep No More” party for New Year’s Eve. This was held in New York City last Dec. 31, 2013. For sure, they have attended more celebrations like this over the years and we just don’t know of.

They then spent around a year as engaged, before they finally married each other on Jul. 5, 2014. It was a solemn and momentous time for both of them as this is when they finally became man and wife.

The couple are still together until now and they have been together for more than five years. There are also no rumors or issues as well as controversies that seem to go against their happily married life.

Annamarie is also clearly happy with her marriage and her husband. She even said that she is proud of her husband because he is a responsible and loving man. Not much is known about their current life now, but it’s safe to say that they are happy together.

They still don’t have any child as of now, but it’s sure that they will in the near future. It might be that they’re still busy focusing on their respective careers.

It’s also likely that they still want to enjoy their marriage as husband and wife and not worry about having a child and all the many responsibilities that go with it.

Nonetheless, no doubt they’ll have a child in the near future because they are happy and in love with each other’s company.

What is Annamarie Tendler’s height and weight?

Annamarie Tendler is a beautiful and stunning makeup artist and blogger. Well, it’s not just because of her face, but her overall features as well.

Her height is said to be around five feet and six inches. Meanwhile, she weighs at an estimate of 50 kilograms, meaning that she is fit and slim.

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