40+ Of The Coolest Arm Tattoos For Men Of All Time

For most men, you are not well-covered enough until you get an arm tattoo. This tattoo placement is not only bold in the first place, but it also showcases great masculinity and even gives a different aura of sexiness to any man.

If you are thinking of finally getting one for yourself, you have to take a step backward. Do not be overly excited about getting inked on somewhere really visible. The fact that it is very visible makes it more important for you to know what you really want and what represents yourself best.

So before jumping into your favorite tattoo shop, take into consideration the number of cool arm tattoos for men that you can choose from. With the hundreds of options you will find online, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, you need not worry as we are about to guide you with the coolest, boldest and sexiest arm tattoo designs every man can hope for.


Top designs of arm tattoos for men

There is not much limit to the designs of arm tattoos that will work for men. But, the following arm tattoo designs are some of the most popular, coolest and boldest designs you can go for:

  • Skull tattoo

There is nothing that will beat a skull to show a man´s masculine side. You can go for a simple skull tattoo or a big one that covers your whole sleeve. Besides being a bold tattoo design, the skull tattoo has a very beautiful meaning. Contrary to negative connotations of skulls, a skull tattoo speaks of a person´s acceptance of death and one´s reminder to live life to the fullest.

Though the human skull is oftentimes the most popular choice for skull tattoos, others go for skulls of animals such as a bull for a more unique touch to the design.

  • Lion tattoo

Who does not want to be labeled as king? A very detailed tattoo of a lion on a man’s arm is indeed very charming and bold. The lion represents leadership and strength, which are basic masculine symbols.

  • Tiger tattoo

Much like the lion, a tiger tattoo is also a great arm tattoo design for men. The tiger can be made in black ink or can be made using its bright orange colors.

  • Wolf tattoo

A black wolf tattoo speaks of great masculinity, strength and fierce character. Men often go for the wolf´s angry face. However, the subtle and kinder face of the wolf is also a great choice for tattoos these days.

  • Shield and armor tattoo

Men who want to be seen as a knight or as someone who will save the day can always go for a shield and armor tattoo. This design is best in black and gray ink. However, modern tattoo artists would consider doing this design in 3D. This design makes it appear that the arm is indeed made of metal armor.

  • Portrait tattoo

Some would say that a portrait tattoo is not a great tattoo for men, especially on the arms. However, when done beautifully and associated with a beautiful meaning, a portrait tattoo is a strong design for men. The portrait tattoo does not always have to be their partner. It can be that of their mother, their child or any hero they consider in their life.

Another great option for portrait tattoos include gods and goddesses, angels and warriors.

  • Dragon tattoo

The dragon is also a very powerful tattoo design for men. The length of the arm is a good canvass for a strong and beautiful dragon tattoo.

  • Koi fish tattoo

The Japanese koi fish is another popular choice for tattoos because of its beautiful meaning. According to the Japanese, the koi fish symbolizes strength to move in a different direction. Therefore, the koi fish tattoo is a good option for men who would want to be reminded not to be afraid of going against the current.

The koi fish tattoo is best done in color. The orange color of the koi is bright enough to make the arm tattoo alive.

  • Tribal pattern tattoo

Since the arm is pretty much a large canvas, it is a great placement for beautiful tribal patterns. You can choose from patterns from tribes that are close to your heart so you can make a statement out of your tattoo. The Aztec and  Polynesians tribal patterns are where you can definitely start and get an inspiration from.

  • Ship tattoo

Men who would associate themselves close to the ocean will opt for a tattoo of a ship sailing on a stormy sea. The bigger the ship and the more accurate the sails are, the more masculine this tattoo design becomes.

  • Eye tattoo

The tattoo of a realistic eye makes a very intriguing arm tattoo for men. Though a human eye works as a great design idea for an eye tattoo, you can choose from eyes of animals such as crocodiles, wolves, snakes, cats and so much more. You can even step up this design if you opt to make it i a 3D image

  • Flower sleeve tattoo

Who says that flower tattoos are for girls only? Any great man can pull of a flower sleeve tattoo, especially when combined with black patterns, blue waves and other elements.

  • Cityscape tattoo

The biceps makes a good area to ink tall buildings on a city. You can copy the cityscape of the place close to your heart such as your birth place or a place that you have always been dreaming to travel to.

The cityscape tattoo is great when done in black ink. However, it can also work well in full color, especially against a blue sky or a setting sun background.

  • Landscape tattoo

If you want to memorialize a special place, you can opt for a tattoo of a popular landscape in the area. Or, you can simply go for the generic mountains, forests and seas that can be set during the night or against a colorful setting sun.

  • Geometric pattern tattoo

A pattern of shapes such as circles, dots and triangles can very well make a stunning arm tattoo for men. You can even play on the patterns of the shapes for a very unique work of art.

  • Eagle tattoo

A lot of birds can work as an arm tattoo design, but the eagle is definitely the fiercest of them all. You can work on a flying eagle with full details on the wings.

Take note that all these designs can work in different sizes. They can work as small and simple arm tattoos or can be made as a bold and detailed arm sleeve tattoo. The choice of going simple or bold varies from man to man. Most of the time, the choice depends on one’s personality.

Symbolic arm tattoos for men

Other than those mentioned above, men can choose from a lot of beautiful symbols for their arm tattoo depending on what message they want to portray. Designing a tattoo following this route can lead to better results in the end as this allows men to independently choose the design that will best represent themselves.

When going for symbolic tattoos, men can choose to highlight one object or combine different objects to deliver their message.

Popular choices for meaningful arm tattoos include the clock (for those who value time), anchor (for those seeking for stability or for those who are close to the sea), compass (for those who want to be reminded of a specific direction), cross (for those who want to showcase their Catholic faith) and crown (for those who want to feel being the king of their own lives). There are a lot of other symbols that you can  mix and match to create a unique design with a very special meaning to the wearer.

Arm tattoo placements for men

What is good about arm tattoos is that you can choose from different parts of the arm to show off a good masterpiece. Your choice of where to place the tattoo will depend on how visible you want the tattoo to be. Here are some beautiful options for arm tattoo placements:

  • Back of arm tattoo

This is a very good spot for any type of tattoo, whether it is a medium or a large sized tattoo. This spot is very interesting as it allows people to appreciate your tattoo when they are walking just behind you.

When going for a back of arm tattoo, it is always best to go for out of the box designs. However, you can go for simple bulb designs, arrow tattoos and small animal prints or just any symbol you think best represents you. A roman numeral tattoo indicating your birth date or any important date is also an ideal back of arm tattoo.

  • Bicep tattoo

This is something that is not visible all the time unless you raise ad flex your arms to show off. This fact gives the bicep tattoo more mystery and more appeal. The bicep is also a large canvas for large tattoo designs. However, you have to be careful when choosing a bicep tattoo design as the image can easily distort when you tense.

  • Upper arm tattoo

This is a good placement if you want something visible that you can easily hide simply by wearing a t-shirt. Since the upper arm is a big space, you can play around with cool designs.

  • Inner arm tattoo

Whether it is the upper inner arm or the lower inner arm, you will have an arm tattoo that is personal yet still visible. The lower inner arm, however, will be harder to cover.

  • Arm sleeve tattoo

This is definitely the boldest you can go for with your arm tattoo. For you to be able to pull this off, you have to be one hundred percent ready to carry a tattoo that will always be visible and be very hard to hide. You have options to do a third, a half or a full arm sleeve. If you are not ready yet to go for a full arm sleeve, you can always work piece by piece. You do not have to get the full sleeve in just one sitting.

Going black and bold or colorful and bright

When speaking of arm tattoos for men, your options are not only limited to black tattoos. Men can go for full color tattoos as well and the result is as bold and masculine as the traditional black tattoos.

Well, there really is nothing wrong with black arm tattoos. They remain to be bold, masculine, elegant and sexy works of art. However, going to the full color option does not make any man less masculine. In fact, a full color tattoo offers to showcase the brighter and unique personality of the wearer.

Considerations when getting an arm tattoo

Now that you have an idea on the designs of arm tattoos you can choose from, you have to bear in mind a few considerations when getting this tattoo.

First is being sure of your choices. An arm tattoo is relatively a very visible tattoo. Most of the time, it can really be a big tattoo. Therefore, it really is important that you like what you are getting and the design represents your personality and sends the message you want to deliver. Having a half heart about your arm tattoo will never be a good thing. You do not want to regret having a bad tattoo that is visible for  the whole world to see.

Another important thing to consider is the cost. Arm tattoos can be too pricey especially when you are going for large tattoos or sleeve tattoos. So you better prepare your pockets for the cost of getting your skin art.

Lastly, make sure that your choice of getting a tattoo will not get in the way of your personal or professional life. Some workplaces will prohibit large and visible tattoos so please check out your workplace as well as your future employment goals.

Also, make sure not to go for something that is too bold and scary especially if your are dealing with children all the time. Unless you can successfully hide your tattoo from them, you do not want to ruin your relationship with children, especially if they are your sons and daughters, just because of your tattoo.

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