125 Kick-Ass Box Braids For Black Women

Any hairstyle that has experienced a spike in popularity has nowhere else to go but to eventually slow down. However, when there is a regular resurgence in demand, that hairstyle becomes a candidate for being a classic. The box braid is a tribal African hairstyle that has undergone many years of revival and re-invention to finally land as a mainstream hairstyle with worldwide acceptance. Once worn for tribal identification, today the box braid is a hairstyle of expression and freedom. The styling for box braids is limitless, in size, execution, hair make-up, and many more parameters. Any woman who wants to wear the hairstyle does not necessarily have to exert extra effort to grow long hair. Any moment, hair extensions are available at their disposal to create beautiful braids while protecting the natural hair at the same time. These hair extensions are available in packs and how many packs of hair for box braids will depend on several factors. Some women like large and voluminous braids while others can wear the hairstyle with medium to short bob.

Facts about Box Braid that You Ought to Know

  • Rather than rely on mere instincts based on the phrase “it depends” when trying to address how many packs of hair for box braids, the prudent option is to follow the common rule of thumb. The traditional box braids consume 12-15 packs of kanekalon or braiding hair and it takes 4-6 hours to complete the hairstyle.
  • The name “box braids” is easy to associate and refer to the square- shaped parts of the braid hairstyle.
  • When it comes to popular forms of box braids, the bun style is arguably the most sought-after. Aside from the obvious aesthetic advantage of the bun, the form is an excellent settling focal point for the eyes of the viewers and also helps identify the hairstyle even at a distance. Buns also have tremendous versatility as they can come in forms like simple, tight, loose, bulky, and compact and they can also contain added elements. The braided ends, combined together and twisted, form the buns. Naturally, they should be accounted in determining how many packs of hair for box braids you need.
  • The pony tail is another special feature and creative possibility of the box braid. Decorative items like scarf, flower attachments and others add interest to the hairstyle. You can also less obviously but effectively tweak your box braid hairstyle by twisting the ponytail or front section away from your head.
  • For a more drastic yet fresh modification of box braids, the asymmetric braids are highly suggested. They do a great job for forehead wrapping and face framing that viewers are attracted up close and even at a distance. A brief glance is enough to glue the eyes of onlookers.
  • How many packs of hair for box braids should not worry you too much if you consider the protective advantages of the artificial hair? They support your natural hair and also provide the volume and stability of the hairstyle.
  • Similar to other hairstyles, practice makes perfect installation of this beautiful and protective hairstyle.
  • The exotic boho box braid is making waves in social media and mass publications nowadays. Thanks to nostalgic appeal, women worldwide, especially African Americans, are helping revive and raise interest to the chunky waist length braid of the 90’s. The surging comeback of the hairstyle can also be attributed to celebrities like Beyonce, Chrisette Michele, Joe Bryant, and Solange, who show-off the hairstyle in public appearances and promotions.

Box Braids Hairstyles Suited to Your Liking in 2017

  1. Side Parted Box Braids with Long and Thin Hair

With long and thin hair braids you could just imagine how many packs of hair for box braids are consumable. This hairstyle requires patience and effort but the sleek and elegant flowing braids will more than compensate for the inconvenience. As if hair that falls down to the shoulder is impressive enough, styling each strand could be awesome! For additional exotic impact, try wearing thick eyebrows and overdrawn lips.

  1. Box Braids with Medium to Long Lengths

Long box braids are pretty much the standard for women who adore the braid hairstyle because of the dominant form whether it be thick or thin braiding. For those with medium length hair, all is not lost since there are box braids suited for medium length hair. Also, the use of hair extensions opens the possibility of long box braid for them. Proper makeup, especially with the eyes, will substantially enhance the elegant look of the hairstyle.

  1. Below-shoulder Length Silver Gray Box Braids

A long hair is a prerequisite for this stunning hairstyle, although some women with medium hair can also pull it off. The multiple strands dyed with granny-chic-silver gray hue are gorgeous to say the least. Stylists label the hairstyle as “au naturel”, and they suggest outlining the lips, contouring the cheekbones and adding eye lashes.

  1. Shoulder Length Jumbo Box Braids with Top Bun

Women of The black community always have a natural pull towards jumbo box braids and they always add fresh ideas to the hairstyle to keep it relevant. The bun is one clever tweak that they use with constant re-invention. For this hairstyle, they employed the half up and half down look, pulling part of the plaits into a circular ring from the crown and leaving the remaining strands dangling above the ears down, at about the shoulder length. The hair roots are thick and organized, tapering off at the hair ends. This hair flow gives the dynamism and elegance unique to the hairstyle.

  1. Red Shaded Long Box Braids

Rather than becoming confusing, contrast arrests attention and emphasizes the important features of a hairstyle. The massive braided black hair of this style is kept interesting not only by the exquisite box configurations but also by the contrasting spots of brick red color all throughout and finally appearing more at the hair ends. Stylists suggest cat eyes make up for maximum impact.

  1. Box Braids with Blue Shade and Crown Halo

Hair experts suggest artificial braided hair to be a bit loose rather than too tight to avoid unnecessary stress to natural hair. This hairstyle is an exception, as the braids are twisted and re-braided to form a crown halo with vibrant blue tresses. The exotic updo makes use of casually twisted strands pulled into a loose half-up hairstyle, partially relieving some pressure on the scalp and hair. The black and blue colors also add refreshing contrast to the hairstyle.

  1. Box Braids in Black and White

How about a hairstyle that looks like something freshly dipped in a can of white paint?  The comparison is extreme but the result is truly jolting. Despite starting with completely black hair roots, this gorgeous hairstyle tapers down to completely white hair ends while having interesting proportions and interplay along the way.

  1. Box Braids with Double Top Buns

Are you fond of totally retro pigtail bun with your box braid? Double your anticipation with this hairstyle as it consists of not only one but two nostalgic yet fun buns. This exotic Sailor Moon motif takes full advantage of the half-down effect in defining the hairstyle and balancing the weight of the hair.

  1. Casual Updo on Top of Thin Box Braids

Thin braids get a more uniquely exotic look when parts of it undergo intertwining at the ends to form rings at the top of the head. Together with the remaining long, falling hair braids that reach up to the waist, an air of casualness becomes evident as the bun appears loose, including the cascading downward braid lengths.

  1. Multi-purpose Box Braids

This one-of-a-kind hairstyle has two possible settings depending on your mood. The usually thin hair has a thin braid to facilitate maneuvering between the two looks. One peg creates a high and huge ponytail created from the entire braids while the other also uses the entire hair ends, this time to form a crown-like bun that fills the entire head area.

Box Braid Tutorials that are Relevant

Box braids are not suited for the impatient or those that are not ready for how many packs of hair for box braids are consumable. Unless you try the hairstyle, you will never know the benefits despite the effort required to install them. These easy-to-follow box braid tutorials are two of them.

  1. Basic Box Braids in Simple Steps

Step 1: Ready your hair for box braiding by first shampooing and conditioning it with reliable and trusted safe hair care brands. The choice of the right conditioner brand and its proper application is critical because box braids have long use and they need to have correct moisture content and nutrient supply levels. Be sure to rinse the hair thoroughly afterwards, as you only get one opportunity to do it once the braiding is complete.

Step 2: Section the hair into four parts, after thoroughly drying the hair with a towel and leaving it for some time a little longer to make extra sure of the dryness. The sections should be even and with straight squares. At this point of the preliminary braiding, the over-all structure may not be evident yet, but the usefulness of the preliminaries will make sense to you later on. Use clips to hold the four sections separately.

Step 3: Start working on the first section by parting the hair. Make sure for evenness and straightness. Pinch a small amount of natural from this first section.

Step 4: Subdivide the pinch of natural hair further into three sectioned strands. Using these three small strands, you can start braiding the first section. Cross the left section of the smaller strands under the middle section and then put the right section under the middle. This is the actual braiding procedure happening in front of you.

Step 5: Continue braiding the entire section of the hair, going from the hair roots towards the hair ends, Use elastic rubber to secure the hair ends.

Step 6: Still from the first quarter section, pick up another strand to be subdivided further into three small strands just like you did with the hair in Step 4. This time around, you should be more comfortable and efficient with the braiding. The braids, when done properly, should look like tiny boxes with clear separation and individually distinct.

Step 7: Move on to the second quarter section after completing the first. If the first quarter was successfully done, there is no reason for the second quarter not to be properly done with even faster time.

Step 8: Progress on with your braiding until you complete all four sections. You may notice at this point that you have spent nearly 4 to 6 hours already. You should not be bothered as you are nearing the completion with anticipated amazing results.

Step 9: Make the final touches. Make the final braid shaping with the help of your fingers. Spritz your hair with hairspray to hold the hairstyle firmly. Trim off loose strands and retouch deformed hair strands and braids.

  1. Box Braids Highlighted with High Side Bun

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair for box braiding by shampooing it using a sulfur-free brand for safe removal of dirt and tangles in the hair. A reliable conditioner will also help keep the hair soft and supple with proper moisturizing and nourishment.

Step 2: Ready your box braids extensions. Your preferred hairstyle and thickness goal will give you an idea on how many packs of hair for box braids are enough.

Step 3: The next step is to follow the basic box braiding with the difference that the third strand will utilize artificial hair extension to be twisted with two other stands of natural hair.

Step 4: Neatly arrange the box braided hair lengths downwards and make sure that your braiding is complete without any unbraided part even how small. Adding hair extensions provide more volume and protection to the natural hair. The arrangement of the tresses should favor more of them in front more than at the back.

Step 5: Form a group from all the front tresses by compiling them loosely and placing them at the top of the head using rubber band. Use only a single loop to make room for other hair to be secured later on.

Step 6: Equally divide the front group of hair tresses into two sections, holding them with both hands, one section each hand.

Step 7: Use both hands to hold a section each of the divided section of the front tresses and with care and skill, twist the sections together, one over the other beginning at the top and into the hair ends. Secure the ends with rubber bands.

Step 8: Create a temporary loose bun which is re-adjustable for later placement, out of the twisted front hair tresses, with the bun placed on top of the head. Re-adjusting the bun off-center and slightly to the left creates interest and dynamism to the hairstyle. The ends of the bun can be secured using the one-looped rubber band previously used to secure the tresses at the scalp area. Use two loops this time to secure and better tuck the end tresses beneath the bun.

Step 9: The remaining back tresses should also be divided into right and left sections. By using sideways and upwards motion, pull the right tresses and completely wrap them beneath the bun clockwise starting from the back area. Proceed doing the same procedure but in opposite orientations with the left section. The box braids with side bun is complete and ready for use in elegant and classy occasions.

2 Most Trendy Box Braids Hairstyles Likely to Hit Social Media in 2017

These 2 hairstyles have been trending in social media recently. Curious hair aficionados are inquisitive on how the install the hairstyles, how many packs of hair for box braids are needed and how long it takes to install these box braid hairstyles.

  • Waterfall Braids with Cute High Bun

This classy hairstyle brings dynamism and beauty to long, waist-length hair through falling tresses of shiny box braided hair. The dominant high bun gives a tribal flavor and exotic look to the hairstyle.

  • Box Braids with Twisted Top Bun Half Up-Do

The box braids version is a chic revival gaining popularity in the hairstyle scene. The intriguing complexity of the hairstyle begins with thin box braids followed by a top bun half-do and enhanced by over the shoulder cascading tresses.

Celebrities That Gave Justice to the Iconic Box Braids

Celebrities alert women hair aficionados on latest and trending hairstyles. Two proponent celebrities of the box braid hairstyle are the following:

  1. Beyonce

She is an iconic and giant figure in the world of international music industry, whose influence to today’s hair trends is immense. Beyonce mesmerized her adoring fans, who later adapted the hairstyle with gusto, during the “Formation World Tour” musical concerts with her glorious box braids hairstyle.

  1. Janet Jackson

This American singer, songwriter, and actress turned the box braids hairstyle into an icon when she showed it off elegantly and naturally  in the 1993 movie “Poetic Justice”, where she starred in. Barely after the moviegoers left the cinema, horde of women filled hair salons worldwide scrambling for a box braid haircut.

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