Buyer’s Guide to a Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy has become a popular holistic healing treatment used in many homes. The diffusing of natural plant extracts in our homes help enhance and improve physical and emotional health.

Investing in a decent aromatherapy diffuser hold many benefits for your spirit, mind, and body. It’s therefore important that you consider a few determining factors before buying one:


Depending on how the unit breaks down the essential oils will determine what type it is. Considering your own personal needs, you can consider any of the following four types:


These nifty units can double as a humidifier because they use a lot of water. When you mix a few drops of essential oils with the mass of water, it’s broken down into an easily absorbable mist that is gently scented.

The unit has an ultrasonic plate that vibrates and breaks down the mixture. 


This unit is the most powerful one out of the four. It dispenses a powerful concentration of oils. Because of the high intensity, a large room can quickly be filled with a rich scent. The diffuser usually has a glass container that doesn’t require mixing with water.


Heat diffusers aren’t as effective as other units. Even though they create a warm atmosphere in the room, the heat breaks down the healing compounds within the essential oils making them less effective.


Using a fan, the evaporative diffuser disperses essential oils and scents into a room. Once the oil is absorbed by a wick found inside, the airflow from the fan disperses the scent into the air.

The only downfall of this unit is that the fan can make quite a noise. Other than that, an evaporative unit is very effective in creating an aromatic scent in a large room. To learn more about diffuser scents and how they can transform your mood here:


Before purchasing a diffuser, you have to consider the size of the room you are considering to put it in. The bigger the room, the harder the diffuser will have to work to fill it with aromas. You might even want to consider getting an aromatherapy diffuser in every room of the house.

An ultrasonic diffuser with a large water tank is the perfect option for a big room. Alternatively, an evaporative or nebulizer unit will do the trick. Large rooms will need a higher intensity dispersing to fill the space. If you want a stronger smell, you can add more essential oil drops to the unit.

For small bedrooms, cubicles, and office spaces any of the diffuser types will work. It’s best to avoid getting an evaporative unit, because the noise from the fan might become quite bothersome.


To ensure that your diffuser is always clean to perform at a maximum level, you should find one that is easy to maintain. It’s impossible for a diffuser to break down all the oils you put into the container therefore, oil residue will stick to the container.

Depending on where you purchase your unit, the manufacturer will have specific maintenance recommendation guidelines. Make sure that cleaning is just as easy as adding oils. Using strong cleaning solvents might damage the unit which will ultimately have an effect on the functionality of it.


Diffusers come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Because they will be placed in clear sight, they need to fit in with the rest of your home’s interior design.

For a better aesthetic appeal some diffusers have modern shapes that will fit in with a contemporary home. Whilst others are more decorative and colorful. A popular design that many people do opt for, are aromatherapy diffusers that resemble the colors of nature.

The unit can double as a gorgeous piece of décor as well as a beneficial device for body, mind, and spirit. Check out this article to learn more about aromatherapy and its many benefits.

Other features you can look out for are timers and automatic shutdown settings. Investing in a diffuser with these features will increase the longevity of the unit.

By considering the above key factors, you’ll be able to track down the perfect personal aromatherapy diffuser for your living space.

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