Cheryl Burke Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Career, & Net Worth

Name Cheryl Burke
Birthday May 3, 1984
Birthplace San Francisco, California
Age 35-years-old
Career Dancer, Model, TV Host
Net Worth $450,000
Father Stephen Louis Burke
Mother Sherri Bautista Burke
School Attended Menlo Atherton High School
Height 5’4
Weight 50 kg.

Cheryl Burke is a famous American model, dancer, author, and TV host who has millions of followers from around the globe due to her interesting appeal, stunning attitude, and spectacular dancing skills.

She is also best known as one of the contestants on ABC’s hit dance reality contest show, “Dancing with the Stars.”

Early Life and Family

Cheryl Burke was born on the third of May, 1984. Her birthplace is in San Francisco, California. She was born as Cheryl Stephanie Burke, which is her full name.

She lived a private life before, which is why not much is known about her earlier years. It’s confirmed, though, that she had good PR skills in school. This gave her an edge when it comes to acting and dancing, skills which would be of great help to his current career choice.

Where did Cheryl Burke study?

Cheryl Burke is a smart student during her school years as she did good with her studies when she was at school. The name of her middle school isn’t known, but her high school is, and it’s the Menlo Atherton High School. It’s also where she finished her studies and graduated.



Cheryl Burke had already been discovered to have great talent in dancing and acting at such an early age. Because of this, her parents taught her how to dance at four-years-old. She even started dancing ballroom at 11-years-old.

She then joined in the reality dance contest show, “Dancing With the Stars.” It was a great moment for her career as she collaborated with Drew Lachy, who was one of the members of the group, “98 Degrees.”

The duo had great chemistry together because of their talent. Because of this, they won the contest.

Later on, she partnered with another spectacular dancer, this time, Emmith Smith. Smith is a former football superstar who had the talent in dancing. She, along with her partner, was again victorious in the show as they won it.

She appeared in the show in the next season and became the partner of Ian Ziering who is an actor and dancer. However, they didn’t win this time because they only finished in fourth place.

Furthermore, she also became the partner of several other famous celebrities such as William Levy, Chris Jericho, Jack Osbourne, Maurice Greene, Cristian de la Fuente, Drew Carey, Chad Ochocinco, Gilles Marini, Juan Pablo Di Pace, and many more.

Additionally, she also appeared in the 2010 animated film, “Toy Story 3.” This showed how good of an actress she was, and not just a dancer. This was succeeded with another film entitled, “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” This was in 2005.

Cheryl Burke is indeed a jack-of-all-trades as she’s not just an actress and dancer, but a businesswoman as well. She even has her own personal brand of clothing lines.

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Who are Cheryl Burke’s parents?

Cheryl Burke’s parents are named Stephen Louis Burke and Sherri Bautista Burke. However, little information is known about them because of her private life before.

But it’s confirmed that Cheryl does have step-siblings from the former relationships of his parents.

Specifically speaking, she’s got two half-sisters who are younger than her. Their names are Ina Burke and Nicole Burke.

Surprisingly, Cheryl only met her stepsister named Ina Burke four months after the death of her dad in 2018. Meanwhile, she’s got another stepsister from her mom’s affair with Bob Wolf. Her name is Mandy Wolf.

Aside from those, there is no more information concerning her family and parents. It can be said, though, that she had the full support of her father and mother as both of them knew that their daughter had the talent to become one of the best dancers and actresses in the future.

Well, look at her current situation now, a successful actress and dancer.

Is Cheryl Burke dating?

Cheryl Burke has been through a number of relationships before. Take for example her relationship with Maxwell Zagorski whom she dated between 2008 and 2010. She also dated Joffrey Lupul sometime in 2012.

Then there were J. Torregiani and Josh Hopkins whom she dated in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Meanwhile, there’s Matthew Lawrence, an actor whom she met at the 2006 season of “Dancing with the Stars.” And after a year of dating, they separated. However, they came back again 11 years after.

What is Cheryl Burke’s height and weight?

Cheryl Burke is an averagely short lady as she’s got a height of five feet and four inches. Her weight, on the other hand, is around 50 kg.

She’s got vital statistics of 34 inches by 26 inches by 36 inches. Meanwhile, she’s got a bra size of 34B. Her eyes are colored dark brown, and she’s got black hair.

How much is Cheryl Burke’s net worth?

Cheryl is a well-renowned dancer and actress. She’s also been in the showbiz industry for more than a decade now.

With this, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that she’s saved a lot of money. And according to various sources, she has a net worth of $450,000. But it’s safe to assume that her net worth is higher than that.

How many followers does Cheryl Burke have in social media?

Cheryl Burke has 500,000 Instagram followers, but the numbers are increasing. Meanwhile, her Twitter got 400,000 followers, and another 400,000 followers on her Facebook account. Take note, though, that these figures are constantly changing and increasing by the day.

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