140+ Brilliant Cover Up Tattoo Ideas To Get Rid Of The Bad Ones

Tattoos are our way to express ourselves. For most of us, tattoos are oftentimes storytellers, guides and inspirations. However, it is not all the time that we get the best tattoo for our purpose.

This happens usually due to various reasons. It can be because of a bad choice of a tattoo artist. Or, it can be a poor choice of design on our part or our lack of commitment to get the ink for the rest of our lives. For the more fortunate ones, bad tattoos can root from being old and the color already fading.

Whatever the reason is, a not-so-good tattoo should never be much of a problem. Thankfully, there are cover up tattoo options that we can always consider so that we can finally have a piece of art on your skin that we can be proud to show off no matter what happens.

Things you need to know about cover up tattoos

Before we get too excited about covering up a bad tattoo, there are a lot of things we have to understand first so that we can set our expectations straight with the procedure.

As its name suggests, a cover up tattoo is a new design that will cover an old design. Various considerations are needed to have a successful cover up tattoo, but the main and most important thing is finding an experienced and talented cover up tattoo artist.

An experienced tattoo artist understands the process of covering up an old tattoo, especially when it comes to the colors, the placement and the design of the new tattoo.

It is good to note that not all colors and designs work as a cover up tattoo. Hence, good planning is necessary to come up with a successful masterpiece.

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To help us get started, here are some important things to remember about cover up tattoos:

  • Tattoo size

Keep in mind that a cover up tattoo will always be bigger in size than the tattoo we are trying to cover up. Therefore, we should be ready to get a bigger tattoo than what we initially opted for.

  • Tattoo color

Our color choices for a cover up tattoo will be very limited, not like the bizarre number of options when we are getting a fresh ink. Tattoo artists will tell us to go for dark colors to successfully cover old tattoos. Orange, red and yellow do not give the best coverage most of the time.

  • Success rate

The beauty of the cover up tattoo will basically depend on the design of the tattoo we are trying to cover. Though the success of the cover up tattoo can mostly be attributed to the artist, it is important to note that some designs, such as those with intricate details may be harder to conceal than your regular small symbol tattoo.

Further, it is good to know at this point that a cover up tattoo may be a little bit pricey considering the amount of talent and skill required to come up with a successful one. This is without mentioning yet the size, design and colors associated with the cover up tattoo.

Still, getting a cover up tattoo may be a better option than tattoo removal. Aside from being too costly, a tattoo removal does not guarantee getting rid of the tattoo completely. It oftentimes will leave people with an awkward spot on the skin that we would rather cover up soon.

Great cover up tattoo design ideas

Well, at this point, we already know that we cannot simply pick any design to cover an existing tattoo. The beauty of a cover up tattoo will basically depend on the existing tattoo no matter what happens.

Here are some of the brilliant cover up tattoo designs that we can always look up to:

  • Big flower cover up tattoo

The big and colorful flower is usually a basic choice when covering old tattoos. Most of the time, the flower tattoo works on a lot of old tattoo designs. The tattoo artist can play on the size and the color of the flower depending on the details of the old tattoo. Talented tattoo artists will even use the shades from the previous tattoo onto the new design. Other flower tattoo designs good for a cover up tattoo include those with details such as leaves, bouquet of flowers and mandala patterns.

The safest design, however, for a flower cover up tattoo is a big black rose tattoo. This works most of the time on almost all kinds of designs you wish to cover up.

  • Animal cover up tattoo

Animals such as lions and tigers make a good cover up tattoo. The fine details of these animals make them ideal for covering up old tattoo patterns. Depending on the size and the placement of the old tattoo, the animal cover up tattoo can be paired with other elements such as clock, crown, flower and so much more.

Other animals that can work as great cover up tattoos are bears, wolves, dragons, snakes, dogs, cats and even sea creatures such as octopus.

  • Koi fish cover up tattoo

Those who are familiar with the Japanese koi fish tattoo will be amazed of its color and its intricate details on the body. These details, and the color as well, of the koi fish make this design a great cover up tattoo even for the large old tattoos.

  • Portrait cover up tattoo

The hair of a human portrait is a good spot to cover up of old tattoos, especially for the smaller pieces. Since the hair is usually black, it makes a very effective cover.

  • Feather cover up tattoo

This one usually works to cover up smaller tattoos. A dark feather is a great cover up tattoo. The use of additional shades of blue and black can also make the cover up tattoo more artistic and appealing

Small feather tattoos are also good covers for calligraphy words or phrases on the skin. The length of the feather can very well cover up misspelled words or badly-written tattoos.

  • Skull cover up tattoo

A black skull also works great to cover old tattoos. The tattoo artist will play around the black shadings on the tattoo to successfully cover up the lines and colors on the previous tattoo.

  • Mandala cover up tattoo

The intricate details of the mandala as well as how an artist can play on its colors make this design a good cover up tattoo as well. The size of the mandala tattoo will depend on the size of the old tattoo. The colors will usually be dark or bright ones, however, the artist can opt for other shades especially on areas that are not covered by the old tattoo.

  • Angel cover up tattoo

Big angel tattoos can be good choices for a cover up tattoo. You can focus simply on the wings or a whole body with intricate wings to cover large old tattoos. Good tattoo artists will even suggest adding up blue and black cloud background on the image to make a better cover.

  • Bird cover up tattoo

Like the other animals mentioned above, black birds can be a great tattoo design option as a cover up tattoo. The bird tattoo can come in different sizes depending on the size and pattern of the tattoo you are trying to get rid of.

  • Arm sleeve cover up tattoo

If you really have a big arm tattoo that you want to cover up, it is always easier to go for a black and white or full color arm sleeve. You can opt for different images and a combination of patterns that represent the message you want to portray.

  • Black pattern cover up tattoo

Intricate patterns that are rich on solid blacks also make a good cover up tattoo design. The placement of the solid black patterns must be directly on the spot of the tattoo you want to cover. The artist can add smaller and finer lines and patterns to balance the overall tattoo design.

  • Shadow tree cover up tattoo

This usually works as a small cover up tattoo to hide small designs such as symbol tattoos. A tree of life tattoo that appears like a shadow can effectively cover up these small designs.

  • Black heart cover up tattoo

This is another cover up tattoo design that works over small tattoos. This is unless of course you want a big black heart tattoo on your skin.

You can play around the design of the black heart depending on the design you are trying to cover up. You can have a half heart with paint splatters or you can incorporate other symbols such as stars, musical notes and the like.

  • Warrior cover up tattoo

Any warrior done in solid black ink is a good cover up tattoo design. You can opt for a knight, a tribal warrior or simply an armor of the knight for a cover up tattoo.

  • Galaxy cover up tattoo

The rich color of the galaxy makes it an effective cover up tattoo. You can play around with the black, blue and purple combinations to cover small and simple-stroked tattoos.

  • Mechanical parts tattoo

The 3D design of mechanical parts done in shades of black can work as a good coverage even for large tattoos.

  • Landscape cover up tattoo

Another good cover up tattoo is a shadow of a beautiful landscape such as mountains, trees and forests.

  • Aztec and other tribal pattern tattoos

It is always good to remember that the best cover up tattoos are those that are  in black ink and those with very fine details. The Aztec pattern as well as other tribal designs are good options for cover up tattoos.

Take note that these designs do not work on all scenarios. It is important to remember that cover up tattoos only work best if they are designed with the old tattoo design in mind. Therefore, always consult with your tattoo artist so you can find the best cover up tattoo design for your needs.

Highlighting the colors to cover up old tattoos

There are times that what will make your old tattoo better is simply working around with the colors on the tattoo. This is oftentimes the case for very old and faded tattoos as well as those that are badly done in the first place.

The secret to covering up these tattoos is playing with the colors. The tattoo artist can improve the outlines in the tattoo and can inject better color options on the design. Though this works beautifully, this strategy does not work on all kinds of tattoo designs you want to cover up.

Cover up tattoos for scars

Cover up tattoos do not only work to get rid of old tattoos that we are not happy about anymore. These tattoos can also work to cover up body imperfections such as scars, burns, skin discoloration and stitch lines.

It takes a special skill and a good eye to come up with the perfect cover up tattoo for this purpose. The designs should work creatively around the imperfections either to hide them or make them pieces of skin art that the owner can be proud of.

If you are opting for this kind of cover up tattoo, it is best that you find the best tattoo artist. It is important that you two talk about what you want and what design will work best for you. It takes a good partnership between the owner and the tattoo artist to come up with a beautiful cover up tattoo.

100 percent commitment for a cover up tattoo

When you are faced with getting a cover up tattoo for an old one, you have to be very careful about your choice of design for the cover up tattoo. Nothing will be more heartbreaking than having to cover up a cover up tattoo. Not only will this be a headache to you or more expenses on your part. A cover up tattoo to hide a cover up tattoo will make your choices on designs very limited and the success rate may not be that high.

Indeed, it is important that we are a hundred percent satisfied with our choices for a cover up tattoo. After all, we do not want to be faced with another terrible tattoo and the same dilemma over and over again.

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