140+ Magnificent Diamond Tattoo Designs For A True Gem Like You

Diamonds last forever, and so do diamond tattoos. Inking one on your skin is a move that you will definitely not regret in your lifetime.

Of course, the diamond tattoos are very beautiful and precious indeed. There are a lot of options of designs that men and women will definitely fall in love with. And what’s even better is that diamond tattoos have very deep meanings, which every one of us can relate to without a doubt.

You are a diamond! What diamond tattoos stand for

Here are some of the best meanings associated with diamond tattoos based on the properties and characteristics of this stone:

  • You are precious

When you have a diamond tattoo, you are more likely referring to yourself like a gem. The diamonds are known to be the most popular gem in the world, and in fact, one of the most expensive as well. This makes the diamond a prized possession of a lot of people. Hence, when you tattoo a diamond, you refer yourself to be someone very precious. This can mean that you value your self-worth and your individualism.

When inked together with a name or a picture of someone else, the diamond tattoo symbolize that you treat this person with high worth. This is basically popular for people who want to show their love to their spouse, partner, children and even friends.

  • You are someone strong

The word diamond itself is a reference of the words invincible or unchangeable. The word comes form the ancient Greek word adamas, which translates to the aforementioned meanings.

This gem is very true to its name since it really lasts forever. When you have a diamond tattoo, you are tattooing strength. It means that you can always resist conflicts and adversities. Tattooing a diamond can also mean that you have successfully overcome an adversity in life and now has become a stronger person. Like the diamond, the wearer is definitely someone tough and beautiful.

  • You are beautiful, shaped by adversities

The process of having these precious diamond pieces we see on the market is a long and tedious one. The journey from extracting the stones under the earth and transforming it into something beautiful is what makes the diamond a symbol of being shaped positively by tough situations.

  • You have eternal love

As mentioned above, diamonds are tough and can indeed last forever. Hence, it is a good symbol for eternity, especially when it comes to love. This is the reason a lot of couples get diamond tattoos to symbolize their eternal love and commitment for each other.

  • You believe in luck

Throughout history, carrying a diamond means carrying a treasure, which means carrying luck with you. A diamond tattoo can mean that you are really fortunate because you have been through a lot of tough times. It can also mean a celebration of your life and your luck in life.

  • You are an Aries

The diamond is the gemstone for the Zodiac sign, Aries. Hence, the diamond tattoo represents the strong nature of those born under the sign.

It is also good to note that diamonds date back to Roman mythology. Venus, who is the goddess of love, fertility, victory, sex and prosperity, represented diamonds. Therefore, tattooing the gem can be associated to what Venus represented in the myths.

Luxurious small diamond tattoos for everyone

In the actual world of jewelry, the larger the diamond is, the more precious and expensive your jewelry is. In the world of tattoos, however, even the smallest diamond tattoos can mean a big thing.

So if you are a minimalist or you simply are not ready for the big and shouting tattoos, you can check out these beautiful tattoo pieces:

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  • 3D diamond behind the ear

The space behind the ear is a great space for a diamond tattoo as your tattoo can easily be hidden or be visible depending on your mood. Girls can go as easy as tying their hair up to make this precious tattoo visible. This 3D tattoo design plays on shadows and lines using black ink, which make the tattoo pop.

  • Shiny diamond tattoo on the ankle

You can have a straightforward outline diamond tattoo but with a few rays radiating from the top of the stone. This gives the image that your diamond is a shining one.

  • Realistic sharp diamond tattoo

There is a different kind of character to diamonds that are still sharp and not yet polished for the stores. This sharp diamond tattoo still appears shiny, though, and will work right on the wrist, the hand, the ankle and even behind the ear.

  • Heart-shaped diamond tattoo

This is still a very minimalistic tattoo design of an outline of a diamond but is made following the shape of the heart. This can be done in thin black outlines and can work on the area at the back the neck.

  • Colored diamond tattoo

Compared to the usual black outline diamond tattoos, you can add color to your skin art to make it brighter and give it more character. You can even play around different colors, not simply monotone ones such as red or blue. You can go for green, red, pink, blue and orange on the different faces of the gem.

  • Cluster of diamonds tattoo

If one diamond is not enough for you, you can go for a cluster of diamonds. You can have one big gem and two smaller gems underneath it. You can do this in black outline or in a colored pattern similar to what is mentioned above.

  • Coal diamond tattoo

This design is similar to outline diamond tattoo pieces only that this has gray, coal-like shadings. The gray diamond effect is still beautiful and radiates a unique kind of elegance.

  • Bright red diamond tattoo

The red diamonds are known to be the most expensive of all diamond gems. Hence, you can have a very powerful small diamond tattoo with this one. The bright red color of the gem will definitely capture a lot of eyes, especially when tattooed somewhere visible.

  • Diamond tattoo on the ring finger

Tattooing a small diamond on the ring finger, for a lot of people, is very much the same as putting a ring on the finger. This is a great idea for couples who would want something that is beyond traditional in expressing their love and commitment for each other.

More playful girls will even go for a tattoo of a diamond ring on the ring finger. Instead of just a plain stone on top of the finger, they go the extra mile to add the band to make it appear like they have a real diamond ring on the finger. When done correctly and beautifully, this tattoo design will work perfectly for women.

  • Watercolor diamond tattoo

This is basically the same black outline diamond tattoo only that it has more character. You splash your choice of color on the background to make the tattoo pop. You can choose a single color such as blue, pink, red or green or you can play around mixing different colors depending on your personality.

  • Diamond clover tattoo

If you want to double your luck with a diamond tattoo, you can have it in a clover leaf shape. You can arrange three diamonds into the shape of the clover leaf for a really lucky tattoo.

  • Black diamond tattoo

Enough of the outline diamond tattoos with solid black lines that make up the whole tattoo. You can have a black diamond tattoo that definitely appears unique and even more elegant. The play on the shadings of this black diamond tattoo is really amazing.

It is great to know that these small diamond tattoos can be as tiny as less than an inch. But still, their worth is so high that they can really capture attention despite the size.

Unique and more creative diamond tattoos

If you are ready for a bigger and bolder tattoo, you can go for unique tattoo designs that are more on the creative side. Through adding several elements in the diamond tattoo, you create a more powerful and more expensive tattoo that you will be ready to show off all the time:

  • Strength, wealth and freedom tattoo

This tattoo design is a line of three bright red symbols that represent strength, wealth and freedom. You have a bright red diamond for strength, a luxurious gold and red crown for wealth and a green and red sparrow for freedom. You can arrange these three symbols vertically on your arm for a real bright treat to everyone’s eyes.

  • Inspirational diamond tattoo

At this point, you know that a diamond represents a lot of important characteristics that people must possess and remember. You can use these diamond tattoos to inspire yourself and other people who see the tattoo. There are a lot of powerful words and phrases that will work best with your diamond tattoo. This includes “they can’t break you,” hope where the ‘O’ is represented by the shape of a diamond and the like.

Another important and very beautiful inspirational tattoo is an ankle chain tattoo with a heavy diamond dangling from it. This tattoo design tells a very beautiful message, which is that “material things can only hold people down.”

  • Winged diamond tattoo

You probably have seen diamond tattoos represented by the precious gem with wide-open wings. This is not only a beautiful diamond tattoo design, but this is also a very meaningful tattoo. With the wings, the diamond tattoo represents freedom as the most important kind of wealth a person can posses.

  • Diamond arrow tattoo

This is a simple yet very powerful tattoo where the diamond accentuates a tribal arrow. The image appears like the arrow goes through the diamond but the gem remains whole and indestructible. This sends a message of invincibility as well as protection and positivism.

  • Diamond landscape tattoo

The diamond is also a great shape to house your landscapes and scenes that are precious to you. These include scenes of the beach, the sunset, the city and the forest. This can even contain the painting of your family, your children or your special someone. Another great scene that works beautifully inside a diamond is the image of the outer space, including the stars, planets and moons.

  • Diamond cage tattoo

This design is a little bit similar to the concept mentioned above, only that this design highlights the bold gold outline of the diamond. This gives the image of a golden diamond cage that houses scenes such as the different colors of the outer space.

  • Crown diamond tattoo sleeve

This design is a black and white tattoo design that is popular among men. The play on the shadings and lines create a realistic precious diamond and an expensive crown above it. Despite being a black ink tattoo, the design is very realistic and appealing.

  • Red diamond with flowers tattoo

This is another concept popular among men where a black and white tattoo of a bouquet of big roses serves as a background to a bright red diamond. This is a perfect tattoo sleeve that truly catches attention.

  • Rose diamond tattoo

The diamond can also work great with flowers. You can have a red rose with a diamond on the center. The effect makes it appear like the diamond is part of the flower, which makes the flower tattoo a precious and more beautiful design.

  • Diamond skull tattoo

This is a very unique skull tattoo design where a red diamond is placed inside the mouth opening of the skull. Rays of red light radiate from the inside of the skull, which create a stunning piece of art.

Another very popular tattoo design is the bloody diamond tattoo, a simple design that is fueled by the advocacy to not shed blood in exchange for diamonds. Blood diamonds are a popular term because workers who mine diamonds caught stealing are being killed because of the offense. This is a very brutal reality in diamond mining and having this kind of tattoo reminds people to not spill blood for diamonds.

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