Do Celebrities Experience Infertility?

Celebrities are known for making everything seem glamorous. From a simple trip to the grocery store to a night out on the town, A-listers make it look easy. In true Hollywood fashion, leading ladies are now providing a new – and sometimes misleading – view on getting pregnant in their later years. Regardless of celebrity status, when a woman reaches forty her chance of becoming pregnant naturally is less than 5%. Because of this, celebrities with fertility issues often privately turn to assisted reproductive technology like IUI, IVF, and donor eggs. However, if you think selling your eggs to a celebrity is possible, think again – unless you’re already acquainted with the recipient (such as a friend or family member), egg donors aren’t told who receives their eggs and are compensated for their time and effort, not their genetic contribution.

Five Celebrities Who Had Children After Fertility Difficulties 

Many celebrities choose to remain private about how they became pregnant, as it’s their right and personal business (they’re people too!) However, keep in mind the likelihood of a natural pregnancy in a woman’s late 30s and into her 40s remains quite low. Fortunately, the five celebrities below have been outspoken regarding their fertility difficulties and use of treatments like IVF or donor eggs to have their children.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion and her late husband, René Angélil, were very open about undergoing IVF with their first son, Rene-Charles, and later their twin boys, Nelson and Eddy. While the pregnancy with her oldest son was a success after a single IVF round, Celine underwent six unsuccessful attempts, including a heartbreaking miscarriage, before their twins were conceived. In an interview regarding her infertility struggles, she said, “I thought as long as my health permitted me and unless my doctor thought physically I couldn’t do it, then I would go on with the IVF until someone told me to stop.”

Chrissy Teigen

At only 30 years old – a relatively young age to battle infertility – Chrissy Teigen and her singer/songwriter husband John Legend welcomed home their baby girl, Luna, after several rounds of fertility treatment in 2016. Teigen commented the process is emotionally exhausting, but happily underwent IVF a second time to welcome Luna’s baby brother, Miles, in May of 2018.

Courteney Cox

After having several miscarriages, Courteney Cox and then-husband David Arquette were also open about undergoing IVF leading to the conception of their daughter, Coco. Cox suffers from the rare MTHFR gene mutation, which dictates how her body methylates. As a result of the disorder, her antibodies would attack the fetus and cause her to miscarry. Once the mutation was diagnosed, she began injecting herself with heparin (a blood thinner) to prevent her body’s reaction to the fetus and underwent IVF. After two rounds, Cox-Arquette welcomed home the baby girl they dreamed of just before Courteney’s 40th birthday.

Marcia Cross

One leading lady has no qualms about sharing the fact she used donor eggs. Marcia Cross, long-time Desperate Housewives star, had her twins at age 44. Cross has been commended for her honesty regarding her use of donor egg IVF. She’s made it clear women in their 40s shouldn’t be under the assumption that getting pregnant is easy, saying “I don’t like the average woman being misled into thinking that fertility is something that goes on forever. When a woman gets older, they get donor eggs, which doesn’t make the baby any less beautiful or perfect. One’s own eggs only last so long.”

Sonia Kruger

Australian TV host and media personality, Sonia Kruger, started the conversation about infertility when she shared her story of having her child with the help of egg donation at 49. She didn’t sugarcoat the difficulties she encountered when trying to conceive later in life, and was quoted as saying, “When you get to my age, to use your own eggs to have a baby, you’re not really going to be successful – I mean the odds are sort of one in a million, and my doctors have been very clear with me because I’ve been through IVF before. So I have a very good friend who basically gave me an egg and that’s how this pregnancy came about.’’

Celebrities Are Just Like Us (Including Their Infertility Struggles)

While celebrities may make their lives look picture-perfect on social media, many of them struggle with the pain of infertility. Whether they divulge that information is up to them – and rightfully so – but we applaud those who share their journeys, not only to give others hope, but to show life in the limelight isn’t always golden.

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