Effective Ways to Forget About Her Existence

Regardless of what has happened in your personal life, sometimes, it is quite difficult to get through a breakup. You don’t sleep well, your workability goes down, and you forget about the meaning of your life. Perhaps, you sincerely loved that woman, but something did not work out. If you don’t know how to forget about her, and you do not understand what to do next, then there are several tips from https://bridesdating.com that will be good for you.

  1. Be busy.

Usually, men think about their girlfriends when they don’t do anything else. If you want to forget about her, then you should not take a vacation or give up work, a hobby, a business. On the contrary, you should keep busy. If you do not have any “free time,” then you will not reflect on the bad memories too often.

  1. Spend time with friends.

How to forget about her? Do not shut yourself out and don’t become a hermit. You should better communicate more with friends to think more about what is happening in their lives rather than about your mental suffering. However, do not talk about your ex-girlfriend, it’s annoying.

  1. Do great things.

It is very difficult to think about the ex when you are happy. So, try to cheer yourself up with something that always cheers you up. It is better not to drink alcohol because it is a depressant that helps at short distances but not at long ones. If you devote more time to joyful deeds, then you will not have time to be sad. Do you like to play computer games? Play. Do you like to watch races? Go to the race and bet on horses. Are you crazy about basketball? Go to the game.

  1. Stay away from her.

Obviously, if you see her, you’ll start reflecting on her. So, just stay away from her. It is difficult because sometimes, you want to go to her page or look at the window of her house or how she dines in a café.  Do not do that. If you continue to maintain such a connection with her, then you will not be able to forget the girl.

  1. Remove her from your Friends list.

It is a useful action that will prevent a view of her photos on Instagram. You can also remove her from Friends list on all social networks at once so that you cannot meet her face on the Internet. Perhaps, you will find it superfluous, but it is better to do that if the memories of the girl cause pain.

  1. Do not visit “your special places.”

Places have a serious impact on memories. How to forget her? If any bar is associated with your ex, it’s better to forget about this place for a while. This does not mean that all the places that you visited with her (it can be a half the city) become forbidden. Just try not to go there. This restriction is temporary, not permanent.

  1. Find a new girlfriend.

How to forget her and move on? This is one of the best ways to forget about your ex. Just find a new one! Yes, it is difficult because you feel bad. However, if you allow yourself to be engaged in a new relationship, then it will be easier for you not to think about the ex. It is not about the beginning of a new serious relationship, it is about necessary escape.


  1. Get rid of everything that she has left.

There are a lot of her things in your apartment, and they may still be in “their place.” You will not be able to forget about the girlfriend if you see her hairbrush or T-shirt every morning. Get rid of all her things to get rid of her. It will be a difficult test, but it is necessary to move on and be able to get a breath of fresh air.

  1. Be patient.

You must be ready for the fact that you will need time to forget her. Don’t ask yourself all the time, “Why can’t I forget about her?” It will not happen overnight, it will not happen even in two weeks. It will take time to forget her, but if you adhere to the given tips, it will happen much faster.

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