Erica Schmidt: Husband, Career, Net Worth, Family, & More

Name Erica Schmidt
Birthday Jun. 8, 1975
Age 44-years-old
Career Actress, Director
Net Worth $1 million
Civil Status Married
Spouse Peter Dinklage
School Attended Vassar College
Height 5’5

Erica Schmidt is an accomplished actress from the United States who has graced the big and small screen numerous times.

She is also one of the most distinguished actresses in the showbiz industry because of her many achievements, not only in acting but in directing as well. Take for example her being an award-winning director from the Princess Grace Awards.

She is also best known for being the wife of Peter Dinklage, an actor who became famous for being one of the main characters in the HBO series, “Game of Thrones.” She is also known for her character in the 2002 TV series called, “Miles from Nowhere.”

Aside from her many achievements in the acting industry, she is also an accomplished director. One of her most notably directing roles was the Broadway play, “Spanish Girl.” This was performed last 2002 in Manhattan.

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Childhood and Early Life

Erica Schmidt was born somewhere in the U.S.A. on Jun. 8, 1975. The exact place of her birth isn’t known, but she sure has been born inside the country.

Her citizenship is American as well. Meanwhile, her ethnicity is Native American. She’s also into acting at such an early age because it had been her passion ever since.

Fortunately, she got the support she needed to carry out her passion and hobby, in this case, acting. However, not much is known and confirmed about the details regarding his parents. It’s also not known if she’s got any siblings.

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Where did Erica Schmidt study?

Erica Schmidt had been a studious girl during her school years as she made sure that she did a good job with her academics. That’s just what happened during her time spent at Vassar College. The school was located in Poughkeepsie in New York.

The year she graduated from college was in 1997. It was a great time for her as she finally had the chance to showcase her skills and knowledge learned from school into real life and in her career.

It’s also worth noting that Erica was a member of a comedy group which was called as, “Laughing Stock.”


As soon as she graduated from college, she then started her career working as one of the costume designers located in Julliard. She then dived into theaters by working there. It was a bit hard for her at first but she eventually got the hang of it.

She did such a great job with her work that she even bagged the award from Princes Grace due to her spectacular contribution to the show as the theater director. This was in 2001. Furthermore, she also starred in the 2002 movie, “Miles from Nowhere.”

Some of the play that she has directed are “As You Like It,” Debbi Does Dallas,” and “People Be Heard.” These were all successful directions as it gained the praise of fans and critics alike.

This boosted her confidence to continue her career as a director. It then didn’t take long before she directed, “Humor Abuse,” which again, continued her streak of successful works. Additionally, she also was the director of the play show, “Spanish Girl.”

How much is Erica Schmidt’s net worth?

Erica Schmidt is one of the most successful directors in the entertainment industry. And not only that, but she also starred in a handful of films and TV series.

Because of this, many agree that her net worth has now reached $1 million. However, there are also many saying that her net worth is higher than that because it’s very likely that she hasn’t disclosed all of her information to the media.

Who is Erica Schmidt’s husband?

Erica Schmidt is living a successful married life. Most of you might know her to be the wife of famous American actor who has graced the big screen and small screen numerous times.

He’s no other than Peter Dinklage. Peter is best known for her character as Tyrion Lannister in the hugely successful HBO Original series, “Game of Thrones.”

According to sources, the couple started dating sometime around 2000. They then got engaged in Nov. 2004. After a year of dating, the couple then decided to take their relationship to the next level as they married each other. This was on Apr. 16, 2005.

Does Erica Schmidt have a child?

Yes, Erica Schmidt has a child and is already a mother. Specifically speaking, she has a daughter whom she and Peter named as Zelig Dinklage. She was born sometime around 2011.

There were also news that Erica and Peter Dinklage are expecting to have another child. According to sources, the child was born in 2017. However, there are no news or details regarding that child. Maybe because they wanted to keep their child away from the media’s attention.

They have been married with each other for more than a decade now and there are no news, issues, or controversies, concerning their marriage. The couple are also said to be living in New Paltz, New York, together with the entire family.

What is Erica Schmidt’s height and weight?

Erica Schmidt is an averaged height lady as she stands at five feet and five inches. Her weight isn’t known, though. There are also no details or exact figures for her vital statistics.

Also, she maintains a fit and slim body, maybe because she exercises regularly. She also wants to be healthy, which is why she manages to have a good outlook in life.

Does Erica Schmidt have any social media?

No, Erica Schmidt doesn’t have a social media account. She might not just be interested in sharing details about her private life to the media.

However, it’s also possible that she does have a social media account, but with another name so that she won’t attract the attention of the media to herself.

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