Erik Per Sullivan Life, Net Worth, Family, Childhood, Age, Career, and More

Name Erik Per Sullivan
Birthday Jul. 12, 1991
Birthplace Worcester, Massachusetts
Age 28-years-old
Career Actor
Net Worth $3 million
Father Fred Sullivan
Mother Ann Sullivan
School Attended Philips Exeter Academy, University of Southern California

The entertainment industry is a place where many actors come and go. Some might appear in a number of movies many times in a year or for a few consecutive years, and then immediately be gone from the media’s attention.

Well, that what happened to Erik Per Sullivan. He was one of the most sought after actors before 2010.

However, he surprisingly was gone off the public eye. He wasn’t even seen after 2010. Because of this, he has faced many speculations as to where he is or why he has left show business.

But before any of those, Erik is a successful actor. He is best known for playing the character of Dewey in the hit TV sitcom show, “Malcolm in the Middle.”

He gained lot of fans because of his comedic and lovable character in that series. But there’s a lot more to him than just those things.

If you’d want to know more about him, then you’ve found the right spot. Learn more about his career, childhood, net worth, and dating gossips here.


Erik Per Sullivan was born on Jul. 12, 1991. His birthplace is in Worcester, Massachusetts. His ethnicity is white caucasian, but the exact names aren’t known. He’s an American citizen, though.

Who are Erik Per Sullivan’s parents?

The name of his dad is Fred Sullivan. He is a businessman as he has his own Mexican restaurant which is called “The Alamo.” Meanwhile, her mom is named Ann Sullivan, and had been an American citizen since 2007.

Where did Erik Per Sullivan study?

Erik Per Sullivan was already into acting at such a young age. However, he was also fond of playing musical instruments such as saxophone and piano.

And unknown to many, he is also a Taekwondo black belter. The first school he studied in was Mount Saint Charles Academy.

This was located in Rhode Island. He did a good job there with his studies. After which, he then moved to another school named Phillips Exeter Academy. Meanwhile, his college education was spent at the University of Southern California. He graduated there in 2010.

What is Erik Per Sullivan’s height?

Erik stands at a height of five feet and nine inches. His weight, is, however, not known. What is sure, though, is that he is a caucasian in ethnicity because of his features and fair skin.

Acting Career

Erik Per Sullivan started his acting career in 2001. This was where he played as the child character for the blockbuster hit horror film, “Wendigo.”

He also played as another child character in the 2002 film, “Unfaithful.” He did a great job with his acting skills there, which is why he got offered numerous other roles for many movies.

His next role was then as an orphaned child in the movie, “Cider House Rules.” The name of his character there was Fuzzy Stone.

Furthermore, he then started acting for comedy films when he starred in, “Christmas with the Kranks.” The character that he played there was as Spike.

He then ventured into becoming a voice actor in the animated film, “Finding Nemo.” The character that he voiced there was Sheldon the Seahorse. He then starred as a major role in the indie movie, “Mo.” Erik also appeared as the character of Timmy in the film, “Twelve.”

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How much is the net worth of Erik Per Sullivan?

Erik Per Sullivan is one of the most sought after actors in the showbiz industry because of his acting prowess and natural sense of humor.

This brought him fame and wealth, which according to sources, total to around $3 million of net worth for him.

Nonetheless, this isn’t surprising because he had been in the showbiz industry for one whole decade. Most of his fame and money comes from his appearances in “Twelve” and the hugely successful sitcom series, “Malcolm in the Middle.”

Is Erik Per Sullivan dead?

Erik was rumored to be dead after news of his death became viral across the internet. Well, those rumors were proven false as he confirmed it. It was also just a hoax.

All this started when a site shared an article announcing the death of the actor. According to the article, the actor died after being a part of a road accident.

Nonetheless, it was just a hoax. And the mass media was fast to accept it because he hadn’t been seen for a while in movies and series.

How is Erik Per Sullivan doing now?

The last time that Erik was seen was in the 2010 film, “Twelve.” He then wasn’t seen since then, even in interviews and press conferences.

Surprisingly, he didn’t even appear in the reunion of the stars of “Malcolm in the Middle” held last 2012. This raised speculations about his disappearance.

Is Erik Per Sullivan dating?

Erik wasn’t anymore seen since 2010, which is why it is very hard to gauge whether he is dating or not.

However, this wasn’t how things were before. It’s because he has been confirmed to have been dating Daveigh Chase, a beautiful actress. This was way back in 2009.

However, the couple only dated for a few months before they finally separated. The reason isn’t known as well.

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