How I Got My First “A” for an Essay

I never knew getting high grades can be so simple. Want to find out how I am doing it? Click here and I will share my secret!

How I Got My First “A” for an Essay

To many students, college time is the time to party, make friends, go out on dates, get new experiences, and have fun. This is what I thought when my freshman year started and I moved in a dorm.  However, something went wrong from the beginning. My fellow students and I were genuinely surprised when we got plenty of home assignments even before the classes began. We really thought we’d be having fun during the whole term and when the exams come, we’d spend nights without sleep in order to get prepared. That’s what all students do, right?

So, we got lots of things to do, and I was particularly busy trying to cope with writing assignments. I’ve never been a good writer, and my ability to put words together was not something I could boast about. But the solution came to me all of a sudden…

Does it feel like you’re going through the same difficulties? Do you hate your college writing assignments? If your answer is “yes and yes”, then listen to my story, and you will find your solution too.

I Tried These Things and They Didn’t Work

  • Practicing with friends. I thought that studying together will be fun and productive, but it turned out that fun and productiveness don’t match. You can have only one of these. Yet, when it goes about studying with friends – you can have only the first one.

By the way, the biggest problem was not about us being lazy and chatting all the time. It was about the difference in our attitude towards this activity (I was the most serious one among my fellows) and in our learning styles. One of my friends learns great through reading. Her level of concentration when she reads is higher than you can ever imagine. Me, I can get easily blown away by a random thought when I’m reading. I need to get a visual image or touch things in order to understand how they work.

If you’re not sure your friends learn the same way as you and are actually interested, you’d better not even start improving your writing skills with them.

  • Practicing alone. When a study group didn’t work, I decided to find a peaceful place where I could try to find inspiration and concentrate on the topics of my writing tasks. First, I was sitting in a park, and it felt pretty good. But later, I started to pay attention to people walking by, kids screaming and playing, birds singing…I enjoyed the hours spent there, but those were not my most productive ones. I could write just a paragraph in two hours.

So, I thought it’s time to change the surroundings. And I chose a traditional way – started visiting a library. It’s really quiet there. I once got inspired and wrote almost the whole essay. However, such an inspiration was occasional, while I needed constant results.

  • Practicing with a tutor. My biggest problem was history. I have a poor memory, and I can never remember all the dates, names, and events. Writing history essays was a real torture for me, so I hired a tutor to study with. Yes, for some of you, it may sound weird because that was just a freshman year, not the periods before finals or graduation. But you should know one thing:

I was really annoyed by the fact that I can’t manage with all those academic papers.

That was like a personal challenge for me, and I accepted it. I should say that my tutor was really good. He helped me a bit, but not as much as I expected. I was still bad at analyzing historical events or comparing two periods in time.

  • Reading guides. After tutoring, I was a bit tired from useless efforts, so I decided to have some rest and don’t do anything that involves leaving my dorm room. I have found a few great online resources with dozens of articles, containing useful tips for essay writing.

I’ve learned a couple of techniques that proved to be successful personally for me. However, after some time, I started to find myself more reading all those tips than applying them in practice. That was a signal for me to stop and look for another solution.

So, What Did Work?

Aren’t you feeling depressed after you’ve found out that all the ways to writing better essays didn’t show good results? You could have already started thinking that there’s nothing and no one in the world who can help you solve your homework problems. I thought the same way. And when I was down and drowning, I came across (find out more about this service here:

I never really considered companies like that as a working solution because it always seems too simple. Suspiciously simple. Yet, it turned out I was wrong. And when I found it out, I was more than happy to be wrong. One of my friends told me that she’s ordering philosophy essays at I took a look at her records in philosophy and was surprised to see excellent grades. So, that’s when I decided to give it a try.

Now, as for “how it works”. I really liked the number of helpful posts on the company’s blogs, and especially the free sample they post in their blog regularly. When I was ready to make an order, I filled out an ordering form with text fields like type of paper, number of pages, formatting style, subject, deadline, etc. and proceeded to the payment. Although paying for something online was a bit scary at first, that’s what I did. The manager got in contact with me in a few minutes. I confirmed all the information and it started.

I was expecting to get an essay in a week. I don’t remember my first order, but it seems it was ready even a day earlier. If you could only see how amazed I was after reading it! I knew I would never write anything like that myself, but I also knew none of my college professors will find it out. Next day was the day when I got my first “A” for an essay. And from that day on, I’m ordering papers at and receiving the grades I could only dream about.

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