Top 25 World’s Most Haunted Places

Everybody loves adventure, be it hiking, long drive, swimming and the like. But what if you’d be given the chance to go in a once on a lifetime adventure to places that will surely freak out your entirety, will you go for it? Below are the places you can choose from, which of them will you bravely conquer?haunted places


  • The White House


1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the most famous address in America, has its own fair share of haunting stories which makes it the most renowned haunted house in the country. The White house dates back in 1800s, making it historically rich and well, dauntingly rich too. People who visit or stay at the White House has reportedly heard unexplained noises and even running into actual apparitions. Among them is the ghost of Abraham Lincoln which is the most frequently seen. The ghosts of Eleanor Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Grace Coolidge and Abigail Adam has been spotted too at times.



  • Queen Mary


With its varied and intriguing past, it is no surprise that Queen Mary, a luxury cruise liner turned into hotel located at Long Beach, California, is haunted too. It is known to be historically rich and recently, it has earned a more prominent designation – the most haunted ship in the world. Among the ghosts reportedly hanging around are the crew members who died in the ship’s engine room, a white lady and the most famous one is the spirit of a little girl who drowned in the ship’s pool. It has been also said that hotel staffs doesn’t go into the lower deck because of the ghosts lurking there.



  • General Wayne Inn


Located at 625 Montgomery Avenue in Merion, Pennsylvania, General Wayne Inn dates back in 1704. It was first known as William Penn Inn, then it became the Wayside Inn, then Tunis Ordinary to Streepers Tavern until it got its current name in 1793. It has its rough history since it opened and has been a witness of battles during the Revolutionary War, thus restless spirits still linger in the halls of the historic place. The basement is best known for the apparitions of the soldiers spotted there. Just recently, a murder happened in the property due to owner disputes.



  • The Stanley Hotel


The Stanley Hotel is a Colonial Revival hotel located in Estes Park, Colorado, United States of America which opened in 1909. Haunted events has been recorded in the hotel as early as 1911 when a housekeeper was electrocuted during a lightning storm. The housekeeper did not die, yet the room where the incident happened became a hot spot for paranormal activities. Guests at the hotel would report incidents of unpacked clothes, things moving on their own, and lights turning on and off in almost all rooms. The hotel inspired Stephen King’s horror novel, The Shining, when he stayed at one of the rooms in the hotel with his wife and had experienced strange things as well.



  • The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a 4 star hotel, located at the very centre of the historic Hollywood in Hollywood Boulevard. It has been a haven to haven to famous Hollywood celebrities including Manilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin. It has undergone renovations and the spirits of the people who once stayed here seemed to like it that they continue to enjoy their after-life at the hotel. There had been unseen entities spotted at the hotel and has been concluded that restless spirits was stuck there. Cold spots, photographic ‘orbs’ and mysterious phone calls to operators has been reported as well.



  • Moss Beach Distillery


Once known as a centre for illegal booze during Prohibition specifically for silent film stars, the Moss Beach Distillery houses the famous story of the Blue Lady. According to stories, a young lady who loved blue dresses and was already married with a young son fell in love with a piano player. Her married life did not stopped them from having a romantic affair, and their story tragically ended when the girl died in an automobile accident. All throughout the years, stories of a woman who keeps on searching for her lost lover has been reported and was manifested through strange events like mysterious phone calls, floating check books, and locked rooms from the inside without any other means of entry.



  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium


Waverly Hills Sanatorium was formerly a tuberculosis treatment centre way back in the 20th century. It has its own tragic story when almost 63,000 people dies within its walls which many of the death cases was reportedly caused by mistreatment and immoral experiments. It was known as one the most startling places in America because of the shadows and screams which can be heard throughout the building. Furthermore, cold spots has been located in the area too.



  • St. Augustine Light House


St. Augustine Light House is located at Florida and was built in 1874. Unluckily, during its construction, the daughters of the original builder tragically died on the location which ignited paranormal occurrences in the area. They are at times seen on the catwalk. Another ghost who was reportedly haunting the place is William A. Harm, a former keeper of the building, whose ghost can be spotted at the basement.



  • Whaley House


Strategically located in San Diego, the Whaley House was sometimes referred to as the most haunted house that can be found in United States of America. The house was said to be built in an area which formerly included a cemetery. Some of the famous bizarre things that was experienced in the house was strange perfume smells in the hallway as well as cigar smoke too. The ghosts of a thief who was beaten to death on the stairway of the house was seen in the house too.



  • Clinton  Road


Stretched through the West Milford in New Jersey, Clinton Road is rumoured to be the site where meeting of Satanist and Ku Klux Klan groups happened. Stories of bodies dumped on the woods surrounding the road also haunts the area. This road is known to be as an accident prone area and it is believed that a ghost truck with floating headlights is said to follow motorists and chase them to death at the Dead Man’s Curve.



  • Brown Mountain


North Carolina’s Brown Mountain is said to be a spot of ghostly lights orbs floating just above the mountain. It has been claimed that the lights are the spirits of Native American women from as far as 1200 who are looking for their loved ones in the area. These women are known to live with their families in the mountain, thus this explains why they are looking for them in the mountain.



  • Rolling Hills Asylum


The Rolling Hills Asylum which is located in upstate New York has been through changes. Originally it was an asylum, turned into a strip mall and lastly into an antiques mall. Bizarre paranormal activities has been noticed the place by the owner and customers which lead to a series of paranormal tests. According to the participants of the tests, they have felt the presence of spirits in the place and the most terrific things is that, an arm appeared and vanished quickly in the centre of the group.



  • Fort Mifflin


Fort Mifflin has been a witness of the tragic Revolutionary War. It is located in Philadelphia and is the only remaining still intact battlefield standing for over 250 years. Due to its rich history, mainly a tragic one, ghost stories has been haunting the area. A faceless man is said to be seen wandering the grounds of the fort as well as a woman has been reportedly haunting the area as she screams so loud that the Philly police have been called several times due to it.



  • Myrtle’s Plantation


Myrtle’s Plantation was built just after the American independence which stands at St. Francisville, Louisiana. What was once a plantation now operates as a bed and breakfast. The place comes with great horror stories due to unseen spirits surrounding the area. Among these are the spirits of murder victims which happened just around the place. These ghost spirits include old slaves who comes back at times to ask what they can do for the customers. Two spirits children who was murdered was spotted playing on the porch too.



  • Helltown


As scary as its name, Helltown which is first known as Boston and is located at Ohio houses many famous ghost stories. In 1974, residents in were forced to move out of the area when the U.S. National Parks Service compulsory bought their homes due to what was alleged to be a cover up to a massive chemical spill. Helltown was also alleged as the meeting place of the Satanist group in as much as the spirit of an escaped mental patient roams in the area too,



  • Gettysburg Battlefield


As catastrophic as almost any battlefield, Gettysburg Battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania has seen over 8,000 deaths and 30,000 injuries. With the number of death in the area, it has become a famous spot where paranormal activities occur. Cannon sounds and screaming soldiers can be heard in the area from time to time. Such events does not only occur in the battlefield itself, but it can also be heard in its nearby places as well.



  • Eastern State Penitentiary


This jail in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was designed to accommodate a maximum of 250 inmates but the inflation of inmates in the area stuffed the Eastern State Penitentiary a total of 1700 prisoners. Ghost who acts as a cell guard can be found in the area and dreadful cackles can be heard too.



  • Moundsville Penitentiary


Looking back at the history of America, the Moundsville Penitentiary was one of the most violent jails that ever existed. The Moundsville Penitentiary is located at Moundsville, West Virginia which walls has been a witness to vicious deaths of prisoners in the electric chair or prisoners that were hanged in the wall. It has been said that the spirits of the murdered prisoners still reside in their cells.



  • Sallie House


It looks normal and common from the outside, but the small Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas has a very tragic and haunting past. It was once a home to an Atchison physician. One night, a mother came with her child experiencing abdominal pain. The doctor diagnosed it as appendicitis and an immediate operation has to be done. The doctor performed the operation when the anaesthesia was not even in its full effect, and Sallie died in the operating table with her last memory was a man torturing her. Today, visitors would experience strange events in the house such as cameras that stop working or cameras that are fully charged but will immediately drain.


  1. Cape May

Cape May is most renowned for the paranormal activities occurring in the area. Who would have thought the oldest seaside resort in the U.S. is jumping with unusual events? It is such a marvellous place but it is rumoured to be haunted by a phantom dog and his owner among many spirits who roam in the area.



  • Jerome


Jerome, and old copper mining town located in Arizona, now serves as a home to not lower than 3 percent of its peak population. The area was once a dangerous mining site but the miners wasn’t bothered about it. Many ghosts are said to haunt down the site which includes a prostitute who was killed by a client.



  • Ohio State Reformatory


Sure, it looks like a castle to handsome princes from the outside but it was really the roughest reform school for boys in the country. Ghosts of murdered and tortured boys who were once students of the school haunts the site. Reports say that prisoners are being tucked into bed by ghostly hands at times.



  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum once became a home to a big number of people who are not mentally stable. This asylum was believed to host the dead spirits from the Civil War which makes it as scary as anyone can imagine.



  • The Sultan’s Palace


The Sultan’s Palace was a home to a wealthy Turkish man and his number of wife. He was also a hosts to a young man. Reports claim that his wives were found dead while he was buried alive and up until now, the mystery remains unsolved.


  1. Villisca Axe Murder House

Villisca Axe Murder House was the host to the horrible murder of Josiah Moore’s family almost 100 years ago. Apparently, residents have claimed to hear wailing children and have seen a man with an axe roaming in the grounds of the house.


Are you brave enough to enter into any of these haunted places? If yes, then let the adventure begin. Let your heart jump out of your rib cage and scream as loud as you can as the adventure begins.


What To Do When You are in the Philippines


The Philippines isn’t as big as other countries, but it never run out of things to offer. Endless activities fill up the list of anyone who wishes to visit the country. The following are ideas on the things that you can do in your stay in the country.


  • Part Till Dawn in Boracay


Boracay is widely known all over the world because of it fine white sand beaches and pristine waters. Many people flock here whatever the season is, especially when the sun is scorching hot to enjoy the waters and the activities that the island has to offer. The island never go out of parties with fire shows and live music for a night of nonstop fun and entertainment. It has not only been a home for party people but it has been a home for people who wants to take a break and relax for a while from their usual life routine.



  • See the Beauty of the Banaue Rice Terraces


Magnificently built by the hands of local farmers, the Banaue Rice Terraces will surely leave you in awe. It has been considered as the “Eight Wonder of the World” and dates back 2000 years ago. The terraces are used by locals in planting vegetables and rice which is naturally irrigated by the rainforests surrounding the area. This green meadow will make you fall in love in no time.



  • Travel Back in Time at Vigan City


See for yourself the well preserved old houses built during the Spanish Era in the Philippines and experience the Hispanic ambiance. Walk through the cobble stones which makes up the road of the famous Calle Crisologo. Dance through the beat of the majestic dancing fountain every night and let it carry your burden away. Vigan City has been hailed as one of the 7 Wonder Cities of the World.



  • Take a Look at the Active Mayon Volcano


Known for its perfect cone shape despite the number of eruptions that it has been through, the Mayon Volcano is the picture-perfect spot for people who are always on the go for adventure. The volcano is very active and the most serious eruption happened in 1814 where almost 1200 people lost their lives.



  • Paddle Your Way into the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River


If you want something out of the ordinary, a trip to this National Park will leave all your jitters away. It is a protected area with a cove where a river flows in it. The river is about 8.2 kilometres long which directly flows into the sea. Enjoy paddling the boat going inside the cave where you can see astonishing rock formations and thousands of bats living inside the cave.



  • Go Back in History at Fort Santiago


Located at the very heart of the country, Manila, Fort Santiago is known for its rich history which was built as a defence bastion within the city walls by the Spanish. Its history comes with a mesmerizing story. One of these stories is about the imprisonment of the national hero, Jose Rizal, until his execution at the same fort.



  • Visit the Head of All Churches


The Sto. Nino Minor Basilica which is also known as the Minor Basilica of the Holy Child was founded in 1565 at Cebu City by Fray Diego de Herrera and Fray Andres de Urdaneta. It is the oldest Catholic Church in the country where the Spanish found a statue of baby Jesus right where the church was built. It features a Basilica Complex where a museum which tells the history of Christianity in Cebu is displayed.



  • Explore Rizal Park


Named after the national hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal, the park covers 60 hectares all in all with its ponds, gardens, lagoon and an open area for concerts and other activities. The park also features the monument of Jose Rizal which is guarded by sentries. It is known as one of the most significant landmark in the country that shouldn’t be skipped out when travelling in the country. It also houses the actual site where the national hero was executed and the tallest flag pole in the country.



  • Enjoy the Chocolate Hills


The Chocolate Hills is located at in the Province of Bohol. They are a fascinating site to see as they spread out over an area 20 square miles. All in all, it has a total of 1,260 small hills which looks like giant mole hills. It is known as one the premiere attraction in the province. Its name was derived from its colour when the season is dry and the grasses turn brown which looks like chocolate.



  • Surf Your Stress Away at San Juan, La Union


If you are the type of person who loves the sea and the adventure it brings, San Juan, La Union is the perfect destination for you. The big waves of the sea makes it quit a scenery especially for those who are into surfing and other extreme water activities. But if you are not the adventurous type who loves the sea, you can go for a swim and relax your mind as the sea water keeps you company.



  • Eat at the Waterfalls Restaurant


Located in the midst of Villa Escudero resort plantation, the restaurant calls for a no shoe policy as you enjoy your meal with your feet in the shallow water. Enjoy the traditional way of Filipino eating and Filipino meals that are served. You can go under the falls as you please too.



  • Be Awed with the Hanging Coffins


Yes, you read it right. There are hundreds of wooden coffins that are hanging in the cliffs and caves of Sagada, Mountain Province. They have this unique tradition here where the oldies make or carve their own coffins, but if they are too weak to make one, their family member makes the coffin instead. Instead of burying the coffin into the ground, the coffins are hung inside a cave or on a cliff where their ancestors’ coffin are hanged too. This practice is done due to the belief that the higher the coffin is, the higher is the chance of the spirit to reach a higher nature of the afterlife.



  • Look for the Sunken Cemetery


No flower or gravestone marks the resting place of the departed citizens of Camiguin as the cemetery and the town where it is located sunk beneath the sea during the volcanic birth of Mt. Vulcan. The only remaining trace of the cemetery is a giant cross rising up out. This place is really full with marvel and enchantment. The great thing is that you can ride a boat in order to have a better access of the wander.



  • Take Photos from the Ruins of Talisay


What was once a great mansion in Negros Occidental now stands in stately ruins. The mansion was purposely set on fire by Filipino guerrillas during the World War II to prevent the Japanese troops from using it as their head quarter. Despite the things that it has been through as years pass, the mansion today stands still as a picturesque view which serves as a tourist destination and a restaurant.



  • Get Inked by Apo Whang-Od


Hundreds of tourists and locals hike the steep mountain of Kalinga for a tattoo done by the last and only mambabatok (traditional way of getting a tattoo), Apo Whang-Od. She has been tattooing for the last 80 years and is a living proof of Philippine’s rich culture. The tattoo ink is made up of charcoal which when mixed is tapped into the skin with the use of a citrus three thorn attached to a 12 inch long bamboo stick. The process is painful but the result is worth the pain.



  • Step Your Feet at the Fantasy World


Located in Lemery, Batangas, the abandoned medieval theme park is addressed as the Disneyland of the Philippines. It was meant to rival the famed international amusement park yet the construction was stopped due to financial issues. It features a castle on top of a hill and a rope bridge that you can walk through in order to reach the tree house of the park. Although the dream of a grand opening for this park never came to life, you can still visit it to wander around and take pictures.



  • Feast at the Strangest Foods


A travel won’t be complete without having a taste of the foods that the place has to offer. Some Filipino dishes might challenge you to go out of your comfort zone like the isaw (grilled chicken intestine), balut (duck embryo), sisig (sizzling chopped pig’s face), and tamilok (woodworm). Brave this local delicacies and you will not surely regret.



  • Go ‘Ghost Hunting’ in Corregidor


If you want a hair-raising adventure, Corregidor is the perfect spot for you. Known for its significant role during various colonisations, Corregidor has been a witness to a number of lost lives and suicides. The tunnels and hospital ruins has been a household name because of the eerie stories of the past making it the perfect destination for brave souls.



  • Ride “top load” on a Jeepney


If you want to boost up the thrill seeker in you, a top load ride at the famous Philippines jeepney can be a good choice. This adventure is usually done in rural areas where vehicles are only few. Enjoy the scenic views over the road but keep in mind that once you chose to ride on the roof, there would no longer be a space for you inside the vehicle so you must have be brave enough to conquer it and the weather. It’s gonna be a crazy ride that will surely blow your mind away.



  • Attend a Local Fiesta


Almost every municipality in the Philippines has their own fiesta or festival. It usually lasts for a few days or weeks where different activities are made. Such activities include street dancing, parade and various competitions.



  • Play in the Sand Dunes at Ilocos norte


Who says playing is just for children? Obviously this is a misconception as the sand dunes of Ilocos Norte offers fun and adventure for adults. Roll your way down into a terrain through a big sand box or a sand board. For a sought after adrenaline rush, you can try the 4x4s and quad bikes.


  • Dive the Tubbataha Reefs


Known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site located at the Southeast of Palawan within Sulu Sea, Tubbataha Reefs has lot to offer. It is renowned as a heaven for divers with rich marine biodiversity and hundreds of corals and fishes. The location is remote that you have to ride a live-aboard boats but everything is worth t once you see the beauty and magnificence it holds.



  • Go on a Shopping Spree


Far from the luxury malls worldwide, experience the bargain way of shopping. Go on Tiangges, the Filipino version of flea market, to maximize your shopping allowance. This great experience comes with great discount as you can buy items in big discounts, you just need a great bargaining skill at that.



  • Experience the Philippine Culture


Philippine culture is best experienced in events that Filipinos are passionate about. There are many activities that are available and is simultaneously done across the nation that you can participate and enjoy. The Philippines has a rich culture that you can surely enjoy.



  • Experience Night Life the Filipino Way


There are many places to go and enjoy the night at the Philippines all promising a good and stress free night. Enjoy the karaoke bars and dance freely at bars and discos. Meet amazing Filipino locals and party with them. Have new friends that you can hang out with during your stay in the country.


The Philippines, with its 7,107 islands, offers countless fun and adventure. The country is blessed with bounty and rich environment. The country has a lot in store for you waiting to be discovered for a surely unforgettable experience.

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