Hilary Farr: Family, Career, Net Worth, Age, & More

Name Hilary Farr
Birthday Aug. 31, 1952
Birthplace Toronto, Ontario
Age 67-years-old
Career Actress, TV Host, Designer
Net Worth $7 million
Schools Attended Ryerson University
Height 5’9
Weight 50 kg.

Hilary Farr is a successful and accomplished TV host, actress, and home designer. She is also an entrepreneur as she has her own company which she called as the “Hilary Farr’s Designs.” It is based in New York City and Toronto.

She is also best known for being one of the hosts of the hit TV show called, “Love It or List It.” Because of this, she has managed to gain massive success thanks to her many notable appearances in the small screen.

But that’s not all there is to Hilary Farr as she has an interesting life that’s worthy of being told to the people. If you’re curious in knowing what her life, family, career, and how much her net worth is, then this is the best place to be.


Hilary Farr was born on Aug. 31, 1952. Her birthplace is in Toronto, Ontario, in the country of Canada. Her ethnicity is caucasian. Meanwhile, she is a Canadian-British national.

Very few information is known about Hilary, but she sure had had a good childhood because she is now successful.

She also did her best to learn the things she needs to learn for her to be one of the most successful celebrities there is today. Moreover, she spent most of her childhood in London. This was where she learned all there is to know about life.

Since she was young, she was already into acting and performing in theaters. According to reports, she had already dreamed of becoming a successful actress one day.

Furthermore, she has a Virgo birth sign. Her mom is also fond of traveling around the globe. However, there is no information as to what the names of her parents are.

Where did Hilary Farr study?

Hilary Farr has gone through formal education during her childhood days. Specifically speaking, she studied at the Ryerson University. This was based in Toronto. It was also where she finished a degree in interior design.

Career and Professional Life

Hilary’s first taste of working for herself was when she bought different kinds of properties, most of which are houses. She then renovated and changed their appearances. She started with this as soon as she moved her residence to Los Angeles.

She also worked for a number of part-time jobs as well as focused on her career in home renovation. Hilary also did her best to dive into show business as she worked in various TV shows and movies before becoming famous.

Hilary is a good example of what it means to achieve success by working hard. Many reports even attest to Hilary’s hardworking attitude as they even call her as workaholic. Furthermore, she starred in many TV series and became famous thanks to them.

Some of her most notable characters was in “Love It or List It.” Some say that this was her ticket to fame because this showed how good of an actress she was. Furthermore, Hilary also ventured into business as she started her own design firm, “Hilary Farr’s Designs.”

It is now considered as one of the most renowned and best designing brands around the globe. Furthermore, she also appeared in a number of famous films such as “City on Fire,” “Never Mind the Quality,” and USA Today.”

How much is Hilary Farr’s net worth?

Hilary Farr is a hugely successful celebrity because of her business and acting career. According to sources, she has managed to bag a net worth of $7 million. However, her salary isn’t known. It can be said, though, that she received a handsome salary.

It is agreed, though, that her actual net worth is higher than that as she is most likely to not have shared all of the information concerning her properties and assets to the media.

Nonetheless, it is sure that she is indeed a successful lady who has a successful career which she worked hard for over her whole stay in show business.

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Is Hilary Farr dating?

Hilary has been connected to a number of men throughout her successful career, both in and out of show business. She has been linked to David Visentin, a Canadian who is of Italian descent. He is also an actor as well as one of her co-stars in the TV show, “Love It or List It.”

She had also been married before, specifically with Gordon Farr. They even have their own child, a healthy daughter. The child’s name is, however, not known.

Their marriage also didn’t last because they were always having misunderstandings with each other. Because of this, they decided to finally separate. A divorce settlement was then filed, which led to the finalization of their separation.

Aside from those, there is no more information about her dating life. She is already doing her best to not share such information with the media because she doesn’t want to make her life an open book, especially to people whom she does not know.

What is Hilary Farr’s height and weight?

Hilary Farry is a tall lady as she has a height of five feet and nine inches. Meanwhile, she has a weight of around 50 kilograms.

Her body vital stats are 35 inches by 25 inches by 36 inches and have a 34B bra size. The color of her eyes is dark brown, while her hair is colored brown. Her dress size is size, and her shoe size isn’t known.

What’s with Hilary Farr’s social media?

Hilary Farr is a famous lady not only in show business but in the business world as well. Her social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram prove this, as well.

Specifically speaking, she’s got 100,000 followers in Facebook and more than 50,000 Twitter followers. She also has around 100,000 Instagram fans.

It is expected that she will have more followers in social media in the months to come. She just needs to become more active in updating her regular posts in social media for her to have more followers and fans.

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