Jo Green Married Life, Height, Net Worth and Facts

English theater administrator Jo Green was born in 1956 in the United Kingdom. Little is known of her early life thanks to what has been a lifelong tendency to privacy. The most public knowledge about her is perhaps her marriage to the House actor Hugh Laurie.

Jo Green Married Life, Relationship with husband

Green married Laurie on the 16th of June in 1989 at Camden, UK. The two have had three children, all born in London. The first was Charles Archibald Laurie, called “Charlie”, who was born in November of 1988, before the two officially tied the knot. Charlie was followed by William Albert Laurie or “Bill” in January of 1991. Finally, the couple had Rebecca Augusta Laurie, who was born in September of 1993, and who has also dipped her toes into acting with the film Wit.

The couple’s early years of marriage seem to have been fairly quiet, going from what is known of them at that time. Laurie had been doing comedy work in the UK as well as some small albeit recognizable roles (e.g. the father in Stuart Little).

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Green and Laurie’s relationship faced a challenge in 2004. This was when the latter took on the lead role for the US television show House. They had to spent long periods of time apart owing to their workplaces. With shooting keeping Laurie in the US for long stretches, the pair would be apart for 9 months of each year.

Laurie, who has already confessed to suffering from depression, was widely known to be emotionally troubled at this time. Sources who knew the couple claimed that a big part of what troubled him was the separation from his support system—or more specifically, his wife and their children.

While a storm brewed on the home front for the couple, success sprouted on the professional one. Laurie’s work on House became a massive success, with the actor eventually receiving two Golden Globes for his work. The show received massive syndication and interest in Laurie—and by extension, his spouse—grew. The two insisted on remaining private with their personal lives as much as possible, however, and no joint interviews were carried out despite press attempts. Green refused solo interviews as well, although Laurie, with his responsibilities on House, had to accept them himself.

The pressure grew stronger for the actor to stay in the US and continue the series. Unfortunately, the separation from Green and his children had already taken such a toll that even studio executives were reported to be putting effort into helping him fight his depression. In 2008, Green and Laurie decided to move the family to the US temporarily, so that they could all be together. Preparations were made and reported on various news sites for the relocation.

The plan came to nothing however. For unknown reasons, the pair cancelled the move and fresh rumors broke out of problems between the two. Laurie later made jests about it having been due to his and Green’s attachment to English education, but nothing was for certain. A much later confession from Laurie about having had an extramarital affair in the past could not confirm the cause of the cancelled relocation either. The murmurs surrounding the relationship finally came to a head when people began claiming divorce proceedings underway.

In 2012, Laurie’s run on House finally ended and the actor returned to his family. There, the divorce claims were proven false as Green and Laurie returned to their old home and habits. They continue to stay together and have been seen not just about their neighborhood but also out on trips together, such as their much-photographed vacation in Marbella.

Jo Green Net Worth : 40 Million USD

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