150 Majestic Lion Tattoos You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

Lion tattoos are a symbol of masculinity. However, many women are getting this kind of tattoo nowadays. It’s truly amazing how the society has changed over the years. Men and women are both getting this kind of tattoo to represent something they believe in, or to symbolize some of their characteristics.

In the past, there have been misconceptions about people who have tattoos. Most of the time, they are called thugs, rebels, or even advocates of the devil just because they have a tattoo. However, this is totally wrong. The society has not been a fair judge for people with tattoos. However, today, people with tattoos can go out without worry because people now see tattoos as art. There’s nothing wrong with showing what you believe in by getting tattoos. After all, we are all living in a democratic world. So, do not hesitate to get your very own lion tattoos today and tell the world about what you truly believe in.


Types of Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos are commonly associated with aggressive people. This is probably because is a fierce and aggressive animal. If you believe that the lion tattoo best fits your personality, then you better start thinking about a specific lion tattoo design and look for your tattoo artist.

To give you an idea about lion tattoos, here are some of the best designs used by both men and women today:

  1. Lion Head Tattoo

This is probably the most common type of Lion Tattoos that you can see today. It was a popular design in the past and at present. A Lion Head tattoo could mean several things. The most popular meaning of this tattoo design is strength and power. The strength and power of a lion gained it the king of the jungle title. Many animals become a prey of the lion once it gets hungry. Even humans have become victims of hungry lions.

Almost all the animals in the jungle fear the lion’s ability to turn anything into its prey. Once you are not careful, you might end up dying in the hands of the mighty lion. If you believe you have the power and authority over others, then you could get this kind of tattoo. This will best represent your characteristic and will definitely convey the message towards other people.

  1. Lamb and Lion Tattoos

The lion represents masculinity, strength, power and authority. These are traits possessed by a human being. The lamb, a symbol of weak animal, also shares a similar trait with human beings. The lamb also signifies the spiritual aspect of a human’s life and a human’s innocence. By combining these two symbols, you will be trying to convey a message about your life’s balance. There will be times when you feel weak and there are times when you feel too superior. This is a natural thing for humans. Every person has two sides. One is the aggressive side, and the other is the passive side. Believe it or not, these two coexist in the life of all human beings. You just need the right stimuli in order to unleash your subconscious side.

  1. Flower and Lion Tattoos

Flowers, a symbol of vibrancy, blossoming life, elegance, beauty and gracefulness, combined with its opposite, the lion, a symbol of power, passion, drive and strength. As you can see, these two symbols are in contrast with each other. However, if you combine this in one design, you can actually see the message it’s trying to say. This tattoo design wants to convey a message that behind every beast’s fierce eyes lies the inner beauty and gracefulness of an animal. No matter how aggressive one can become, you will always have a soft spot for the people you love and cherish the most. This is what this tattoo means.

  1. Tribal Lion Tattoos

Tribal designs have been around for centuries now. These designs are created by the ancient tribes of the world, that being one of the most ancient forms of art today. The lion plays an important part in the lives of many cultures and tribes. The lion possesses the qualities of a leader, making it an authority figure in the jungle. Having a tribal lion tattoo could mean that you are a leader in your own group. However, it’s important to know that everybody is free to use a tribal lion design, not only leaders.

  1. Dragon and Lion Tattoos

Both dragon and lions possess great strength and power. If you get this tattoo design, then it means you have the power and the authority to govern the people around you. Having this tattoo means not fearing anything. It means being ready for everything that will come your way.

Indeed, every tattoo design has its own set of meanings and symbolisms. If you are planning to get lion tattoos, then make sure to consider the above-mentioned designs.

lion tattoos

Meaning of Lion Tattoos

As mentioned earlier, each tattoo has its own meaning. However, any tattoo that has a lion design means power, strength and authority. When you have this tattoo, people will think that you are someone powerful, maybe not in all places of the world, but in your own territory. People seeing your tattoo will also automatically think that you are fierce and would be willing to take the risk in order to satisfy your wants and needs.

Ideal Placement for Lion Tattoos

Most lion tattoos have very detailed designs. If you put this is a wrong spot, then you will be wasting a wonderful work of art. The first thing you need to consider in choosing the right location for your tattoo is the size of the tattoo’s design. This factor will affect the number of options you will be having when choosing the ideal placement for the tattoo. If you chose a huge lion head tattoo design, then it would probably be perfect to put it on your chest (for men) or on your back.

You can also have lion tattoos on your arms, shoulders, and foot, as long as its size can fit the mentioned body parts. If your main purpose in getting a tattoo is to convey a message to the people around you, then you should clearly choose a spot that will make the tattoo most noticeable. This will further help you in conveying the message to other people.

Lion Tattoos Preparation Tips

In getting a tattoo, there are a lot of things that you need to consider, especially if it’s your first time getting one. Since tattoos are permanent and would last a lifetime, you should carefully think about it before actually going to a tattoo shop. The first thing you should consider is if you really need to get a tattoo is the reason why you are getting it in the first place. You should answer this question truthfully because that’s the only time you can proceed to the actual planning stage.

After deciding that you really want and need to get a tattoo, then it’s time to settle the details. You need to carefully consider the design of your tattoo. You should choose a design that will represent you or will help you convey a message to others. Getting the right tattoo design will remind you about everything that you believe in. In addition, there’s a consequence if you don’t carefully think about your tattoo’s design. In the end, you might end up wanting to remove the tattoo because the design no longer looks appealing to you.

The next thing you should consider is whether you can withstand the pain during the procedure, or not. Although many people say it’s not really that bad, the first time encounter with needles will always frighten you. This is totally normal, not just for women, but also for men. Think whether you can endure the pain until the end of the tattoo session.

After considering all those things mentioned above, you are all set to get your first ever lion tattoo. You can visit various tattoo shops to compare prices and to know which shop has the best services. This will ensure that you get the best tattoo done for you.

Average Service Cost and Standard Price for Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos are usually in black ink only. Because of this, you will only spend about $50 – $300 for a single tattoo. This is quite a reasonable average price, considering the complexity of lion tattoos these days. With only a few bucks, you can have your very own lion designed tattoos.

Professional tattooist or popular artists may charge your tattoo session on an hourly basis. This is certainly more expensive compared to charges set based on your preferred design.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos are extremely wonderful designs. You probably don’t want to waste all your efforts in enduring the whole tattoo procedure, do you? If you don’t, then you should take care of your tattoo after you get it.

One thing you have to keep in mind after getting lion tattoos is that you must keep your skin away from dust and dirt. This will help your skin heal faster. You can do this by covering the tattoo with a bandage for a couple of days. You can change the dressing or bandage every other day after gently washing the tattoo area. If possible, always apply anti-scar and anti-bacterial creams on the tattoo to aid in the quick healing process.

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