130+ Beautiful Mandala Tattoos To Charm Your Life All The Time

Mandala tattoos, no matter what your personality is, will never fail you. This is true when it comes to the intricacy, the details, the colors, the patterns and even the meaning. Yes, you read it just right. The mandala tattoos are more than just your beautiful and artistic tattoo pieces. They also hold a very beautiful meaning.

Also, the mandala tattoos give you a lot of flexibility. You can do it in small or big skin arts. Both black and white as well as colored mandala tattoos rock.mandala-tattoos mandala-tattoos

What are mandala tattoos?

The mandala tattoo often catches attention because of its round shape that is made with a combination of other shapes and patterns. No matter how intricate or simple the design is, the end result is always a circle tattoo. Well, this is not surprising, though, since the mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle.”

The harmony and symmetry in the patterns and details of the mandala tattoos make it a refreshing and creative art. Hence, this tattoo design is a common representation for the following:

  • Eternity
  • Balance
  • Perfection

What is not known to a lot of people, however, is that the mandala design is related to religion as well. This is the reason mandalas are often found as designs in churches and other religious places. Some of the most common instances that the mandala is associated with religion are as follows:

  • In Hinduism, a mandala art is used to design prayer and meditation rooms because the mandala is associated with “focus.”
  • Christian churches are designed with mandala incorporated in their stained glass windows.
  • The Buddhists refer to the mandala as a symbolism of balance in the body and the mind and their belief in eternity. Hence, mandalas are often found in their meditations and rituals.

Besides these, the mandala has also become a symbol of femininity. This is because mandalas look a lot like blooming flowers. Further, mandala tattoos represent the blossoming of life such as growth and even rebirth.

Unique design all the time

Despite the number of beautiful and mesmerizing mandala tattoo designs, what is great about mandala tattoos is that you can always create something that you can call your own. You can decide on the elements and patterns in your mandala art so you can create something that is unique and personal.

To do this, it is best to discuss with an experienced artist to help you design the mandala for you. For good artists, designing a mandala is as simple as going for symmetry.

Besides ensuring that your mandala is one of its kind, creating your own mandala design will help you come up with a design with a personal meaning. You can add symbols and other patterns that are essential to your life or that reflect your personality.mandala-tattoos-   

Beautiful mandala tattoo designs to choose from

Perhaps another beautiful thing about mandala tattoos is that you can get inspiration from a lot of things when thinking of the design. You can go from patterns such as tribal and floral, patterns and shapes such as circular, square and triangular and colors such as black and white, vivid colors or pastel colors.

If you are searching for inspiration for your next mandala tattoo, check out these beautiful designs:

  • Flower pattern

This is one of the most popular types of mandala tattoo where the pattern and the color reflect that of a flower. However, this can also be done in black and gray, and it would still look beautiful and captivating. Some would even go for accentuating the mandala tattoo with real petals or a blossom of a flower. This type of mandala tattoo reflects the blossoming of life.

  • Tribal pattern

Tribal mandala tattoos are designed with four protruding points like that of a compass. This pattern makes the mandala tattoo very intriguing and very unique. The four points in the tribal pattern makes this mandala tattoo very popular when speaking of its meaning. These points represent the four directions in life.

In tribal patterns, there usually is a knot that makes up the center. The knot represents eternity since it is drawn with no ends.

  • Leaf pattern

This is similar to the flower mandala tattoo only that this design is made up of leaves. When done in color, this mandala tattoo is usually colored like that of real leaves. Though the leaves can be combined with a lot of different patterns, what makes this stand out is the green leaves that are formed in symmetry with each other.

  • Rose window pattern

If you are familiar with the rose window in most Catholic churches, you may be in awe with the colorful windows. You can have a mandala tattoo inspired by these.

  • Triangle pattern

Though the mandala is known for its circular shape, triangle patterns can be used to make up a unique piece. The triangle patterns are usually combined with circular patterns. mandala-tattoos      

  • Star centerpiece

The centerpiece of the mandala tattoo follows a star shape. This gives the mandala a unique character and it also speaks of guidance and of God. 

  • Arrowhead pattern

The mandala is made with designs of arrowheads that give the mandala pointed edges but still maintain its circular shape.

  • Flower inside a flower

This one is a big tattoo design where a flower mandala is placed inside a real flower. This gives the design a cross between reality and abstract art. 

  • Colorful mandala

Though you can give the mandala any color you want, you can also play around with different colors to give your design a unique appeal. For instance, you can simply get the center patterns in bright red and green while the rest of the mandala are in black and gray. The contrast between the colors and patterns will definitely be amazing. Plus, the attention of the eyes will be sure to go to the center of the mandala all the time. 

  • Sleeve mandala

You can also use the mandala pattern to create a sleeve tattoo of the hands or even the arms and shoulders. You can choose from different patterns and even with different colors. Although you will not get the overall circular shape of the mandala, you can be certain that the patterns on the design will always be circular.

  • Intricate mandala

You will be surprised how great and amazing a mandala with very tiny details look. Though this design can be too time-consuming to ink on the skin, every minute spent under the middle is worth it because of its stunning end result. 

  • Outline mandala

Perhaps you have seen mandala with solid colors as these are the most common styles. However, you can get a unique design through inking an outline of a mandala. The simplicity and straightforwardness of this design makes it very cool and unique.      

  • Eye centerpiece

Getting an eye as the center of the mandala design is not only intriguing, but is also beautiful when it speaking of meaning. The eyes make the mandala mean “the search for truth or for knowledge” or a message that says “someone is always watching over you.” 

  • Heart mandala

You probably won’t agree but you can also get a mandala in the shape of a heart. Though this is something out of the box, the heart-shaped mandala is very unique. The heart is filled with symmetry of patterns similar to that of a regular circular mandala tattoo. 

  • Bright mandala

This is where you choose to get bright colors such as red and orange as your main color for the mandala design. This will make the tattoo pop anywhere you place it on your body. 

  • Neon mandala

This color option for your mandala tattoo will make your tattoo stand out even at night. 

  • Flower mandala with stems and leaves

Flower mandala designs may already be too common for you. Hence, you can add some accents to the mandala to make it more unique and personal. Add some stems and leaves as accents to the flower mandala tattoo.

  • Watercolor mandala

This is not actually a watercolor tattoo of a mandala. It is more of an intricate black mandala on top of a splash of ink accomplished in watercolor. The watercolor effect on the background makes the mandala tattoo stand out and even give life and uniqueness to the usual mandala tattoo. mandala-tattoos  

  • Finger mandala

Since the mandala is very intricate and very beautiful, these tattoos are usually done big. However, mandala tattoos can also be done in small patterns—even on the fingers. A great mandala design is a mirror image of half a mandala on two fingers so that when you place the fingers side by side, you get the whole picture of the circular mandala design. 

  • Multiple mandala tattoo

If you have plenty of skin to spare, you can have multiple flower mandala tattoos instead of the usual one mandala isolated on one portion of the skin. You can decorate your skin with two or more mandala tattoos to create a look like that of a bunch of flowers.

  • Red mandala

Inking the mandala with all its outline and patterns in red ink instead of black makes a very interesting design. 

  • White mandala

This is similar to the concept of the red mandala only that this is done in pure white ink. Here, the mandala will appear like a beautiful and charming scar on the skin. 

  • 3D mandala

You do not need too much thought to make the mandala appear like it has three dimensions. You can simply add multiple layers to the mandala design and it will look like it is done in 3D. 

  • Elephant mandala

You can decorate an elephant with the patterns of mandala to create a very stunning tattoo design. This makes your tattoo a representation of a lot of meanings including wisdom, power and strength of an elephant and the eternity and blossoming of life of the mandala.

  • Split mandala

This is best done on the arms where a whole mandala is drawn in two halves with a large middle gap. The first half is drawn on the inner arm just above the elbow while the other half is on the area just below the elbow. This design is very beautiful and at the same time very intriguing. mandala-tattoos

  • Lotus mandala

Here, the lotus flower is done with the circular patterns of a mandala. This makes a complementary message with the mandala since the lotus is a symbol of purity and of spiritual awakening. 

  • Dotwork mandala

Though this mandala design is not made purely with dots, the dotwork mandala is done with patterns and shapes that are finished off with dots. This creates character to the mandala and also a surprising feminine appeal. mandala-tattoos  

  • Universe mandala

This is more a playful mandala tattoo art where the focal point is an image of the universe. The black, blue, white and orange colors of the universe make this mandala tattoo very eye-catching. 

  • Yin yang mandala

Get a yin yang symbol as the centerpiece of the mandala tattoo. This very unique mandala tattoo design represents two opposite forces capable of creating a beautiful whole. 

  • Half mandala

This design works perfectly on the wrists, arms and ankles. You only get to ink half of the mandala and still get a beautiful tattoo. The half mandala is also best done in two different parts of the body—much like a mirror image—so that when you place the two parts side by side, you get a whole picture of a mandala.

The art of inking mandala tattoos

Since mandalas are very unique art pieces and their designs are very intricate, the secret towards a perfect mandala tattoo is a skilled tattoo artist. Therefore, always ensure that you have the best tattoo artist who can give justice to this very beautiful skin art.

The placement of the mandala tattoo on the body is also a crucial decision. Large mandalas are best done on the chest or the back as these are usual flat surfaces that will not distort the image. However, some areas of the body can also work as a good surface such as the arms, thighs, feet and legs. The shape of the surface of the body part you choose to place the mandala tattoo will give it a different kind of appeal.

Another consideration when it comes to placement is how you would want your mandala tattoo to appear. A tattoo on the back or the chest usually requires more details since the mandala tattoo will be seen on eye-level. Other body parts such as the arms and the thighs will require less detail since they will be seen on a bird’s eye-view level.

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