140+ Name Tattoos To Celebrate One’s Existence

Unless you seriously hate your name, you will never be going to like this idea. Name tattoos are the perfect way to celebrate your existence and mark your territory. Though getting a name tattoo is very common, this move does not lose its charm the same way as you do not get tired of hearing your name, especially from the voice of someone you love.

What is surprising is that name tattoos are not always simple. Name tattoos can go all the way to being super elegant, sexy and even majestic. The appeal of this type of tattoo, in the end, will always be popular no matter where you are in the world.

Considerations when getting a name tattoo

Getting a name tattoo requires careful planning. You do not want to end up having a tattoo that you will regret in the end. Hence, you have to be fully decided when inking a name on your skin. This is especially true if you are inking not your own name, but of someone special to you at the moment.

Take note that your emotions today may push you to ink the name of your partner right at the moment. However, make sure that you are fully committed not only to the name but also to the person. You don’t want seeing yourself regretting the name tattoo after a couple of years or so.

Also, you have to be fully decided on the elements that come with the name. If it is your own name that you are inking, you have to think about symbols to come with it. You do not want to end up seeing the name tattoo after a couple of years to be childish and to not reflect your personality.

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Designing your name tattoo

What is great about name tattoos is that you can freely design it depending on your personality as well as the message you are trying to convey. This section will help you build your name tattoo design:

  • Decide on the name to be inked

The most common type of name tattoo is inking one’s own name. When you are getting this kind of name tattoo, you have to decide on several things first. Do you ink your whole name, your nickname or just your initials? There is no right or wrong answer. Your choice will always depend on your personality.

Another type of name tattoo is inking the wearer’s special someone. This can be a wife or husband, a child, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a sister or brother and even a friend. As mentioned above, unless the name is of your child, sister or parents, you have to be very sure of getting their names tattooed on the skin. You have to fully commit on maintaining a relationship with them forever—far longer than the lifespan of the tattoo. Keep in mind not to listen to your emotions at the moment. Check out your commitment to the person you are inking on your skin.

The last type of name tattoo is that of a person who have passed away. This serves as a memorial and a tribute of love, respect and appreciation to the person.

  • Choose the best font type to ink the name

There are over a thousand font types you can choose from to write the name on your skin. However, deciding on which is best can be very overwhelming. The secret towards choosing the font type is not always going too much for the extravagance. Go for font types that are easy to read and most of all will age beautifully. Take note that there are some font types that look great while it is new, but the aging of the skin will make the name harder to read.

The type of font will also depend on whether you are looking for something feminine or masculine. Feminine name tattoos are usually on script lettering, especially shorter names.

  • Pick the right colors for the lettering

Name tattoos usually appear in black ink. However, you can be more creative and play around with colors to make the tattoo stand out. Good tattoo artists know how to use different colors to ensure that the name tattoo is easily read even when it ages.

  • Decide on the elements that come with the tattoo

Often, a name tattoo is simply just a name in your choice of font. This is a simple and straightforward design that fits a lot of personalities, men and women alike. However, this does not mean that you cannot be more creative with your name tattoo. You can add elements to further showcase your personality as well as the message you are portraying in the tattoo.

For instance, you can easily choose to add flowers, birds, feathers, butterflies and the like together with your name. The meaning of your name tattoo easily changes with adding just one element on the design. Adding a feather, for example, means that you are seeking for freedom and independence or you are a free-spirited person.

Name tattoos of a partner, on the other hand, can easily be designed with hearts, infinity symbols, roses and other elements associated with love, commitment and trust. A child’s name, on the other hand, can come with a toy, a tiny hand or footprint and other elements that will remind the wearer of the child.

For memorial tattoos, elements that can easily go with them are roses and other flowers, dates, clock and even birds.

  • Pick the proper placement of the name tattoo

Name tattoos are best placed on areas of the body that are visible. This includes the arm, wrist, legs and ankles. However, the most popular placement of name tattoos, especially the name of a loved one, is on the chest or somewhere near the heart. This gives the impression that the person is close to the heart of the wearer.

The placement of the name tattoo also varies depending on the size and the design. Simple and small name tattoos can easily be placed on the wrist, forearm, hand, ankle and foot. Bigger and more creative tattoos will go well on the arm, thigh, leg, chest, shoulder and back.

Now that you have taken the time to think about your name tattoo, you are ready to set an appointment with a tattoo artist to discuss the details of your name tattoo. Keep in mind to enlist the help of the tattoo artist to improve or make modifications on your initial design. Tattoo artists are experienced on these things and it is good that you listen to their suggestions to make sure that your name tattoo will be something that you can be proud of.

Unique name tattoo design ideas

To even inspire you more on getting a name tattoo, here are some of the most unique name tattoo designs you can choose from:

  • Heart name tattoo

In this design, instead of the usual way of horizontally writing a name, you do it in the shape of a heart. This works not only for just a single name but you can creatively make a heart shape out of two, three or even more names. This design gives the impression that the name is someone close to your heart or is someone that you truly love.

  • Family tree name tattoo

Are you a big family? Do you want to ink the name of everyone in your family? You can have a very creative family tree where the leaves and branches are made out of the names of all your family members. This family tree name tattoo works well on the arms, the chest, the back, the legs and even the thighs.

  • Name on feather tattoo

This tattoo design has more of a tribal inspiration. The name is written as if it is part of the design of a tribal feather tattoo. This can work as a medium-sized tattoo but can also work as a big tattoo design to span from one shoulder to the other.

  • Lipstick name tattoo

This design will only work best for names of women who love beauty or who are conscious about their beauty. You can have their names written in a beautiful font, which appears to be written using a powerful red lipstick. You can even level up this design by adding a tattoo of a lipstick at the end of the name.

  • Watercolor name tattoo

This is a very simple tattoo design where the name is written in simple script. Colors are added through a splash of several watercolors on the background. This makes the name really stand out.

  • Block letters name tattoo

This one is ideal for tattoos with the name of a child. Each letter of the name appears on a block of different colors—similar to the colorful toys of children. Elements such as teddy bears, flowers and stars can complete this design.

  • Name and footprint tattoo

If you want to ink the name of your children, you can go for a footprint element beside their names. The footprint can be the actual footprint of your children taken when they are a newborn.

  • Infinity name tattoo

This one’s perfect for those who want to showcase their love for each other. Couples can design an infinity symbol where their names are part of the lines that make up the symbol.

  • Butterfly ribbon name tattoo

The design is a very feminine symbol and is perfect for inking the name of your beautiful daughters. You can have a pink butterfly resting on a ribbon. The name is written on the space in the ribbon. If you have two daughters, you can have one pink butterfly ribbon and a blue butterfly ribbon. You can be more creative by checking the favorite colors of your children.

  • Crown name tattoo

If the person of the name you are inking is a king or queen in his or her own way, you can always go for a crown right above the name.

  • Finger name tattoo

This is a very small tattoo but with a great meaning, especially when done as a couple tattoo. The name can be inked like a ring surrounding the ring finger. This is a modern way of showing commitment to a person instead of wearing the traditional engagement or wedding ring.

  • Angel tattoo

You can add a pair of angel’s wings on the name of someone who have passed away. This will remind you that the person will always be your guardian angel from above. You can add the date of the person’s death and other elements such as a halo and rose to complete the design.

  • Traditional sleeve tattoo

Most men would love the idea of a traditional name tattoo in a very large arm sleeve design. This is usually a name tattoo that is dedicated to a special someone or in honor of someone who has passed away. The traditional concept of this design is a pink or red rose with other elements such as a clock, anchor and bird surrounded by a ribbon. The ribbon bears the name of the person. You can add a special date such as a birth date, an anniversary date or a date of death.

  • Handwriting tattoo

This is a very unique tattoo design, although very simple as well. You tattoo the name just like how you write it, no matter how good or bad your handwriting is. This makes the tattoo more personal. If what you are tattooing is not your name, you can ask the owner of the name to write down the name for you. A child’s handwriting is also a great idea for this kind of design.

  • Simple calligraphy name tattoo

This tattoo design is for the minimalist, who would want to highlight the name instead of adding a lot of embellishments. Simple calligraphy tattoos are straightforward designs that can work well on the wrist, hand, forearm, ankle and foot. This tattoo is best in black ink or better yet a white ink tattoo to make it appear like a cute scar on your skin.

So there you have it! If you are still having a hard time deciding on your name tattoo design, feel free to contact your favorite tattoo artist to discuss your ideas and come up with a unique name tattoo you can call your very own.

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