Rachelle Lefevre Bio Discussed: Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, & Career

Name Rachelle Lefevre
Birthday Feb. 1, 1979
Birthplace Montreal, Canada
Age 40-years-old
Career Actress
Net Worth $1.5 million
Schools Attended Centennial Academy, Dawson College, McGill University
Height 5’6
Weight 50 kg.

Rachelle Lefevre is an accomplished actress who appeared in many blockbuster films, TV shows, and other projects in the showbiz industry. She is also best known as Victoria, a vampire, in the hugely popular mystery drama film series, “Twilight.”

But that’s not all of her story as there is more to learn about this stunning and interestingly talented lady.

If you’re into knowing more about her, then feel free to continue reading. Everything to know about this actress can be found here, including her financial status, family, career, and many more.


Rachelle Lefevre was born on the first of February, 1979. Her birthplace is in Montreal, Canada. This makes her a Canadian citizen.

Meanwhile, her ethnicity is a mix of many nationalities. These are Irish, French, and American. Her parents’ names aren’t known, though. It’s because she wasn’t yet famous during her earlier years.

What is sure is that she had been fond of appearing and performing in plays when she was still a little girl. With this, it can be said that her parents supported her because they know that she has the potential to succeed in acting.

What was Rachelle’s work before her career break?

Rachelle Lefevre had gone through humble beginnings as she had a very low profile job back then. In fact, she was working as a waitress before she was chosen to be one of the main characters in the TV show, “Big Wolf on Campus.”

Where did Rachelle Lefevre go to school?

Not much is known about Rachelle’s childhood because she wasn’t yet on the spotlight. However, sources state that she spent her secondary education at the Centennial Academy.

She did well there as she studied and made good in her studies. She then graduated there are studied at the Dawson College.

It was where she honed her skills in acting and performing in front of audiences. Later, she then enrolled at the Walnut Hill School.

This is located in Natick, Massachusetts. It was where she studied theater and is also where she further honed and developed her acting skills even more. Furthermore, Rachelle also obtained a degree in writing from the McGill University.

Life as an Actress

Rachelle Lefevre’s acting debut happened in 1999. This was for the film, “Enormous Wolf on Campus.”

She had great acting there, which is why she starred in another TV movie, “The Legend of Sleppy Hollow.” This was one of the biggest accomplishments she had during that time.

After that, she then starred as Catherine for the 2000 film, “Fame.” This furthered her success in the industry because she showed her versatility when it comes to adapting to different roles and characters.

After that, she appeared as the character of Victoria Sutherland for the two “Dusk” movies. She was then chosen to star as one of the main characters in the film, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

This brought her immense fame due to her spectacular performance. Because of this, she was given the Teen Choice Award.

Furthermore, she also starred in other films such as “The River King,” “Hatley High,” “Dead Awake,” Enduring Man’s Charity,” and “Outlaw Pieces.

Rachelle’s appearance in the hit movie, “Prom Wars,” also solidified herself as one of the leading actresses in the industry.

After that, she also was featured in the TV show, “Off the Map.” Her role there was a specialist who had a mission somewhere in the forests of South America.

The offers just kept coming for her, which is why it didn’t take long for her to appear in another film, this time, “A Gifted Man.” Rachelle was also in “The Crossing,” as well as in the critically acclaimed, “Under the Dome.”

What are Rachelle Lefevre’s charities?

Rachelle isn’t just a talented actress and she isn’t just taking all the money for herself, but she’s also got a kind heart. In fact, she’s a full-fledged philanthropist. Some of her charities include “Susan G. Komen for the Cure,” “Best Friends Animal Society,” and “School on Wheels.”

How much is Rachelle Lefevre’s net worth?

Rachelle Lefevre is a successful actress as she has accomplished numerous feats in the showbiz industry. The way she approached her job is also good, which is why she’s got the means to further boost her career.

Well, she does just that, and thanks to her consistency in her job, she managed to rake in huge cash. Sources state that her net worth has already reached a massive $1.5 million. Her salary, on the other hand, isn’t known.

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Is Rachelle Lefevre dating?

Rachelle might have millions of fans around the globe, but details surrounding her love life isn’t very clear. It’s sure, though, that she dated a number of men before.

One of which is Jamie King, who became her boyfriend in 2009. Numerous reports even said that the couple are already engaged.

However, they never came to be and they didn’t end up together as they separated. After that, she then dated Chris Crary, a renowned chef. The two are said to start dating sometime around 2013.

What is Rachelle Lefevre’s height and weight?


Rachelle stands at a height of five feet and six inches. Meanwhile, her weight is somewhere around 50 kilograms. She’s got golden brown hair that’s curly. This goes perfectly well with her blue eyes.

How many followers does Rachelle Lefevre have in social media?

Rachelle Lefevre has around 250,000 Twitter followers and another 100,000 followers in Instagram. She doesn’t have an account on Facebook, though.

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