175 Rose Tattoos That Will Turn Any Woman’s Passion into Fashion

When thinking of tattoos, you can never go wrong with a rose. More than just being a stunning beauty, the rose holds a very powerful meaning—often related to passion.

What is even better about rose tattoos is that it gives love a lot of emotions, which makes it a flexible choice among a lot of people. Depending on the color and design of the rose tattoo, you can have a tattoo that means as deep as a passionate love or as emotional as an unattainable love.

Different meanings of rose tattoos

The color of the rose mainly affects the meaning of the flower. A red rose means a passionate love while a yellow one speaks of secret admiration. A purple rose means love at first sight while a blue rose represents an unattainable love. The black rose, which is becoming more common, is used as a memorial to a deceased special someone.

Other than the color, the type of bloom means different things as well. A fully bloomed rose represents maturity and achievement. A bud, on the other hand, reflects youthfulness. A wilted rose, however, means loss or defeat and may also mean an unrequited love.

If the rose tattoo is designed with a stem, the presence of thorns can give the tattoo another meaning. The thorns can remind the wearer that love comes with challenges and sacrifices. A rose without thorns, simply, is a symbol of love.

The rose tattoo can also be given a deeper expression of love when combined with other symbols. Popular symbols that you’ll see inked together with a rose are anchor, skull, clock, dagger, dove and swallow among others.

Take a rose paired with a clock for example. This combination means an endless love to a lot of people. However, it can mean other things to the wearer such as stopping time or remembering a very important moment with a special someone.rose-tattoos

All about love—rose tattoo designs for women

Rose tattoo designs may be very meaningful; however, this does not mean that your rose tattoo need to be boring. Here are some of the most interesting and fashionable rose tattoo designs you can go for:

  1. Small rose tattoo with a bud

This is a chic and very straight forward rose tattoo with a classic red rose bloom and a rose bud. A green stem connects the bloom and the bud with a bunch of leaves that accentuate the reds. Take note that this rose has no thorns. This can be a tiny tattoo design that can work best on the inner wrist. However, this tattoo can be done in a bigger size as well and will work best on the upper back, the hip, the forearm, the thighs and just about any other body part.rose-tattoos

  1. Large rose tattoo on the back

Any woman can sport four rose heads on one side of the back. Each rose head are sized and bloomed differently. The centerpiece, which is right behind the rib cage is the biggest and fullest bloom. The two are in half bloom while the other one is a bud. All these rose heads are connected with curved vines that give the tattoo a more chic and feminine appeal. This rose tattoo design is best done in grayscale but can also work great in full color.

  1. Red rosebud on the lower leg

The red rosebud is the centerpiece of a vine that starts from the ankle and goes six to 10 inches on the leg. 

  1. Rose with a rosary tattoo

A green rose is inked on the lower leg with the chain of a rosary sliding down towards the foot. The cross rests perfectly on the middle of the foot. The whole design is accentuated with curved lines to make it look chic. The rose can be done in any other color depending on the meaning the wearer is trying to portray. This tattoo design is a symbol of Christianity.

  1. Red roses with a timepiece tattoo

This tattoo design symbolizes an everlasting love. Here, the timepiece serves as the center of the tattoo. At least five red roses in full bloom surround the timepiece. The rest of the image is embellished with the timepiece’s chain and the roses’ leaves.rose-tattoos    

  1. Garden of roses tattoo

There are definitely a lot of roses going on here. However, the shading of the roses, the leaves and even the insects make this very relaxing and cool. The roses are spread on the hands, but there are also buds on the fingers. How amazing is that? 

  1. Rose with other flowers tattoo

A girl can always get a tattoo of a rose plus her other favorite flowers. Perfect flowers to match a red rose are the sunflower, orchids, poppies and daffodils. Play around with the colors of the flowers to give the overall rose tattoo design a vibrant and lively appeal. Girls prefer getting this kind of tattoo as quarter sleeves.

  1. Tiny rose tattoo

This design is best for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the rose without getting too big on the skin art. A very tiny long-stemmed rose looks great on body parts such as the wrist, hand, upper back, neck and even behind the ears. This can be done in black ink as well.

  1. Rose outline

This is another design for those seeking for simple tattoos. A small outline of a rose in any body part such as wrist, ankle and legs looks definitely beautiful. 

  1. Patterned rose tattoo

You may be tired of seeing a rose tattoo that is inked on solid color. This can be black, red or any other color. To give the rose tattoo a more unique look, the petals of a fully bloomed rose can be decorated with different patterns. This includes a combination of lines, dots and solid colors. This unique design works great for medium-sized tattoos.        

  1. Rose and anchor tattoo

Combining a rose and an anchor gives the tattoo a very powerful meaning of love. Since the anchor speaks of stability, the rose and anchor tattoo means a sure commitment to a loved one. There can be different ways to design this combination. However, one simple yet cool design is an anchor adorned with two red roses. This kind of design works great on the upper back. 

  1. Hand rose

Here, a single bloom of rose is drawn following the size of the top of the hand. A black and white tattoo creates a very cool effect. However, this can also be done in full color for a more feminine appeal.

  1. Red rose on the hip

Definitely, a red rose tattoo on the hip of a lady is very sexy and chic. This is a classic rose tattoo idea with a full bloom and a few leaves. The wearer has also the option to get matching classic rose tattoos on each side of the hip.

  1. Love is a beautiful thing rose tattoo

This one is best placed on the shoulder. An outline of two blooms is inked on the shoulders. The phrase “love is a beautiful thing” is written in calligraphy from the end of the outline going inwards to the neck area.

  1. ‘Enjoy the little things’ rose tattoo

This works similarly like the previous tattoo design, including its placement. However, this one is inked in full color. The rose is even dwelling to being pink rather than being too bright of a red. The two roses are accentuated with green leaves. The phrase “Enjoy the little things” is written towards the neck area.

  1. Rose and butterfly sleeve

The rose and the butterfly combination in a tattoo speaks of someone’s transformation because of love. This very beautiful meaning deserves to be flaunted, which makes this combination best to be designed as a half or full sleeve. The sleeve is made vibrant with different shades of rose blooms and a colorful butterfly. A diamond is also included to add a meaning to the whole design. The diamond, as you may know, is a symbol of a priceless treasure.

  1. Standout red roses and dark green leaves sleeve

Another sleeve design that works best for women is the use of black and gray leaves and vines. Two or three super red roses with dark green leaves are scattered on the area of the sleeve. The contrast in colors make the red roses stand out.

  1. Rose and butterfly garden tattoo

With the same meaning as the above design, this one is another colorful rose tattoo. A large fully bloomed red rose is inked on the back with three buds on the background. The leaves add color to the design, not to mention yet two equally alluring butterflies flying around. rose-tattoo-designs

  1. Rose inside a ring tattoo

For those seeking for uniqueness, this is a good design option. A large ring with intricate details holds a full bloom of a rose. This is done in black and white that gives this tattoo design the classy feel. The best placement for this design is right on the shoulders. 

  1. Semi-abstract rose

This is not your ordinary rose tattoo design. The rose is inked in modern semi-abstract style of pencil and watercolor ink that gives it its character.rose-tattoos       

  1. Rainbow rose tattoo

This is basically the same kind as the semi-abstract rose. The difference, however, is that every petal of the rose is colored almost differently. The combination of colors and the technique used in the shading make this rainbow rose really stand out. 

  1. Dark roses

More often than not, blue and other dark shades make the roses stand out on the skin. This is especially true for people with fair skin. Different blooms and sizes of roses can be colored with dark blue and maroon. The roses are scattered on the arm and connected with vines and leaves. The fact that this design allows some skin to show makes it grab more attention!

  1. A bunch of different styles of roses

To give more character and make your tattoo standout, getting a bunch of roses with different styles is a good move. One rose is done in watercolor, the other is in traditional colored ink while the remaining one is done in classic black and gray tattoo. Seeing one tattoo design with so many styles involved can be very mesmerizing.

  1. Galaxy rose tattoo

Indeed, this is a very unique tattoo design where the rose bloom is colored to look like the galaxy. 

  1. Tiger rose tattoo

This is a similar concept to the galaxy rose tattoo. The rose designed is fused with an image of a fierce tiger. 

  1. Mandala 3D rose tattoo

The familiar intricate details of a mandala serve as the background for this tattoo design. The rose is inked in 3D. This style makes the rose appear like it is a real rose that is attached to the skin. 

  1. Belt of roses

This is a very detailed design of a rose that is worked around the area of the waist ad the hips. For the ladies, sporting this tattoo will surely turn heads, especially when you are on the beach.rose-tattoos-

  1. Rose and dream catcher tattoo

Here, the rose serves as part of the dream catcher. It looks like only the feathers and the other accessories can be associated to the dream catcher in this design. This still looks very much of a dream catcher that promises good dreams to those who are dreaming in love.rose-tattoos

  1. Rose sculpture tattoo on the leg

This 3D design is definitely amazing as this really looks like a sculpture of a girl sporting a large rose hat. The color combination even adds to the drama of the design. rose-tattoos

  1. Geometrical rose tattoo

This is a very unique rose tattoo done in geometrical patterns. Even the idea that it only is an outline of black ink is amazing.

Whether you want a simple or an intricate rose tattoo, you must remember that you have to choose the appropriate rose for the meaning you intend to convey. Always be careful when choosing the design. It can be very tempting to get a rose design because it is visually appealing. However, the message of the design really matters all the time.

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