30 Trendy Snake Bite Piercing Designs and Jewelry To Complete Your Look

If you want to look cool and trendy this season, you may want to consider a snake bite piercing. The term itself is cool already, but wait ‘til you know what this is and what it looks like.

A snake bite piercing is done on the lower lip and is composed of two piercings. The two piercings are spaced evenly on each side of the lower lip resembling a snake bite. The snake bite piercing may also be placed on the cheeks, eyebrows or tongue; however, the lower lip is the most popular placement.

When a jewelry is installed on the piercings, the look of a snake fang is completed. And this is also where the hype and the statement starts.

Important facts about snake bite piercing 

Especially if snake bite piercing is new to you, it is important that you understand what the procedure is as well as what the whole process entails. Here are some of the most important facts about snake bite piercing that you must know:

  • Snake bite piercing procedure

Just like any other piercing procedure, the snake bite piercing involves inserting a hollow needle into the skin of your lips to the muscles. This procedure will be done twice to cover both sides of your lower lip. Though this may be a simple procedure, there are a lot of considerations to ensure that the procedure will be a safe one. The piercer must clean the area prior to the insertion of the needle to get rid of any  bacteria. More importantly, the piercer must use a sterilized needle for the procedure to avoid infections.

  • Level of pain

There is always pain that comes with inserting the needle into your skin and your muscles. However, the level of pain you will feel depends on your tolerance and sensitivity to pain. Still, snake bite piercing pain is manageable in most cases. There can also be bleeding and soreness associated with the piercing.

  • Duration of healing

Generally, a snake bite piercing takes two to four months for a complete healing. The duration of the healing usually depends on how you take care of the piercing after the session. This includes washing your mouth every after eating and cleaning the jewelry regularly. 

Beautiful snake bite piercing jewelry options

All snake bite piercings look the same; however, the overall look and appeal of the piercing will greatly depend on the jewelry you choose. There are various kinds of jewelry options that vary in color, type and material. Take a look at these beautiful jewelry options:

  • Silver steel ball stud

This is the most common jewelry choice for snake bite piercing. It looks very classic, trendy and simple, which is closer to how a real snake bite looks like.

  • Gold ball stud

This gives the same effect as the previous one only that this one looks more elegant. However, whether this is better or not than the silver depends on the personality of the wearer.

  • Black ball stud

The black in this stud makes all the difference in the overall look of the piercing. The black stud makes the wearer look more fierce and gives an aura of more drama.

  • Black lip ring

Using a lip ring instead of studs make the snake bite piercing look more like snake fangs. The black lip ring gives a more gothic aura to the wearer.

  • Captive bead ring

This jewelry gives the same look as that of the black lip ring. However, it has an added flair brought about by the beads in the jewelry.

  • Seamless ring hoop

This elegant jewelry comes in various colors such as black, silver and gold.

  • Circular barbells

This jewelry has balls on both ends, which create a bolder statement. This comes in silver, gold, black and even rainbow colors.

  • Spiral barbells

The spiral barbell usually have balls on each end but the tip of the ball comes with a flat gem. The gem varies in color ranging from black to red.

  • Spiked stud

The cone-shaped spike jewelry gives a more badass look to the wearer. The spike can be silver, black or any color. However, the black spiked stud is the most popular.

  • Colored balls

To create a different kind of statement, the wearer can opt to go for colored balls. The colors include blue, red, yellow, green and so much more. The choice usually depends on what the wearer is trying to say with his or her piercing.

  • Flat disc stud

This is another classic jewelry for snake-bite piercing that comes in various colors. The disc can be in black, gold, silver or red, blue and green.

  • Bar labret

This jewelry is gaining popularity as well because of its simple and trendy look. The bar labret comes in different colors such as black, gold, silver and rose gold. The bar also comes in different sizes.

  • Gem-embedded labret stud

For a different kind of elegance and class, there are also studs embedded with different kinds of gems. The wearer can choose depending on the type, color and size of gem in the labret stud. There are stones such as cubic zirconia (CZ stones) and opal.  

  • Pretty bow labret

For those wanting a more feminine snake bite piercing, there is a pretty bow labret stud in silver or gold. The bow gives a feminine aura, which is quite contradictory to the general badass aura being sported by the snake bite piercing.

  • Heart-shaped stud

There are also heart-shaped gems that work perfectly for the same elegant and elegant appeal.

  • Star-shaped stud

The beautiful star jewelry is by far an elegant piece. The gold ones are stunning but so are the silver and black star labrets.

  • Shaped studs

The heart and star-shaped studs are already mentioned here but there are also other shapes that make a classic snake bite piercing jewelry. This includes square and triangle-shaped studs.

  • Black and red labret stud

This is a beautiful jewelry  made of anodized black steel with a ruby red gem. This jewelry gives a sense of elegance and mystery at the same time.

  • Flower labret stud

There are also small labrets that come with flower designs for a feminine look. The flowers can be a small daisy, a gemmed flower or a beaded flower. There are also different kinds of flowers such as rose, lotus and hibiscus. There is even a unique fleur de lis stud.

  • Unique labret designs

For those wanting to stand out from the rest, there are a lot of available jewelry options that are unique and do not fall on the classic pieces category. The choice of design will greatly depend on the personality of the wearer. For instance, Harry Potter fans can get the deathly hallows labret in silver, gold or black.

Those who love dogs, on the other hand, can get paw print jewelry for their snake bite piercing. There are a variety of other options including fan, moon, ohm symbol, sun, turtle and so much more.

Threaded versus threadless snake-bite piercing jewelry

When talking about piercing jewelry, you will most likely hear of threaded and threadless labrets. They are different in a lot of ways and may work for your advantage or disadvantage depending on your experience with labret jewelry. To help you understand these better, check out the following descriptions:

  • Threaded jewelry

A threaded jewelry uses tiny screw threads to close or fit together two parts of the jewelry. One part of the jewelry has screw ridges on the thread, which is the male end. The other part is a female end, which has a hole that receives the screw thread from the male end.

There are two types of threaded jewelry when speaking of lip studs. There is an externally threaded and an internally threaded jewelry. The externally threaded jewelry means that the female end is the outer part of the jewelry. This makes securing and removing the jewelry harder as the screw requires  access from the inside of the lip.

The internally threaded jewelry, on the other hand, is the opposite. This means that the outer part of the jewelry is the male end. This makes securing and removing the jewelry easier and more comfortable. 

Because of the comfort and ease associated with using internally threaded jewelry, it follows that internally threaded jewelry are more expensive than the externally threaded ones. However, some people who are used to having a snake bite piercing opt for externally-threaded jewelry because of their price. Also, externally-threaded jewelry are not much of a discomfort once the piercing has completely healed.

  • Threadless jewelry

The threadless jewelry, on the other hand, does not use screw-like features to connect the two parts of the jewelry. Securing the two parts (called the top and the shaft) involves simply slightly bending the top part to tighten the fit. What makes this a popular choice of jewelry is its ease of use, comfort and good fit. Though these are more expensive than the threaded counterparts, the threadless jewelry gives a lot of flexibility to the wearer. The top part can be changed with different types of designs without actually having to remove all its parts.

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Guide in choosing jewelry for your snake bite piercing

If you will search the Internet, there is a wide array of jewelry options available to complete your snake bite piercing look. However, you have to be careful in choosing the right jewelry to ensure that you get the best piercing experience as well as the best snake bite piercing look. Here are some things you have to keep in mind:

  • Quality and material

Keep in mind that not all jewelry available is perfect for your snake bite piercing. You have to take into consideration the quality and the material of the jewelry to guarantee a safe piercing. The medical grade stainless steel is the most recommended material for snake-bite piercing jewelry as it is considered the safest. It also prevents infection and is also very adaptable to the human body.

Other safe options of jewelry materials include implant grade titanium, platinum, nickel-free yellow or white gold. In terms of quality, the jewelry must have a fine polishing and ultra smooth finish. Take note that scratches and poor finishing on the jewelry may result to infection, delayed healing as well as building up of scar tissue.

  • Cost

Do not simply get a cheap jewelry for your snake bite piercing. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Go for high quality materials even if they mean a more expensive price tag.

Other than the material and the quality of the jewelry, the gems and the designs can also determine costs. Getting a jewelry with authentic gems will obviously mean a more expensive purchase for you.

On average, the cost of getting a snake bite piercing ranges from $80 to $120, which includes the rate of the jewelry and piercing. The price may go higher depending on the cost of the jewelry of your choice.                                                                                                                                      

  • Size

Snake bite piercing jewelry comes in different sizes in terms of thickness and length. The thickness options come in 18 gauge, 16 gauge and 14 gauge where the higher the number, the thinner the jewelry is. There are also length options of ⅜ inches and 7/16 inches. 

The piercer will generally guide you into choosing the right size of jewelry for you. In most cases, while the piercing is healing, the piercer will recommend bigger jewelry to account for the swelling. Once the piercing heals, you can shift into smaller jewelry.

Besides the quality, cost and size of the jewelry, it is also important to take into consideration the color and design of the jewelry for your snake bite piercing. There are a lot of colors and designs available for snake bite piercing jewelry, and you may be easily overwhelmed with them. The choice will basically depend on your personality as well as the aura you are trying to show off. 

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