133 Elegant Spine Tattoos For The Sexy and Beautiful Ladies

There always is a charm hidden behind an elegant piece of tattoo on the spine. Despite being invisible most of the time, getting a spine tattoo is becoming a popular trend these days. This is mainly because you can have something that is beautiful, elegant, cool and at the same time, bold.

These days, men and women alike go for spine tattoos. Though they both appear amazing on both sexes, spine tattoos appear more elegant and beautiful in women. This is without mentioning yet that a woman with a spine tattoo can always be labelled as cool and fearless.

Why go for spine tattoos?

Undeniably, the spine tattoos make a woman look sexy and beautiful. Especially when paired with the right clothes, they can spark curiosity and attention from the people. Hence, spine tattoos are flaunted to get the attention every woman wants.

However, besides this obvious advantage of spine tattoos, these masterpieces can also be meaningful. The spine area is literally the backbone area. Hence, a tattoo on this part of the body means that you are bold enough to stand tall no matter what the situation is. It pictures the wearer as a strong person who will never break down or lose hope.



Elegant spine tattoo choices for women

What is amazing about spine tattoos for women is that they can be really small and simple or something that is really intricate. The choice of design and the gravity of the details will greatly depend on the personality of the wearer.

To help you choose the perfect piece for you, here are some of the most beautiful spine tattoos popular among ladies all over the world:

  • Lettering spine tattoo

Do you have a favorite lyric of a song? Or, maybe you have a poetry or simply inspirational phrases that you want to show off? You can creatively ink them as spine tattoo. The result is definitely magical, poetic and also inspiring.

If you want something that will spark more interest, you can consider going for Latin phrases or other languages such as Mandarin, Arabic or Hebrew. Moreover, you can ink your own poems or lines to make the tattoo more personal and unique.

  • Mandala spine tattoo

Commonly, mandala tattoos are singular circles with intricate patterns on the skin. A mandala tattoo can also work as a spine tattoo. You can have a big mandala circle at the center of your back and have delicate strings connect smaller ornaments throughout the length of the spine.


  • Feather spine tattoo

The feather is a very popular tattoo symbol as it speaks of freedom and escape. You can choose a small feather from the upper portion of your spine towards your neck. Or, you can have a bold feather on the span of your spine. You can also choose from a bold black feather spine tattoo or a creative and colorful feather tattoo.

  • Flower and leaves spine tattoo

This is a very girly design that you can do in black and white or in full color. You can ink a string or a vine of flowers and leaves all throughout the spine to create a very beautiful tattoo art.

  • Arrow spine tattoo

The shape of an arrow is definitely perfect on the spine. You can have a thin and simple arrow tattoo. But, you can also consider adding accents to the arrow. This includes adding mandala, diamonds and hearts on the arrow. You may also go for an arrow that is pointing up to share the message of always looking up no matter the situation.

  • Cross spine tattoo

This may be a simple tattoo design, but a cross tattoo on the spine will show off one’s faith and religion.

  • Lotus flower tattoo

You can ink five or more lotus flowers along the center of your back for a very elegant masterpiece. All the lotus flowers are done in mandala shapes and in bird’s eye view angle.

  • Long-stemmed rose tattoo

Indeed, a single-stemmed rose tattoo is very elegant without a doubt. You can have a small long-stemmed rose on the back or a bolder stem with leaves and the flower blooms right on the neck. You can have this in elegant black design or in a beautiful red rose masterpiece.

  • Pink cherry blossom tattoo

A branch of cherry blossoms on the spine is also a very feminine tattoo design you can consider.

  • Pine tree tattoo

You can also go for a long pine tree or other trees on the back. You can choose to have it on the upper portion of the spine or start it on the lower back.

  • Roman numerals spine tattoo

Do you have an important date to remember? You can always convert your birth date, wedding date and other special dates into Roman numerals and ink them vertically on the back.


  • Dotwork tattoo

Depending on how much of your back you are willing to commit for the spine tattoo, you can personalize the design with a black dotwork tattoo. You can combine bold circles and small dots to create a pattern that is unique and sexy for you.

  • Fern spine tattoo

A string of leaves is definitely a good choice for spine tattoos. However, fern leaves really fit the center of your back. You can have the fern in black and white or in a realistic brown and green color.

  • Ornamental spine tattoo

Remember the intricate pieces on jewelry, laces and other ancient structures? You can have these intricate artworks on your back, too! They sure will look stunning all the time.

  • Butterfly spine tattoo

You can have various butterflies spread on your back for a very beautiful tattoo art. You can choose stagnant, flying or even three-dimensional butterflies for this masterpiece.

  • Bird spine tattoos

You can also consider a silhouette of a flock of flying birds along your spine. The birds symbolize freedom as well as escape from a dark past.

  • Dandelion spine tattoo

The beautiful dandelion is also a great choice for spine tattoos. You can consider a dandelion being blown by the wind with its seeds scattering across the back. Others will go about adding silhouettes of birds with the scattering seeds for a more meaningful tattoo design.


  • Name spine tattoos

If you are more of a sentimental type of woman, you can list down the names of important persons in your life on your spine. This can be family members such as children, parents and grandparents. Or, these can be names of your favorite friends.

  • White ink spine tattoo

This is a very elegant tattoo style that will definitely look chic and sexy on any woman. You can convert your usual black ink tattoos such as arrow, flower, feather and mandala tattoos into white ink masterpieces.


Beautiful spine tattoos for more adventurous women

Some women may not want to go for the chic and sassy spine tattoo designs. They might want something that is bold and more adventurous but will still make them appear sexy and beautiful.

If you are this type of woman, here are some perfect spine tattoo ideas for you:

  • Planet tattoo

If you love astronomy, a spine tattoo of the planets will be a good choice. You can line up the planets based on their distance from the sun. This tattoo is beautiful when done in full color, especially when the details including the size and texture of each planet is taken into consideration.

  • Phases of the moon tattoo

This is also ideal for women who love celestial bodies. However, this tattoo concept carries an important meaning. The phases of the moon tattoo depicts change as something very natural. It also reminds people of the ‘light’ in the night sky.

  • Human backbone spine tattoo

This is not often chosen by women; however, this tattoo design reflects a fierce and bold personality. Here, the human backbone is perfectly inked on the skin. Some would go for a full backbone tattoo while others get only half or a 3D effect.


  • Paw print spine tattoo

If you are a pet lover, you can have paw prints of your favorite animal on your back.

  • Tribal spine tattoo

A symmetrical tribal pattern also looks cool when inked as a spine tattoo.Besides tribal patterns, you can also consider ancient writings such as hieroglyphs for your spine tattoo.

  • Symbols and shapes tattoo

Think about the symbols and shapes that bring meaning to your life. This can be a Chinese character, a symbol such as semicolon or ampersand or a shape such as circle and triangle. You can arrange all these small symbols on your back and these will create a very unique tattoo design.

  • Book stack spine tattoo

If you are a bookworm, you may also consider a stack of great books on the spine.

  • Koi fish tattoo

The spine is also a great placement for a koi fish that is swimming upwards or upstream. You can create more elegance through a red and black contrast.

  • Magic wand tattoo

If you are a fan of Harry Potter books and movies or you are simply amazed by magic, you can consider a magic wand spine tattoo. Get a small hand holding a wand with stars circling around the end of the wand.

  • Paintbrush tattoo

This is a similar concept to the wand tattoo only that this is for those who love art. You can ink a black and white paint brush with its tip full of your choice of favorite colors.

  • Long line tattoo

This may be the simplest spine tattoo design, but this definitely brings out a unique feel. You can have a simple thin black line on the spine or a bold and thick line. No matter what your choice is, this tattoo design is beautiful and cool.

  • Musical sheet tattoo

You can also create a musical sheet on the spinal area and show off your love for music. If you want less lines, you can consider spreading musical notes and smbols along the spine area.

  • Elephant spine tattoo

The long trunk of the elephant makes it a perfect animal for a spine tattoo. You can tattoo the head of the elephant just below your nape. The trunk will run beautifully on your spinal area, at least down to the mid level.

  • Peter Pan spine tattoo

If you are a fan of Peter fan or you simply want something to remember your childhood by, you can tattoo a silhouette of Peter Pan, Wendy and the other fairies in Neverland on your back.


Are spine tattoos painful?

After you have seen these amazing spine tattoos, aren’t they irresistible? Maybe what is only keeping you off at this point is your question of whether or not this will be a painful experience.

Well, we will be honest with you. Spine tattoos can be really painful. In fact, they are categorized under extremely painful.This is because the spine area has less fats and the needle can easily go through the bone and the nerves.

However, every one’s tolerance to pain varies. You may assess yourself first prior to getting a spine tattoo. Also, more often than not, the secret towards having a less painful experience is working with a reputable and experienced tattoo artist. Further, you have to carefully select what tattoo design to get. Remember, bigger, more intricate patterns such as those with a lot of shadings can be seriously painful.

Placement of spine tattoos

Now that you are decided on getting a spine tattoo, it is time to decide on the exact placement of your chosen design. Take note, however, that not all designs will work on all placement options.

Your first option here is a full spine tattoo. This means that you generally start from the nape all the way down to your spine. Tattoo designs that fit this placement are big and bold patterns. However, take note that these designs require more time to be inked on the skin. Hence, it follows that these may be more painful.


If you do not want full spine coverage, you can consider smaller areas of the spine. You can start from the middle of your back upwards or downwards. Smaller spine tattoos, on the other hand, can work starting from the upper back to the nape area.

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