140+ Small Star Tattoos With Big Meanings

Are you fond of the stars in the night sky? Well, you do not have to look far away all the time. You can bring them a lot closer to you on your next skin art. Yes, star tattoos are basically great tattoo choices, especially when you know the stories behind these little things.

Star tattoos are not simply beautiful and cute tattoo pieces. They are also among the most meaningful symbols anyone can ink on the skin. Read on and find out everything you need to know about star tattoos.

The beauty behind star tattoos

Stars may be small, but they are really never small in meaning. Here are some of the most popular meanings associated with star tattoos:

  • Hope

At some point, we may have looked up at the stars and made a wish. People even look for shooting stars to whisper their hopes and dreams. With this, a star tattoo is associated with one’s hope and dreams. It can also be a reminder that there is hope if one wishes upon a star.

  • Ambition and high goals

The star is so high in the sky that it definitely is unreachable. Hence, it is associated with high aspirations and ambitions. But no matter how high the stars are, ambitions as high as them can still be reached if people are determined to achieve them.

  • Guide and direction

Fishermen and sailors have used the stars to guide them home for as long as we can imagine. The positions of the stars in the sky can help people find their way during the night. This makes the stars a symbol of direction, guidance and finding ways.

  • Success and accomplishment

People have always used a star symbol to mark something that they have successfully accomplished. In fact, children are given stars in school if they perform well during examinations and other school activities. Star tattoos can mean the same thing. They can be associated with a successful moment in one’s life. It can also serve as a reminder to someone to always do everything perfectly so as to deserve a star.

  • A shining point in life

Star tattoos can also serve as a reminder to a bright or shining point in your life. This can be anything from a birth of a child, a graduation, an award received, a success in the business and so much more. Just like how the star shines at night, the stars can also represent a good point in life amidst the darkness and the negativity the wearer is going through.

Other meanings associated with star tattoos are as follows:

  • Uniqueness and individuality
  • Stardom
  • Religious faith
  • Transformation
  • A challenge to conquer

Different types of star tattoos and their meanings

You may have already checked on different star tattoos and wonder which one to pick. Well, there are certainly different kinds of stars and surprisingly, they all have different meanings.

So to help you decide which star tattoo to get, here are some of the most common types and the meanings associated to each of them:

  • Shooting star

Well, a lot of people will tell you that shooting stars are not really stars. Yes, it is true, but we are still including them on the list. Shooting stars are often depicted by a comet with a flaming tail. However, you can also consider a comet that is trailed with multiple stars on its tail.

The shooting star depicts a special moment in life, mainly one that has left a lasting impression on one’s life. This can be a romance, special event or anything else that has greatly impacted one’s life. Shooting star tattoos also means  dreams, wishes and hopes.

  • Nautical star

The nautical star, or the North Star, is used by sailors in navigation. It was used to help guide sailors on their way home through the night and ensure their safe journey home.

These days, nautical stars are associated with a lot more beautiful meanings. This include protection, good luck and creating one’s own path in life.

  • Three-star tattoo

Tattooing three stars has its beautiful meaning as well. When they are aligned in sequence and come in different sizes, this star tattoo represents one’s journey. Actors and singers often get a three star tattoo with one star bigger than the last to mark their journey from being a small star to a big star.

  • Multiple stars

A string of stars on the skin definitely looks pretty. They are also very meaningful as multiple stars mean different accomplishments in one’s life. Some people will even add more stars in the string throughout his or her lifetime to mark an accomplishment in life.

  • Five-pointed star

The five-pointed star or the pentagram, when facing upwards, means balance and protection.The five points of the star represents water, fire, earth, air and the Spirit. It has also been a symbol of Christianity. However, the downward facing pentagram is seen as a sign of the devil.

  • Star of David

The Star of David, or the hexagram, has six points. It is a symbol of Judaism and represents the Divine interaction with the humans. It has also been referred to as the Creator’s Star, which represent the days of the week and its center as the day of the Sabbath.

  • Seven-pointed star

In Christianity, the septagram is a symbol of the seven days of creation. It also symbolizes integration, mystique, the seven planets and the seven-fold systems of the Hindus.

  • Eight-pointed star

The octagram is a symbol of regeneration and fullness.

  • Nine-pointed star

The nonogram symbolizes stability and achievement.

Noting each meaning of different types of stars, you can build a design that will bring out the best meaning based on your personality and experiences.

Colors of star tattoos and their corresponding meanings

Do you know that the color you choose for your star tattoo can carry a different meaning? Well, your usual black tattoo goes for a simple, elegant and modest skin art. But what about the other colors? Check out these common colors of star tattoos and their meanings:

  • Gold star

A gold star tattoo is a symbol for success.

  • Pink star

A pink star is commonly used by people who have combated breast cancer. This can also mean one’s support to a person’s battle with the illness.

  • Purple star

A purple star tattoo is a representation of one’s finding balance in life.

  • Red star

This color represents intense passion. Hence, the wearer of a red star tattoo is passionate to achieve his or her goals.

  • Green star

This is the best star color for those looking for luck in their journey towards a certain goal.

  • Blue star

Getting a blue star tattoo is a symbolism for finding peace. It is also best for someone who wants to be guided towards achieving peace.

  • Rainbow star

This color represents gay pride.

Ideal placement options for star tattoos

Star tattoos can work greatly in any part of the body. Wherever you ink them, they will definitely be small yet elegant pieces you can be proud of. However, do you know that the body placement of star tattoos can also mean something?

Yes, you read it just right. Read on and see which body part you can best ink your star tattoo.

For men

  • Upper arm: This symbolizes one’s endurance, boldness and strength.
  • Forearm: This represents hard work and strength as well.
  • Back shoulders: This placement is symbolic of one’s desire to soar above a challenge.
  • Wrist. This represents a special achievement.
  • Finger: Just like the meaning of wedding rings, a tattoo on the finger speaks of one’s commitment and loyalty.
  • Elbow: This has a very negative connotation as elbow tattoos are popular among prisoners and gang members.

For women

  • Lower back: This is a symbolism of sexuality. It can also mean putting the past behind.
  • Hips: Star tattoos on the hip mean the person is seductive, sensual and secretive.
  • Shoulder: This means that the star tattoo represents something that is prominent and important.
  • Wrist and finger: Same meaning as that for men
  • Clavicle: This placement is for a strong statement. It also means that the person is not afraid of speaking her mind out.
  • Chest: This placement is a symbol of love and affection.
  • Neck: A star tattoo on the neck means that you are a risk taker and you always make bold choices.
  • Behind the ear: This placement means that the person is following her own path. It can also mean listening to one’s self.
  • Ankle: A tattoo on the ankle means someone is demure but with a wild streak.
  • Foot: This placement is a reminder that the wearer should follow the path that takes her home or a path to an important destination.

Small yet meaningful star tattoos

Star tattoos may be simple, but they are definitely beautiful and elegant masterpieces. Here are some of the most popular designs you can consider for your next star tattoo:

  • Outline star tattoo

This is perhaps one of the simplest designs you can go for in a star tattoo. You can have a very small outline of a star tattoo on the wrist, the finger, the hand, the ankle and other parts of the body. You can also consider a one-star tattoo or a string of multiple stars in outline.

  • Solid star tattoo

This one is a bold yet still elegant design. You can have a star or multiple stars in solid black ink. Or, you can consider having an outline star and filling it up with solid colors of your choice.

  • Musical notes in star shape tattoo

You do not see this design often, but this is a very beautiful star tattoo design for the music lovers. Here, the musical notes form the shape of a star.

  • Mandala star tattoo

To give more texture to your star tattoo, you can decorate the shape with mandala patterns. This can be in black and white or in colorful pieces.

  • Landscape star tattoo

The concept is almost similar to the mandala star tattoo only that the space comes with designs of  beautiful landscapes. This can be the beach, the mountains or even the outer space representing the dreams of the wearer.

  • Speck of stars tattoo

Nothing would be as shiny as a speck of differently-shaped stars on any part of the body. This can be on the wrist, the forearm and even on the back. Others would even go for different colors of stars for a more lively and more meaningful tattoo art.

  • Animal print star tattoos

Those who love animals will likely go for small yet colorful star tattoos with animal prints. The textures can be the fur of a leopard or a zebra. Automatically, the star tattoo shows off your love for animals.

  • Angel-winged star tattoo

This star tattoo is a five-pointed star that is painted with an angel’s wings behind it.

  • Swirl star tattoos

This design is more popular among women as it is composed of four or more stars connected by feminine and creative swirls. This can be in black ink or in a variety of colors as well.

  • Star and moon tattoo

Combining the star and the moon is also popular as the moon adds up to the meaning of the star tattoo. Both symbols represent being a light and hope amidst the dark sky. Besides the moon, the star can also come with the sun and the planets, especially if the wearer loves astronomy.

  • Star and clouds tattoo

Tattooing a star and a cloud means that there is always light (star) amidst the gloomy points in one’s life (clouds).

  • Star and flower tattoo

You can also choose to pair the star with a flower to represent your personal growth. Men and women alike can have a tattoo sleeve with a bouquet of flowers and a speck of stars.

  • Star and butterfly tattoo

Combining the star and a butterfly in a tattoo speaks of turning one’s self around towards a very important achievement.

  • Star and skull tattoo

Star and skull tattoos make up a symbol for those who have accepted death and does not fear death.

  • Starfish tattoo

Those who do not want to get the usual stars can go for a starfish tattoo. This tattoo art can also speak of one’s love for the beach and the marine life.

Besides these popular designs, there are also a lot of star tattoos you can choose from. There are tattoo designs that will bring out your beliefs and faith such as Celtic and tribal stars. In the end, no matter what your choice of design is, the important thing is that your star tattoo speaks of your character and your dreams.

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