Stephen Sharer Life Discussed: Net Worth, Career, Age, Family, and More

Name Stephen Sharer
Birthday Mar. 1, 1998
Birthplace Washington, D.C.
Age 21-years-old
Career Social Media Star
Net Worth $7 million
Civil Status Single
Girlfriend Renate Erickson
Schools Attended New York University

We are now living in the age of computers with the internet connecting all of us wherever, whenever. However, there are a lot of people who fail to see the importance and value that technology has on us. Well, in fact, it had brought immense fame and success to many people.

That includes Stephen Sharer, a famous and successful social media sensation from the United States.

He has millions of followers from around the globe, who are more than willing to see his regular life updates and interesting content posted on his different social media accounts.

His claim to fame is because he shares crazy stunts as well as videos of his vacations. DIY tutorials and entertaining videos are also some of his content posted on YouTube.

If you are looking to know more about him, then it’s best that you dig deeper into his life by knowing his financial situation, family background, career, and many more details related to his life. Fortunately, we’ve got all of those here.

Bio and Childhood

Stephen Sharer was born on Mar. 1, 1998. Her birthplace is in Washington, D.C. He might have been born in Washington, but he didn’t grow up there. Instead, he spent most of his childhood days in New York.

It’s also where he gained a lot of friends and learned all there is to know about life. Stephen is of caucasian ethnicity because of his fair skin and features.

Meanwhile, his nationality is American. It’s also worth noting that his YouTube career started in Feb. 2006, which is also the time when the video-sharing platform gained prominence in the internet and social media.

Where did Stephen Sharer study?


Since Stephen was a child, he had always been creative. His creativity is one of the things that makes him outstanding and brilliant in school.

He even did different kinds of experiments such as gardening and doing stuff at the backyard. Furthermore, he also was active in his school’s programs, activities, and festivals. He is indeed the kind of student who is adventurous.

The school he studied during his childhood days aren’t known, but it has been confirmed that he did study at New York University. It was also where he finished a degree in digital marketing and economics.

Is Stephen Sharer dating someone?

Stephen sure has a lot of fans from different corners of the globe, and most of them are women. Well, his looks, charming appeal, and stunning attitude make him one of the hottest social media heartthrobs there is.

He even got loads of fans who always ask things about his personal life, such as his day-to-day life and off-screen activities. No doubt he’s got loads of good vibes and happy personality that can get the attention of ladies. But the question of if he has a special someone still lurks behind the stories.

According to sources, the YouTube star dated Renate Erickson. The two were confirmed to be dating when he posted many photos of him along with her in different places. These photos were posted in his Instagram account.

They were even seen together in the Washington Square Park last 2017. However, things didn’t go as planned for the two as they separated later on. The reason behind their breakup isn’t known.

But it must be because of some misunderstandings, knowing that they still aren’t mature enough to handle serious relationships.

As of now, Stephen is confirmed to be single. There are also no reports of him dating someone. Maybe he is, but he might just rather keep it to himself and his close family and friends.

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Who are Stephen Sharer’s family?

Stephen was born to professional parents. His dad was a successful lawyer, while her mom was into arts as she worked as a painter. This shows that Stephen got his creativity skills from his mother.

Take note that his mom used oil to paint different things on canvas. However, his parents’ names are not known because they choose to stay out of the media’s attention.

What’s sure, though, is that he received the needed physical, emotional, and financial assistance from his parents because they both have a regular job.

This is also one of the reasons why he, along with his siblings, became successful social media stars because of their parents’ support.

Who are Stephen Sharer’s siblings?

Stephen Sharer is one of the four children in the family. His brother’s name is Carter Sharer, while the names of his two other sisters are Grace Sharer and Lizzy Sharer.

His brother is just like himself as he is also an established and famous star in YouTube. He has also collaborated with Stephen numerous times. Take note, though, that Carter is older than Stephan by four years.

Even his sister, Lizzy Shareer, shares the same career as them as she’s also a YouTube sensation. Stephen is four years of Lizzy’s junior.

Furthermore, it can be concluded that all siblings share the same passion, which is vlogging and becoming social media stars. They are also all creative and have good communication skills, traits which they surely got from their lawyer dad and painter mom.

They sure have a long way to go in their respective careers as well.

How much is Stephen Sharer’s net worth?


Stephen Sharer has been on YouTube for many years now. He started his channel way back in 2006. He then turned it from a hobby into his own career as it generated money that’s more than what he expected.

And just last Feb 2019, Stephen celebrated a milestone for reaching six million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He then posted a photo of himself and Grace Sharer sharing a goofy face on Instagram. His most successful video was called, “Share the Love,” as it has more than 19 million views.

Aside from being a YouTube star, he also has his own clothing line which he calls the “Epic Clothing Line.” He sells it online, together with his other accessories products.

Aside from his hugely successful YouTube account, he also gained massive followings from his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Sources state that he has a net worth of $7 million. But could potentially be higher.

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