140+ Sexy Stomach Tattoos You Can Flaunt this Summer

Are you ready for the summer season? Well, might as well start getting your body ready for the season. And if you want something that will definitely make you attract more attention, you don’t have to go far. You can get stunning stomach tattoos that will instantly make you look hot and sexy.

Tattoos on the stomach can range from small and simple patterns to big and intricate artworks. These, believe it or not, can work wonders with your image as well as reveal your personality as the wearer.

Important facts you need to know about stomach tattoos

Stomach tattoos are undeniably sexy, whether it is on a man or a woman. No matter what image you get inked on your stomach, it will catch attention and spark curiosity from the people. Hence, if you are someone who want this extra attention, a stomach tattoo is a good bet.

But before you go giddy about getting a stomach tattoo, you deserve to know facts about this tattoo placement first. Like all other tattoos, stomach tattoos have their own share of good and bad. Check these things out:

  • Stomach tattoos are not always visible pieces of arts.

This fact may be a good or bad thing for you, depending on what you want to achieve from the tattoo. If you are someone who wants to show off the tattoo all the time, then this is not the right placement for you. Stomach tattoos are not visible unless you pick a clothing that will reveal the skin art. But even if you have the right clothing, these may not be appropriate in all situations and climates.

On the other hand, the placement of stomach tattoos can be an advantage to a lot of people. This is true because they can express themselves through ink but they can easily hide the tattoo. It will never be a worry, especially when your workplace is strict about skin tattoos.

  • You have plenty of options when it comes to stomach tattoo placement.

The stomach is pretty much a large area for a tattoo. Therefore, you can freely choose how much of the area you wish to cover in ink. If you are bold enough, you can cover the whole area with tattoos. Others who choose this start from small stomach tattoos and adding parts later on until the whole area is covered.

However, if you want to do just a part of the stomach. You have several placement options. First is the lower stomach. This area makes your tattoo slightly visible when you wear a short shirt. It may also be visible when you stretch your body out. With this, the lower stomach tattoo is tagged both as a public and intimate piece of skin art.

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Your next option is doing the tattoo on the side stomach. The large and curved area of the side of the stomach are perfect for realistic 3D patterns. It also makes the tattoo interesting since the tattoo will look differently when viewed in different angles.

You can also consider the area of the upper abdomen for your tattoo. However, it should be noted that this area, specifically the one nearing the chest, can be the most painful area of the stomach to get inked. You may also consider working the design around your belly button for a more creative stomach tattoo.

  • Stomach tattoos can be really painful.

Getting tattooed on the stomach is a painful experience, no doubt. This is especially true at the side and the area nearing the chest. As mentioned above, those who are inexperienced when it comes to tattooing may start with tattoos on the lower stomach since this is the least painful.

Still, the tolerance to pain of every person varies. Hence, stomach tattoo pain will vary from one person to another. It is also important that when getting a stomach tattoo, you should always be hydrated and sober. This will lessen the pain experienced during the inking session.

  • Stomach tattoos can be a good cover-up.

Women who have scars and stretch marks can easily rely on stomach tattoos to cover them up. This is also a good form of expression for women embracing their scars and marks due to giving birth. Some even go for designs that make the scars and marks a part of the overall design.

With this cover-up, women can confidently flaunt their stomach, even during a walk in the beach!

  • People with stomach tattoos must be careful with their body shape throughout their life.

People with stomach tattoos cannot expect that their tattoo will be as vibrant and as beautiful when they first got the ink. The stomach area is one of the trickiest areas to get a tattoo because it can easily lose its shape throughout the years. When you get tattooed with fats on your belly and all of a sudden, you begin losing the fats, you’ll find a big problem. The same is true with starting with a fit and sexy stomach but suddenly gaining fats.

To make the most out of stomach tattoos, you must take extra care of their body shape. It is important to maintain your shape to ensure that the tattoo will look as its bestall the time. Still, you cannot run away from sagging skin once you get older. This may impact the beauty of your stomach tattoo as well.

Sexy stomach tattoos for men and women

Are you decided to get a stomach tattoo at this point? Here are some of the most popular stomach tattoos that will definitely bring out your sex appeal:

  • Rose tattoo

You will never go wrong with a rose flower when it comes to sexy stomach tattoo ideas. You can have a small long-stemmed rose on any part of your abdomen. Also, you can go for a simple rose flower head alone. Your rose tattoo can be in an elegant black and white pattern. But, you can also bring the sexiness to a different level when you get a red rose tattoo.

If you want a bigger rose flower tattoo, you can design three red rose heads on your lower abdomen. You can add vibrant green flowers on the sides to complete the look.

  • 3D butterfly tattoo

Tattooing a flat butterfly on the stomach will catch attention already. However, making the tattoo in 3D will make the skin art more alive and more sexy. You can choose to have one butterfly that seems to have just flown on your stomach. Or, you can have multiple butterflies flying around your stomach. People who will see this 3D design will think that you have real butterflies on your stomach.

  • Mandala elephant tattoo

Your stomach tattoo does not always have to be large to show off your sexiness. You can have a medium-sized elephant on the left or right side of your abdomen. You can make the design unique by adding mandala patterns on the shape of the elephant. Though this is a simple design and may even be done in pure black ink, the mandala elephant tattoo is definitely an eye-catcher.

  • Mandala tattoo

Mandalas appear beautiful and stunning anywhere you place them on the body. You can go for a small or a big mandala that surrounds your belly button. You can have a very colorful mandala tattoo or simply go for the elegant and simple black and white mandala pattern. A white ink tattoo of a mandala is also a good choice!

  • Feather tattoo

You can tattoo a colorful feather on the middle of your lower abdomen for another hot tattoo design. You can add silhouettes of colored birds flying off the tip of the feather circling towards the belly button. The semi-circular effect of this design creates a stunning feel to the tattoo design.

  • Paisley tattoo

The paisley tattoo design works really beautifully on the stomach. It can cover the side of your stomach and stretch to the middle portion of your lower abdomen. Paisley tattoos Work beautifullly in black ink as they are definitely elegant and chic pieces of art.

  • Geometric tattoo

You can also create unique and personal stomach tattoos through playing around geometric shapes and lines. Bold and black patterns will definitely catch attention.

  • Musical symbols tattoo

If you love music, you can show off your passion through your tattoo design. You can have a series of musical notes on the side of your stomach. Or, you can go for a musical sheet with notes and even lyrics in it.

  • Quote tattoos

This is not only limited to inspirational quotes and phrases. You can also tattoo a line of your favorite song or book and even a verse in the bible. This secret area on your stomach will add more drama to these words.

  • Wave tattoo

A small wave tattoo on any part of your stomach will be chic. This will make your love for summer and the beach more prominent. But, if you are the more adventurous type, you can ink a big wave on the side of the stomach. Or, consider getting one big wave in each side of the stomach.

  • Bird tattoo

The sexiest bird you can beautifully lay on your stomach is perhaps the peacock. You can have the body of the bird just below your chest. Then, the colorful tail and feathers will be beautifully and artistically drawn going down to one side of the stomach.

  • Skull tattoo

Small to medium-sized skull tattoos are also sexy on the stomach. Women would go for sugar skull tattoos adorned with colorful flowers.

  • Dreamcatcher tattoo

A dreamcatcher tatttoo can be a black or colorful tattoo piece that is perfect anywhere in the stomach. However, you can consider it at the center of the stomach or at the side of the stomach for a sexier appeal.

Stomach coverup tattoos

If you are ready to go for bigger and bolder stomach tattoos that will consume the most, if not all, parts of your stomach, these are some ideas you can check out:

  • Landscape tattoo

Your stomach is a good canvass for your favorite places. This includes a watercolor tattoo of the beach, the sunset, the forest, the mountains and so much more. You can also consider your dream destinations as a landscape tattoo.

  • Large animal tattoo

Your stomach can be a good host for a detailed portrait of any animal. Popular animal choices for stomach tattoos include the wolf, owl, lion, tiger, beetle, butterfly or a combination of different animals. Usually, wearers choose an animal that will best rerpresent their personality. And despite being usually large animal tattoos, they remain to be sexy and daring once completed.

  • Creative 3D tattoos

Big stomach tattoos can also be creative 3D images such as optical illusions. This include playful designs such as a zipper on the stomach, a show of blood vessels and a show of creative imaginations of what may be inside a stomach.

Large stomach tattoos can also be created with a combination of different elements that are important to you as a wearer. You can combine an animal with a flower or other things such as the rosary or a compass. The overall design and image will all depend on your personality.

Also, large tattoos can be done over time, not in just one tattoo dessign only. You can start with small tattoos and add another element at certain points in your life. Others even consider going under the needles during important achievements or even during the lowest moments. This way, each element in their stomach tattoo will be memorable to the wearer.

To end things here, keep in mind the importance of consulting with your tattoo artist, especially when it comes to the design. The stomach is not all flat surfaces; hence, adjustments must be done in some designs to make them look beautiful and natural on the stomach. With this, your next goal after reading this is finding a tattoo artist that you can really trust for your next stomach tattoo session. Hang on there, you will be ready just in time for the summer.

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