Time Management Tricks to Help You with Your Homework

We hate all those old and banal time-management hacks that you can find anywhere on the Internet, as much as you do. But tell me if you have ever heard of such techniques as “The Swiss cheese” (yep, that a yummy one) or “Salami”? What about “Eisenhower matrix”? That`s something quite interesting, and very effective, by the way. So, do you want to optimize all that time you spend on homework or whatever? Hop right in!

You`ve got two options here. “Okay, Wedohomework, I need you. Here`s the assignment. Bye-bye. I`m out of here.” That`s how you can avail any online service that will provide you with high-quality homework.

Or you can learn a few very creative and effective ways to manage your time better and nail all assignments by yourself. We don`t want to put any pressure on you with this decision, so it`s your call.

What about these weird time management tricks?


We`re going to start with the pieces of gastronomic art. Yeah, go ahead and tell me that salami isn`t one of them. I dare you.

Can you eat the whole salami at once? You may possess that appetite, but let me express some doubts here. What if you just chop it into small pieces and eat them one by one while binge-watching a favorite TV-show? That sounds like the best evening ever! And basically, that`s the point of this time management concept.

You should divide a project or any other task you`re supposed to accomplish in small parts. Make a list and follow it point by point. Don`t just skip a task if it seems too complicated or boring.

You should come up with a list where all points will be codependent. You won`t be able just to switch the tasks. For example, in order to write an essay, you need to go to a library. These two tasks are connected, so you have to accomplish both.

The Swiss Cheese

We continue with that yummy stuff challenge we’ve started with the previous time management method. Let`s see who will be able to make it till the end of the article without running to the fridge to get some snacks.

Alan Lakein is an author of a best-seller called “How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life”. He came up with this whole “Swiss Cheese” concept. Imagine that a certain task is a piece of Swiss cheese, but it has no holes. You have to make them.

You can do it in a chaotic manner especially when we`re talking about some creative projects. The point is that you have to write down any ideas that come to your mind. It doesn`t matter how crazy or ridiculous they seem.

Just like the holes in Swiss cheese, those ideas may not have a strict pattern. There will be bigger and smaller holes. After you`re done with that solo brainstorming, you can start arranging that list. Set your priorities right.

Eisenhower Matrix

That doesn`t sound even remotely tasty. Sorry, but we`re done with those delicious methods. It`s time for hard-core concepts.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the 34th President of the USA. Here`s his own manner to get all of the work done.

You need to divide all your tasks into four categories: important and urgent, important and non-urgent, non-important and urgent, non-important and non-urgent. It will help you get a better grip on your life and to understand what you really need to do in order to achieve success.

One more thing: you shouldn`t try your best to do something useful and important all the time. Sometimes, watching cat videos are just something you need at the moment. Just a kind of a stress-relieving thing.


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