Trent Olsen Net Worth & Bio, Is he Married ?


Trent Olsen is a showbiz personality, more popularly known as the brother of actress Elizabeth Olsen, and the Olsen Twins.

Early Life

James Trent Olsen was born on May 6, 1984, in Sherman Oaks, California. His father is David Olsen, while his mother is named Jarnette Jones. Olsen comes from a very famous and huge showbiz family, with his siblings working in the acting industry. He is the eldest of five siblings. Olsen has four younger sisters: twins Mary-Kate and Ashley, Elizabeth, Taylor, and a younger brother, Jake. Jake and Taylor are children from David’s second marriage. Olsen’s parents divorced in 1996.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started off their showbiz careers at a very young age. Both of them played the character of Michelle Tanner in the hit 90s sitcom, Full House. They successfully created their own line of dolls, books, makeup, accessories, games, and straight-to-VHS films, becoming millionaires way before they reached their teen years. When they reached adulthood, the twins turned their focus on fashion and began designing their own clothes, shoes, and accessories. They currently own two fashion lines: The Row, and Elizabeth and James.

Elizabeth Olsen is another one of Trent’s siblings who’s currently enjoying her time in the spotlight. She works as a singer and actress, and has appeared in movies such as Liberal Arts, Silent House, Godzilla, Avengers: The Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War.

Trent’s younger half-brother Jake has also recently begun his acting career, nabbing roles in the indie flicks Finding a Story, Roommate Rivalry, and Man of the Party.

Trent is said to have enrolled at a high school located in North Hollywood, California. He is also a graduate of USC, and has a passion for writing and collecting comic books. In contrast to the twins, Elizabeth and Jake, Trent himself has not been in the spotlight very much, but some people still recognize him, especially if they happen to be fans of his more famous siblings. He has made appearances in several video productions of his sisters.

Not a lot of people actually know this, but Trent also had acting roles when he was much younger. When he was seven years old, he auditioned for a part in the film Tales from the Crypt – However, his parents didn’t let him take the role since they felt like he was too young to be in horror films.

Career Highlights

As mentioned earlier, Trent has had many appearances in his sisters’ productions – One of these is a small part in Mary-Kate and Ashley: The Case of the Mystery Cruise. He also appeared as himself in another Olsen twins direct-to-video series, You’re Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Sleepover Party.

Trent previously worked at the film and television divisions of Storm King Productions as a writer. Storm King Productions is a company owned by Sandy King Carpenter, the wife and business partner of horror film director, John Carpenter (The Thing and Halloween). Storm King Productions has published lots of horror and sci-fi themed comic books, and films based on these comic books. Trent Olsen holds a major position in the company, and he even attends lots of comic conventions.

Net Worth

Fans of the Olsen siblings might know that Trent has appeared in several video productions of his sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley. So thanks to them, he has earned plenty of cash for his net worth. And even though he doesn’t have plenty of acting credits to his name, he is still successful in his own right, and has earned lots of cash for his work too.

Personal Life

Since he doesn’t own plenty of social media accounts, not much is known about Trent Olsen’s personal life. So far, we all know that he is still unmarried, and is not dating anyone – But he plans to find a lifelong partner in the near future. However, people can still know more about his daily activities through his official Twitter account.

Rumor and Controversy

Even though there have been rumors about Olsen being gay, it seems like these rumors are completely fake and that he is, in fact, straight. A popular celebrity site called whodateswho has suspected that he once had a relationship with a girl named Kacey Style. Meanwhile, another gossip site called famoushookups mentioned that Olsen is dating model Katherine Shane.

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